02-01-16 arXiv

NUS scientists have discovered how to manipulate electrons in thin semiconductors by encapsulating them in atomically thin materials and changing the electric field

"In particular, we could also drive the material into a state called superconductivity, in which electrons move throughout the material without any heat or energy loss"

How the CIA deceives its own workforce [and investigators who may come later] about operations

"The people in the outer levels who didn't have insider access were being lied to"

"When you introduce falsehoods into the communications stream then you can destabilize the whole system"

Hackers Allegedly Hijack Drone After Massive Breach at NASA

The Young Drug Lords Fighting for El Chapo's Throne

Turf wars have become more violent, as each group seeks to send a message about "who's the toughest dog on the block"

The controversial theory that the "seeds" of Alzheimer's disease may have been transmitted between patients during surgical procedures involving the use of donated human tissue has been supported by the discovery of new evidence.

Last September, the Governments's Chief Medical Officer said: "There is no evidence that Alzheimer's disease can be transmitted in humans, nor is there any evidence that Alzheimer's disease can be transmitted through any medical procedure."

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is now known to have been transmitted during the operation involving nerve tissue taken from human cadavers.

AMYLOID PATHOLOGY: Clumps of protein in their brain called amyloid-beta

Ex-head of Israel police anti-corruption unit facing graft charges

Official: Some Clinton emails 'too damaging' to release

ANALYSIS: WHat is the legal predicate upon which "damaging" and "too damaging" are discerned?

Is a secret sniper killing off Isil's high command in Libya?

Goldman Banker Who Set Up Slush Fund For Malaysian PM Takes "Personal Leave"

Leissner, who is married to hip hop mogul Russell Simmons' ex-wife Kimora Lee who, in turn, is good friends with Najib's controversial wife Rosmah Manso.

Now, just as Najib is cleared by Malaysia's top prosecutor and amid multiple 1MDB investigations unfolding in other countries, Tim Leissner is taking a leave of absence

1MDB: The case that's riveting Malaysia

Federal Bureau of Investigation had also launched an investigation

US federal grand jury was examining the claims

One Twitter user summed up the feeling of confusion in the country: "Malaysia is now in the darkest of political times."

"The Level Of Alarm Is Extremely High" As Zika "Spreading Explosively" WHO Warns

"The possible links, only recently suspected, have rapidly changed the risk profile of Zika, from a mild threat to one of alarming proportions"

The WHO said it is working to increase surveillance

Earlier this week, the United States reported its first microcephaly case related to the Zika virus.

BOJ stuns markets with negative interest rate surprise

But in a narrow 5-4 vote, the BOJ's policy board decided to charge a 0.1 percent interest on selected current account deposits that financial institutions hold with it.

"I think this is a regime change and the BOJ's main policy tool is now negative interest rates,"

SYNERGY: This will have good synergy with America's new positive interest rate policy.

The Freeport McMoRan joke

More downgrades not only for FCX but for all its peers, and certainly for Glencore

We believe that the current environment is not a normal cyclical downturn but a fundamental shift in the operating environment for these commodities.

Navy intelligence admiral not allowed to see military secrets for years

"I have never heard of anything as asinine, bizarre or stupid in all my years"

Why a new physics theory could rewrite the textbooks

We are making some fairly strong predictions about what the outcomes of those tests will show, and we're hopeful of a definitive measurement

"The ramifications for the scientific world are significant. This is about as high stakes as it gets in science. It could represent a new paradigm for nuclear physics."

"For many scientists, the idea that the internal structure of protons might change under certain circumstances can seem absurd"

NOT REALLY: The internal structure is called the "internal degrees of freedom" and no scientists have any reason to think those modes aren't freely available for energy transfer. "That's too big for my computer" is not a constraint on Nature.

Inquiry in China Adds to Doubt Over Reliability of Its Economic Data

Anticorruption commission announced late Tuesday that it was looking into the head of the country' statistics agency over what it called "serious violations."

Worst year ever for rhino poaching in Africa

Illegal killing rises in Zimbabwe and Namibia, even as it dips in South Africa.

30 Years of Atomic Force Microscopy: IBM Scientists Trigger and Observe Reactions in an Individual Molecule

Man allegedly hacks off woman's hand, slits her throat in machete attack

Israel strikes Hamas terror target in Gaza in response to rocket fire

Zika virus, a wolf in sheep's clothing

The virus was first identified in a monkey in Africa in 1947.

Within several years the virus had jumped to humans in Uganda and Tanzania

Researchers have not definitively confirmed a causal link.

Dominican Republic confirms 10 cases of Zika virus

"It is imperative to adopt strict measures across the nation to prevent and contain this illness"

Hillary's team copied intel off top-secret server to email

"dark projects"

Cheryl Mills or deputy chiefs Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan.

"Receiving Top Secret SAP intelligence outside secure channels is a mortal sin," said Chris Farrell, director of investigations for Judicial Watch, the Washington-based public law firm that has successfully sued State for Clinton's e-mails.

Magnitude-7.1 Alaska earthquake cuts power to thousands

Birth defects in Latin America spark Zika virus panic

"The link between the Zika and the microcephaly... is still being investigated"

The World Health Organization (WHO) this week noted a surge in cases of microcephaly in Brazil, the country most affected by the current epidemic.

ANENCEPHALY: Fatal birth defect stalks 3 Central Washington counties (Feb 2015)

Researchers say time might actually move backwards in certain circumstances

Time might be flowing in the opposite direction in a "mirror universe"

Are gravitational waves being 'redshifted' away by the cosmological constant?

