01-20-15 arXiv


Epic cosmic radio burst finally seen in real time

How do lightning bolts produce radio waves?

Why does God allow children to suffer?

Obama Wants to Increase Taxes on the 1 Percent to Finance Middle-Class Benefits

Industry warns of crippling impact of work stoppage at US ports

Key Suspects in Israel Lands Authority Corruption Scandal Named

Yisrael Beytenu minister Shamir to step down

Homeless whistleblower given state protection, will receive back pay

Officers Will Not Face Charges in SWATing Death of John Crawford III


New Taser Law Takes Effect in Connecticut

Holder announces changes to asset forfeiture program

Senator's husband stands to profit big from government deal

Additional MK, top Land Authority official implicated in corruption scandal

Feinstein remains stubbornly in support of marijuana prohibition, even as 65 percent of her own constituents want her to move on.

Experts say the 81 year-old Senator will likely go to her grave "on the losing side of history"

Feel the subtle heat created by this adventurous recipe

Benefits of cooperation between Sudan and S. Sudan

In the near future, the two neighbours are expected to be faced with the daunting task of post-conflict reconstruction

Final push for net neutrality!

It's as easy as calling 858/WHEELER

Doraville GM plant redevelopment kicks off

Protesters storm Mexican army base over missing students

Protesters burned two trucks as they left the base.

The students' families are skeptical of the federal government's account of the incident

Mexican mayor faces charges in kidnapping of 43 students

GOP senators move to keep Gitmo open

4 top Secret Service executives told to leave their posts in agency shake-up

What Happens To High-Wage Jobs Next?

A Breeder Apart: Farmers Say Goodbye to the Bull Who Sired 500,000 Offspring

Nigeria 'needs same support as France' after Boko Haram attacks kill over 2000

Cameroon army kills 143 Boko Haram militants

The Masters of the Universe Are Also Universal Manipulators

Astronomers seek widest view ever of the universe with new telescope

Quantum hard drive breakthrough

Pope Says Concern for Poor Is Gospel, Not Communism

BEFUDDLEMENT: What religion are Christians adhering to where this has to be spelled out for them?

More House Dems want to limit time at the top

"We have members who have been there forever, and some of the members who have been there forever don't do anything"

House of Saud divided: Generational shift seen in royal succession battle

When We Call Criminal Acts 'Terrorism' We Destroy Our Rights And Sacrifice Our Principles

Imaginary Magnetic Fields in the Real World

Long thought to be merely mathematical constructs, a realization of these imaginary fields has now been observed

This is an important realization of a hitherto theoretical, and supposedly unphysical, notion in statistical physics.

It might reveal new quantum phenomena that would otherwise remain hidden if one were to restrict one's attention to real, physical parameters.

Attorneys seek another delay in Holmes trial to review new evidence

NICE: Obama to propose two free years of community college for students

The average college freshman reads at 7th grade level

Most high school graduates don't do much with mathematics past eighth-grade

$$$: Maybe they can pay for Obama's free college by getting rid of that high school which apparently is not related to college

New York Times Reports On Muslim Proselytizing During Charlie Hebdo Attack, Then Deletes It

FTP: The actual cruelest thing I've ever seen, with audio

Tamir Rice shooting: Cleveland police handcuffed sister as 12-year-old lay dying

"This has to be the cruelest thing I've ever seen."

Two more planets in our Solar System, say astronomers

School: Students throw away 85% of vegetables served in healthy lunches

Lunch After Recess Increases Kids' Fruit and Veggie Intake, Study Finds

Man cited for 'eating while driving' in Georgia

Next Time Around The Feds Are Going To Have To Confiscate Stuff

Ukrainians seize Donetsk airport in Ukraine

Gunshots Fired From Vehicle Speeding Past Biden's Delaware Home, but Driver Gets Away

Does behavioral economics show people are altruistic or just confused?

One of the early triumphs of the behavioral economics approach was to show that people don't act like rational self-interested robots. Instead, people are imperfect and often inconsistent, making choices that harm their own welfare.

