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Look at the slant in this article. It says that two women were shot by police because a rogue officer exists in LA. Why the fuck were they shooting at this truck?

Panetta: Obama Absent Night of Benghazi

No Word from Hillary During Benghazi Attack

Panetta, Dempsey did not speak to Clinton.

Insight: Shrinking U.S. labor unions see relief in marijuana industry

Seven million will lose insurance under Obama health law

Drone Strikes' Risks to Get Rare Moment in the Public Eye

Study: Opinions on Climate Change Rise and Fall With the Temperature

"Every American has the right to know when their gov't believes it is allowed to kill them." - Senator Ron Wyden

EXCLUSIVE: Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans

American drone deaths highlight controversy

New York City's Teen Pregnancy Rate Plummeted After High Schools Expanded Access To Plan B

The world's top 100 billionaires now hold so much wealth, says a new Oxfam report, that just the increase in their net worth last year would be "enough to make extreme poverty history four times over."

Three Months After Sandy: By The Numbers

"Occupy Sandy was responsible for cooking and distributing between 10 and 15 thousand meals each day; enlisting more than 7,000 volunteers..."

Walmart Workers Get Organized

Two Congressmen Will Introduce Legislation Tomorrow to Radically Overhaul Federal Marijuana Laws

Argentina freezes prices to break inflation spiral

Woman Gives Judge Middle Finger, Gets 30-Day Sentence

Tech, telecom giants take sides as FCC proposes large public WiFi networks

Telecom Corporations Are Trying To Stop The Government From Offering Free 'Super Wi-Fi'

Why Police Lie Under Oath

Police officer perjury in court to justify illegal dope searches is commonplace... It is a perversion of the American justice system that strikes directly at the rule of law. Yet it is the routine way of doing business in courtrooms everywhere in America.

Florence student suspended over picture of gun

Study: 22 Military Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day

Netflix's House of Cards Offers an Uneven But Promising Look at TV's Future

Noam Chomsky: Obama would be a 'moderate Republican' several decades ago

Why Hagel So Frightens Neocons and Guardians of the Military-Industrial Complex

Reddit raises $10,000 for Atlanta mall manager

Morgellons disease

Dark flow

The Bloop

Fly-by anomalies

Missing Irish tycoon reappears after eight months -- with 'thief' carved on forehead -- claiming torture by Russian mafia

When Taking Multiple Husbands Makes Sense

How MIT Can Honor Aaron Swartz

Fight to make academic journals open to everyone.

FBI Came to Investigate Wikileaks in Iceland, Iceland Kicked Them The Fuck Out

Decelerating American Physics: Panel Advises Shutdown of Last U.S. Collider

The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider is first in line for possible budget cutback

Fifteen dead, scores injured as blast rocks Mexican state oil company's HQ (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

First Toy Multiverse Created in a Laboratory, Say Physicists

Egyptian Army Warns of "Collapse" as Deadly Riots Continue

Fox News hits 12-year primetime low

Time Warner Boosts My Speed, Cuts My Bill: I Just Happen To Live Near Google Fiber

Magnetic logic makes for mutable chips

Alternative transistor relies on exotic semiconductor.

Feds stumbling after Anonymous launches 'Operation Last Resort'

The Exxon Valdez spill was in 1989, they still, 21 years later, have not paid the [full] amount awarded in court (a mere $500 million) to those affected and in fact over 8000 people have died while waiting for compensation. Exxon is still in appeals court TODAY. Why would BP act differently?

Georgia man guns down immigrant after GPS sends him to wrong driveway

The Non Zero-Sum Society: How the Rich Are Destroying the US Economy

And why Walmart, McDonald's and every hospital in the country should be unionized

American drone deaths highlight controversy Why Obama picked Hagel

Dutch Queen abdicates, Willem-Alexander to succeed

Hemp Gets The Green Light In New Colorado Pot Measure

FBI is increasing pressure on suspects in Stuxnet inquiry

Right Again, Einstein! New Study Supports "Cosmological Constant"

US braces for 'six strikes' online piracy program

Aurora movie theater shooting victims being harassed by conspiracy theorists, prosecutors say

Victims and witnesses have had their addresses and phone numbers posted online, and some fear for their safety

The European Court of Human Rights has declared that the copyright monopoly stands in direct conflict with fundamental Human Rights

Neil Macdonald: U.S. media complicit in Obama's drone doctrine

Currency Wars Return, 1930s Style: Who Will Lose Out?

Most misleading title ever: Where Are They Now? The Reporters Who Got Iraq So Wrong

Work hard as fuck all day? $7-10/hr

Make $50k in an office? Americans Spend Up To 80 Percent Of Internet Time Cyberloafing

So God made a banker

Federal Reserve Admits to Getting Hacked

Unlimited broadband: BT says ‘goodbye’ to fair usage policies

Cable companies make 97% margin on internet services and have no incentive to offer gigabit internet

When Will the Rest of Us Get Google Fiber?

Google may choose to expand its service, but there's little incentive for established players to come up to speed.

Physics Researcher Part of New Effort to Finally Complete Quantum Theory

After centuries of stagnation science is making a comeback in the Islamic world

Anonymous OpLastResort Claims Hack On Government Site, Posts 4,000 Bank Exec Credentials

Anonymous posts over 4000 U.S. bank executive credentials

Richard III dig: DNA confirms bones are king's

The cost of a nation of incarceration

Atlanta City Council orders up downtown plan

87% of Americans Say Tax the Wealthy More to Protect Social Security Benefits

Report shows UN admitting solar activity may play significant role in global warming

NSA Reportedly Concerned About Anonymous Power Grid Attack

More than 40% of Americans are one crisis and less than 90 days from poverty

Listening to electrons: new method brings scaling-up quantum devices one step closer

IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family

Who Will Legalize Pot Next?

Americans Overwhelmingly Want Feds to Let States Move Forward With Marijuana Legalization

U.S. Secret Service Director to Retire After 30 Years

Nunavut man who fired a semi-automatic rifle at five home intruders, killing three, has murder convictions overturned

NASA's SDO Captures Images of Theoretical Magnetic Flux Rope [Video]

ALEC: There Is No Climate Change, Environmental Danger or Animal Cruelty on Factory Farms, and Even If There Is You Don't Need to Know About It

Politicians from both right and left could learn from the Nordic countries

Jim McGovern's Constitutional Amendments To Repeal Citizens United Gain Steam On Reddit (VIDEO)

Homeland Security has advice for confronting mass murders: scissors

Double time-reversal asymmetry could explain weird material behavior

6-Year-Old Expelled for Bringing Plastic Gun to School

International Castration Day

Use of tax havens by U.S. global companies on the rise


Transplant Recipient Says New Arms 'Amazing'

More Heads to Roll at CNN

The Rise of the Permanent Temp Economy

As Federal Prosecutors Cash In, Big Bankers Go Unpunished

Office Established by Obama with Intent of Closing Gitmo . . . Closes

"Science should be like The X Factor"

The Particle at the End of the Universe

Seattle's boycotting teachers start crusade against standardized tests

Wireless fee, contract guidelines proposed by CRTC

Carriers would be required to unlock phones, cap monthly bills

End the war on terror and save billions

Weekend Reader: Paul Krugman's End This Depression Now

A vision of the future

Ice cores drilled in the Greenland ice sheet