01-31-15 arXiv

For-Profit Companies Are Helping to Put People In Jail for Being Poor

A Kitty Hawk moment for transportation in Georgia

HB 170: Better than TSPLOST?

Senate GOP demands Obama turn over all communication with IRS since 2010

NB: If Obama does get in trouble for something, it's more likely to be for not turning over incriminating documents than for turning over incriminating documents

Greece On The Verge Of Going Nuclear In Its Rejection Of The Troika

FED: Market Will Overwhelm Us

Joint Dust Analysis Deflates Big Bang Signal

No definitive evidence for cosmic inflation is found

Israelis are paying the price of a showcase operation

There is an increasing sense that the operation attributed to Israel was an operational and a strategic error.

Six amazing things about the Great Pyramid of Giza that still perplex us

OK: An average of 800 tons of stones installed each day, with 12 stones being precisely placed every hour

Term limits for committee posts struggle to find Democratic support

NOTE: Term limits for committees are good. Term limits for serving in the Congress are better.

Bodyguard Outs the president of Venezuela's national assembly and vice-president of the ruling Government Party as Drug Cartel Chief

Greece's New FinMin Explains "This Is What Happens When You [attempt to] Humiliate A Nation & Give It No Hope"

Chipotle stops serving pork at hundreds of restaurants.

Chipotle demands that its suppliers raise pigs in humane conditions with access to the outdoors, rather than in cramped pens.

Ontario promises legislation to ban sale, breeding of killer whales


A strong ISIS force invaded Kobane in mid-September last year but a coalition of YPG fighters, Peshmerga and US airstrikes halted the radical group's advance until it was liberated today.

3 Russians charged in Cold War-style spy scheme

Tsipras declares end to 'vicious cycle of austerity' after Syriza wins Greek election

Israel illegally demolishing Palestinian homes

Attack Leaves 80% Of Pakistan Without Power

"The blowing up of two power pylons in Naseerabad last night created a backward surge which affected the system. It was an act of sabotage."

Attractive Undercover Cop Poses As Student And Entraps Teens To "Sell" Her Marijuana

"How do these cops look themselves in the mirror? Seducing 18-year-olds to fall in love or pretending to be friends and then tricking them into procuring small amounts of marijuana so they can charge them with felonies is beyond slimy."

Bayonne cop beat man with flashlight and lied on reports, feds say

Other Bayonne police officers at the scene did nothing to stop the beating.

Argentine prosecutor shot point blank in forehead

Death rate drops when top heart surgeons are away

The results suggest that for the most seriously ill heart patients, the risks of emergency interventions such as artery widening may outweigh the benefits

Oklahoma lawmaker proposes an end to marriage licenses

"Marriages are not supposed to be a government thing anyway"

Dutch Financier Becomes 4th ABN Amro Banker Suicide

Kurds angered by anti-ISIL conference snub

LAW: If that lynchpin of international law -- the right of nations to self-determ- ination -- meant anything, the Kurds would have their own state.

BUH-BYE: CIA's Top Spy Steps Down

Planes cleared after 'credible' bomb threats against 2 Atlanta flights

This Species is Close to Extinction and That's a Good Thing

You're more likely to work out, quit smoking and lose weight if your partner does the same

Speed of light not so constant after all

"It's the sort of thing that's so obvious, you wonder why you didn't think of it first."

Spider is an ambitious new balloon-borne experiment that combines all of the features necessary to make a definitive search for the inflationary CGB.

PROBABLY NOT: The crucial next step is to detect the CGB that would confirm whether inflation happened.

The lives of people in poor countries will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any other time in history. And their lives will improve more than anyone else's.

EVEN BETTER: It's great that more people in rich countries will be able to watch movies on super hi-resolution screens. It's even better that more parents in poor countries will know their children aren't going to die.

Barrett Brown Will Spend 5 Years In Jail For Posting A Link To Stuff That Was Already Publicly Available Online

Scientists protest detention of Palestinian physicist

Lower Manhattan 'Shocked and Saddened' by Sheldon Silver's Arrest


Productivity and the Workweek

The conclusion is inescapable: if productivity means anything at all, a worker should be able to earn the same standard of living as a 1950 worker in only 11 hours per week.

The most important thing is not how fast productivity is growing, but that it is already high enough. We don't need to wait for future productivity increases: the necessary increases have already happened.

However productivity is measured, the increase and its relationship to the potential for workweek reduction is too big to ignore.

Bank of Canada shocks markets with cut in key interest rate

ECB money printing now expected to top 1 trillion euros

WRONG: Whether QE will solve the deflation dilemma or simply begin a new wave of QE addiction is far from clear.

"We have had the biggest monetary stimulus that the world must have ever seen, and we still have not solved the problem of weak demand"

On October 31st the Bank of Japan (BoJ) stunned the financial markets by unexpectedly expanding its programme of quantitative easing

Shiite Houthi rebels overtook the presidential palace in Yemen's capital on Tuesday, marking what a government minister called "the completion of a coup."

"The President has no control"

Cardiac Surgeon Shot At Brigham And Women's Hospital; Suspect Dead

No gunpowder traces found on Nisman's hands, tests ordered on alleged weapon

Jury selection starts in Colorado theater shooting trial

The Deflationary Vortex: Global Dollar Economy Suffers Biggest Plunge Since Lehman, Down $4 Trillion

Billionaires Shocked To Learn They Only Control Half The World's Wealth

Epic cosmic radio burst finally seen in real time

How do lightning bolts produce radio waves?

Why does God allow children to suffer?