White Survivalist Shoots Police Chief Four Times, Is Released Without Being Arrested Or Charged

SUGGESTION: When cops do raids, they should ask the people to come outside first to avoid this kind of thing. Particularly in no-knock raids, it's reasonable to shoot at intruders.

The Indiana law that lets citizens shoot cops

Sprint Surprises Everybody, Supports Title II Neutrality Rules

Remember That Undeletable Super Cookie Verizon Claimed Wouldn't Be Abused?

Yeah, Well, Funny Story...

GOOD FOR BOTH: Scientists as celebrities: Bad for science or good for society?

Responsible use of a public voice

Experimental Observations of Multiparty EPR Steering and Genuine Tripartite Entanglement

"The experiment provides an important step towards validation of mesoscopic quantum mechanics"

Trafficking of human body parts suspected after FBI raids two Chicago area businesses

Investigation Continues Into Suburban Crematorium, Office

Conspiracy Theory: Black People Being Murdered For Their Organs?

Paul Kevin Curtis conspiracy centered on body parts trafficking

Charges Against Paul Kevin Curtis In Ricin Case Dismissed

BOSTON: April 15

RICIN: April 16

Phi Psi members speak about impact of discredited gang rape allegations

...the worst episode of collegiate sexual violence against women since the 2006 Duke University lacrosse team scandal -- which also turned out to be false.

ODD: How did this get twisted into an anti-rape thing when it is obviously an anti-false rape accusation thing?

NB: The two "worst epsiodes of violence against women" didn't actually involve any violence against women, but were actually malicious attacks on men.

Seattle mayor wants to allow and regulate 3 new tent cities

Obama's plan for free community college is elegant and forward-thinking -- unlike virtually all US policy fixes.

America's government is addicted to kludges

Philosophical reasons aside, the Obama plan is also exciting for the simple reason that it isn't another kludge.

INTERESTING: Washington could actually make state-school tuition free for today's students if it just redirected the money it spends on financial aid at private schools into the public system. It's similar to the idea that America would be better off if we laid waste to our weird public-private health care system and switched to single payer.

STATUS QUO: But just like that particular liberal dream, making public colleges tuition-free with the money we already spend is unrealistic because it would be massively disruptive to the status quo

The Chameleon in the Vacuum Chamber

THEORIES: This is totally natural and not fudgingly convoluted at all.

Leaked tapes reveal how Yisrael Beiteinu graft network operated

Herzog attacked for condemning Kirschenbaum silence on corruption probe

Montana cop cleared of wrongdoing in death

Those Nonprofit Packers

It's a beautiful story but it's one that the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell take great pains both to hide and make sure no other locality replicates.

Peshmerga repel ISIS offensive led by group's leader al-Baghdadi

NYPD cops told no vacations until work slowdown ends

SURPRISE: The petty summons that disproportionately affect the poor are about revenue, not public safety and order

The War on Drugs Is Burning Out

By removing low-level youth pot offenses from the criminal-justice system, overall youth crime has plummeted by nearly 30 percent

High school dropouts and youth drug overdoses are down by 20 percent

The Darren Wilsons of California have one less pretext to disrupt the lives of the state's Michael Browns.

Proposition 47 reduced possession of hard drugs including cocaine, heroin and meth from a felony to a misdemeanor.

The reduction in the ranks of the incarcerated will create savings, the state estimates, in the "low hundreds of millions of dollars annually."

The new law also allows current convicts to petition to get their sentences reduced retroactively. In the cases of some convicts under California's notorious "Three Strikes" laws, this will mean the difference between a continued life sentence and freedom. Additionally, as many as 1 million Californians will qualify to have felony records expunged.

Locking a person in a cage for five years for possessing five grams of an intoxicant is not a rational policy.

Comcast: The Unregulated Broadband Monopoly

Fears of man-made global warming exaggerated

Cataclysmic die-off of birds on entire West Coast

Israel Bans Underweight Models

Israel instated ads must include a disclaimer if models are digitally altered in photographs.

This Teacher Taught His Class A Powerful Lesson About Privilege

Two More Female Marines Dropped from Infantry Course

Title II for Internet providers is all but confirmed by FCC chairman

The Pirate Bay Sets Sail For Home Base