Everyone Seems to Agree: Atlanta is Killing it Right Now

The Former Boss of Mexico's Ruling Party Was Just Arrested In Spain

ISIS cuts its fighters' salaries by 50%

Puerto Rico "Generously" Offers To Repay 54 Cents On The Dollar To Creditors Owed $70 Billion

John Cleese: Political Correctness Will Lead To An Orwellian Nightmare

Teenage girl admits making up migrant rape claim that outraged Germany

Global Trade Collapsed In January: Bellwether South Korea Exports Crash "Most Since Lehman"

"It's not clear if the Holocaust is a reality or not," Iran's supreme leader says

EDITORIAL: I agree that the details of what happened are not clear.

Attempt to quietly redefine sexual assault in U.S. law draws backlash from lawyers

The basic problem with the drafts is their use of a "tort negligence standard for criminal liability" rather than the "subjective liability" standard for criminal acts that is common in criminal law.

The latest draft doesn't just create "whole new categories of 'statutory rape'" for "consenting, competent adults," the memo said -- by using the contractual word "agreement" instead of the broader term "willingness," the draft implies that sex is a business relationship.

BUSINESS: Time to legalize prostitution.

And The Biggest Contributor To U.S. Growth in 2015 Was...

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you convert a tax into a source of economic progress.

Beltline-APS Battle is Literally About to End

Deported 'affluenza' teen booked into Texas detention center

9 Billion Barrels Of Crude At Risk In Massive Nigerian Oil Shakeup

The new Nigerian government launches a rampaging anticorruption campaign,

The new president, elected in March 2015, has shown a drive that threatens to bring down anyone connected to the oil business under the previous government.

Things aren't looking good for Shell and Eni.

The industry as a whole will balk at Buhari's brazen moves

OIL CARTEL: The source of influence in the financial system is seen when they were going to pay $1B for 9B barrels and then sell it hopefully around $100 for 1 barrel. About 1000% markup in "a good market."

Saudi Arabia Hemorrhages $19.4 Billion In Reserves During December

The market is betting that the pressure will ultimately force the Saudis to abandon the riyal peg

Crashing crude could end up blowing a hole in the kingdom's budget

NOTE WELL: Saudi Arabia has been shelling out cash in the most literal sense to attack those civilian targets in Yemen.

WHAT? Goldman Banker Who Set Up Slush Fund For Malaysian PM Takes "Personal Leave"

NICE: Saudi Arabia decided in 2013 to make a $681 million "donation" to his personal bank account.

Silver Market In Disarray After Benchmark Price Fix Manipulation

...leaving a number of market participants extremely confused as to what has happened.

"A huge number of contracts are still settled on that price. This will no doubt cause significant problems."

Lawmaker Brings Bill To Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent

South Dakota "elects to reject standard time."

Body cam captures man's final words: begging the cops to get off of him

"Sir, we're not killing you"

State to release partial Clinton emails on Friday

"At the point in time, we have not received a decision on whether this extension will be granted"

FBI going 'right to the source' in Clinton email probe, interviewing intel agencies

There is a sense of "incredulity as to what is being discovered."

Hillary chief of staff lost Blackberry tied to secret e-mail server

It's telling that Mills went to the one man at State who knew full well of the system

Did Pagliano report the loss of the Blackberry as a potential spillage of sensitive material?

If Mills never reported it, that may put her at risked of being charged with a felony under 18 USC 793 (f) (1) and (2)

Crude Plunges After API Reports Biggest Inventory Build Since 1996

How The Current Sell-Off Stacks Up To All Previous Bear Markets

Something Snapped At The Comex

Just How Narrow Is This Market?

Sandy Springs rezoning moratorium ends

Reporter fights Hillary Clinton email delay

The FBI is ready to indict Hillary Clinton and if its recommendation isn't followed by the U.S. attorney general, the agency's investigators plan to blow the whistle and go public with their findings

Wal-Mart: It Came, It Conquered, Now It's Packing Up and Leaving

Capital Formation Collapses - IPO Market Crashes To Post-Crisis Lows

Dallas Fed Survey Crashes To 6-Year Lows As "D" Word Is Uttered

Sprint Fires 2500: 8% Of Its Entire Workforce

Caller ID inventor struggles to collect royalties

Child Porn Sting Goes Global: FBI Hacked Computers in Denmark, Greece, Chile

Not "Off The Lows" - World Trade & Industrial Production Growth Near Post-Crisis Lows

Haiti cancels Sunday presidential runoff elections

3 inmates escape California maximum-security jail: 'Expect the worst'

Bill Cosby has won a legal case against a woman who sued him for defaming her, when he denied her allegations of sexual assault.

Venezuela congress nixes Maduro request for emergency powers

The opposition argues that Maduro is responsible for raging inflation and chronic shortages dogging daily life here, and is promising to oust him within six months.

U.S. government suspends enrollment in Cigna Medicare Advantage, drug plans

Judge rules that Walmart strikes are protected

The judge also ordered Walmart to hold a meeting in 29 stores throughout the country to inform employees of their right to strike

ALPHA experiment shows antihydrogen charge is neutral

Peachtree Hills Residential Tower Pushes Forward

State tries to delay Clinton email release, blaming snowstorm

Clinton email exposed intel from human spying

"Odds Are Pretty High" Russia, China, And Iran Accessed Hillary's Server

"I preferred dealing with people face to face and putting a signature on a piece of paper on matters of real national security and importance."

New finding may explain heat loss in fusion reactors

Is Something Blowing Up In OIL?

"China Is Not Contained" Credit Market Screams

A Simple Warning

Georgia Bill Would Make Marijuana Possession a Misdemeanor