Obama Wants to Increase Taxes on the 1 Percent to Finance Middle-Class Benefits

Industry warns of crippling impact of work stoppage at US ports

Key Suspects in Israel Lands Authority Corruption Scandal Named

One of the Boldest Cannabis Initiatives in History is Taking Place Right Now in Mississippi

Prop 48 calls on the Mississippi Governor to pardon all persons convicted of non-violent marijuana crimes.

The supersymmetry calamity

The world economy is getting sluggish. It needs new physics. We will find new physics when old physics crumbles.

OR: Will we "find" new physics when the sluggish economy crumbles?

Accelerators are getting bigger and more expensive. There may be a way to make them smaller and cheaper

Man killed during botched dog sale connected to other robberies

The man pulled out a gun and demanded the two men exit the car, police said. That's when he pulled his own pistol and shot the gunman dead.

Taliban Arrests ISIS Leader for Anti-Islamic Activities

DAESH: It's not an acronym

Abducted Mexican journalist Moises Sanchez found dead

Inside Panama's wiretap probe, an ex-president's lust for gossip

Martinelli's request for U.S. assistance in setting up such a program -- and the U.S. rejection -- has been known for years; it was detailed in one of the tens of thousands of State Department cables made public by WikiLeaks.

Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger is no longer viewed as inevitable

Bill Gates is worried about artificial intelligence too

House leaders unveil $1 billion transportation plan

Bellwood Quarry Will Eventually Be Atlanta's Biggest Park

2 Chainz may run for mayor of College Park

Key Hepatitis C Patent Rejected In India, Clearing Way For Generic Treatment Costing A Thousand Times Less Than US Price

What are homebuilders making homes out of now?

Researchers have recognized men whose fecundity has left a lasting impression on present-day populations

Establishment of such successful lineages often depends on social systems that allow powerful men to father children with multitudes of women.

OCCATL: Google Fiber Coming to Atlanta and Three Other Southern Cities

Wikileaks Metadata Turned Over to U.S. Government by Google

"Neither Google nor the U.S. government are living up to their own laws or rhetoric in privacy or press protections"

Mathematician's anger over his unread 500-page proof

"I sympathise with his sense of frustration but I also sympathise with other people who don't understand why he's not doing things in a more standard way"

"This sense of stubbornness, dignity and pride is a part of what gives him the personality necessary to embark on a project like this"

Goldfeld described the abc conjecture as "the most important unsolved problem in Diophantine analysis".

The psychedelic drug in magic mushrooms may have lasting medical and spiritual benefits

Fourteen months after participating in the study, 94% of those who received the drug said the experiment was one of the top five most meaningful experiences of their lives; 39% said it was the single most meaningful experience.

Particles accelerate without a push

Greek Independents Could Ally with Syriza as Coalition Partners

The union would ensure a victory for the anti-austerity parties

Early Speeches Reveal Lynch's Passion for Justice

"A society that drops everything to save Kuwait, but barely lifts a finger to help the 13 million American children living in poverty in this country is sending the moral message that those children are not important, that they don't matter. And if our society tells people that they don't matter, how can we expect people to act like anything matters?"

Sheldon Silver's fall signals end of a (Jewish) era in New York politics

The death of a mentally ill New York inmate who was found naked and covered in feces after being locked in a cell for six days.

"We continue to investigate and have adjusted our practices to ensure that a similar tragedy does not happen again"

Susan Morgenstern, a Corizon Health spokeswoman, could not "comment further because of legal reasons."

Atlanta police union says there is nothing wrong with no-knock warrant requirements that allow police to drop grenades into baby's crib without evidence or investigation.

STRAWMAN: "You have to draw the line between your right as a citizen to privacy and a community's right to live in a crime-free environment. You can't have them both"

RIGHTS: What does your right as a citizen to not have your baby mutilated in your crime-free home have to do with privacy? Isn't a grenade thrown into a baby's crib precisely the kind of activity communities don't want to welcome?

No charges for officers in botched drug raid that disfigured toddler


Some Shiites link Saudi king's health to end-times

"Whoever guarantees the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, I will guarantee the imminent reappearance of Mahdi."

BAGHDADI: "When you witness black flags, don't move, because their calls are void and null and you shouldn't help them. Their heart is like iron fillings, and they don't honor their promise. Their names and monikers are taken from the names of cities."

Yemen's US-backed president quits; country could split apart

Leaked report of Netanyahu-Mossad rift

In theory, the Milky Way could be a 'galactic transport system'

ELI30: They're saying that instead of a bunch of invisible magic dark matter, maybe it is the matter in and/or beyond the wormhole that is causing the anomalous galactic rotation

Hospital shooting suspect's sister: I have no idea why he snapped

Tiger Numbers in India up From 1,400 to 2,226 in 7 Years

The Paradoxes That Threaten To Tear Modern Cosmology Apart

...suggests a kind of fractal structure to the universe.

NOT EVEN CLOSE: It is sometimes tempting to think that astrophysicists have cosmology more or less sewn up, that the Big Explosion model, and all that it implies, accounts for everything we see in the cosmos.

Nobel laureate Shuji Nakamura is still angry at Japan

HUZZAH: "I think that until the Japanese economy collapses, no changes will happen at all."

Two more planets in our Solar System, say astronomers

School: Students throw away 85% of vegetables served in healthy lunches

Lunch After Recess Increases Kids' Fruit and Veggie Intake, Study Finds

Man cited for 'eating while driving' in Georgia

Next Time Around The Feds Are Going To Have To Confiscate Stuff

Ukrainians seize Donetsk airport in Ukraine

Gunshots Fired From Vehicle Speeding Past Biden's Delaware Home, but Driver Gets Away

Does behavioral economics show people are altruistic or just confused?

One of the early triumphs of the behavioral economics approach was to show that people don't act like rational self-interested robots. Instead, people are imperfect and often inconsistent, making choices that harm their own welfare.