02-20-14 arXiv

Fugitive Captured After Going Down 17 Story Trash Chute

The U.S. Marshals Office found several law enforcement badges inside Griffin's apartment. They haven't said what he was doing with those badges.

Team to probe event at New Mexico nuclear site

A filter from a monitor northwest of the plant had trace amounts of americum

WIPP is the nation's first and only "operating" deep geological nuclear repository.

The Official Forecast of the U.S. Government Never Saw This Winter Coming

Report: Farmers' Almanac more accurate than government climate scientists

Colorado's Legal Marijuana Market Is Bringing In Way More Tax Revenue Than Expected

Plan To Split California Into Six States Gets OK To Gather Signatures

Iran not negotiating because of sanctions: Zarif

Iranian President Wants Jerusalem Liberated From the Yoke of Israel

Google Fiber chooses nine metro areas for possible expansion

Atlanta, Avondale Estates, Brookhaven, College Park, Decatur, East Point, Hapeville, Sandy Springs, and Smyrna in Georgia;

No fiber for Dunwoody?

Working on the 'God particle' saved my life, says Peter Higgs

Fundamental Physics 2013: What is the Big Picture?

It is no longer sufficient to justify fundamental science as a pursuit of pure knowledge when the men with the purse strings see it as an attack on their religion.

Elephants Console Each Other

Seattle's First Urban Food Forest Will Be Open To Foragers

Something in America unravels at an increasingly dizzying pace.

List of industrial chemicals related to autism and ADHD ever-increasing

'Bizarre' Cluster of Severe Birth Defects Haunts Health Experts

EXCLUSIVE: National clown shortage may be approaching, trade organizations fear

Food prices soar as incomes stand still

Officials: Man Went into Coma After Pot Cake

Former Planned Parenthood worker: 'It was a money-grubbing, evil, very sad, sad place to work'

A Watchful Eye in Hospitals

GOSHDANGIT: NSA Reform Stalls in Committee

Climate Change a WMD and Government-Enduced Drought

The Foreclosure Crisis

Germany and France are working together to keep internet traffic away from the US

If America Continues To Go Down The Same Path As Europe, This Is What Life Will Be Like

A judge has issued a stunning verdict in a homeschooling case in Germany, ordering that the parents cannot have custody of their children because the family might move to another country and homeschool, posing a "concrete endangerment" to the children.

DARPA announces scary new web search tool for law enforcement called "Memex"

Alarm after 'unusually high' radiation levels at U.S. nuclear site -- Gov't: "We've never seen a level like we are seeing. I can't tell you the amount"

Could be Plutonium

Employees "sequestered in place"

'Unclear' how much radiation released

Unprecedented event (VIDEO)

The radiation that was detected airborne near Panel 7, Room 7, in the south salt mine.

TOPLOL: High cost of an ego trip

In the hubbub, Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) knocked a full glass of water and coaster from McConnell's desk to the floor.

EPIC: Cruz to get hero's welcome in Iowa, NH

Documents Raise New Questions About Obama, Sebelius

Cuba shuts down US travel visas

Children Exposed to More Brain-Harming Chemicals Than Ever Before

"The consequence of such brain damage is impaired [central nervous system] function that lasts a lifetime and might result in reduced intelligence, as expressed in terms of lost IQ points, or disruption in behavior"

1 in 4 Americans unaware that Earth circles Sun

US drug policy fuels push for worldwide

"A number of countries are saying, 'We've been curious about this, but we didn't think we could go this route,'"

"The cooperation on this issue far outweighs what I've seen before,"

Law Enforcement Officers and DEA Agents Jump Ship to Consult Marijuana Industry

Italy overturns 'absurd' drug law equating marijuana and hard drugs

Russian MPs seek nationwide ban on child beauty pageants

Two killed as Venezuela protests turn violent

IBM layoffs strike first in India; workers describe cuts as 'slaughter' and 'massive'

Video Surfaces: Sadistic

Society as science

Snowden Swiped Password From NSA Coworke

Physicists find theory on graphene wrong and its conductivity is 10x greater than thought

Hyperlinking is Not Copyright Infringement, EU Court Rules

Atlanta area braces for ice storm; 4 die in Texas

Judge Who Sentenced Protesters Shot Dead in Ukraine

Scientists Say Their Giant Laser Has Produced Nuclear Fusion

Naked Man With 'Superhuman Strength' Killed After Eating Teen's Face: Could PCP Or Bath Salts Have Caused The Attack?

Official: Deal with devil prompted girl's killing

Local Psychologist A Former Skeptic, Now Trains Priests In Exorcisms

Is water flowing on Mars? NASA presents new evidence

"Water should be rapidly evaporating, so it's difficult to explain long flows unless it's sufficiently salty water"

GOP Report Acknowledges That The U.S. Military Couldn't Have Changed Benghazi Outcome

Sophisticated but low-tech power grid attack baffles authorities

AGAIN?!?! Coal slurry spill pollutes W.Va. creek

Some Western Md. Residents Want To Form Their Own State

Time Warner Cable Still Insists Users Don't Want Faster Speeds

Email shows effort to shield bin Laden photos

Hello! Fraud-Ridden Banks are Not Our Only Option

North Dakota has a public bank. Why not your state or city?

Obama officials weigh drone attack on US suspect

NULL\CREW: Comcast hushes, minimizes serious hack

Occupiers! Stop Using Consensus!

Criminalizing journalism?

Exclusive: AIDS patients in Obamacare limbo as insurers reject checks

Foreign Office caught asking Spanish press to undermine Scottish independence

French journalist "hacks" govt by inputting correct URL, later fined $4,000+

The Case for a Higher Minimum Wage

End the Ban on Psychoactive Drug Research



A Rash of Deaths and a Missing Reporter -- With Ties to Wall Street Investigations

Audio synopsis: They Knew Too Much!

CEO commits suicide by shooting himself with a nail gun while his company is under investigation

Shooting himself with a nail gun EIGHT TIMES

US tests B61 Atomic Bomb- fire later that night at labs

Coincidence? Successful underground base attack?

GCHQ head Sir Iain Lobban stands down

Foreign Office claims 53-year-old spy chief's departure part of long-planned move and nothing to do with Edward Snowden revelations

Three bankers on trial in Dublin over crash that brought Ireland to its knees

America's Top Military Brass Is Filled With Mediocre Idiots

The Point of Revolution is to Install a Constitution

Twitter threatens to sue Obama administration

Robert Reich to Obama: Don't Play Semantics, Savage Inequality Is Our Most Urgent Problem

Iowa candidate: Koch backing 'like being endorsed by Charles Manson'

As TPP Opposition Soars, Corporate Media Blackout Deafening

Quarks Know Their Left From Their Right

Zionism Unsettled: New Presbyterian study guide Ends Silence about Zionism

Jason Carter on Medicaid, early voting and snow

Over the last half century, the public school establishment in America has achieved enormous results, if the intention was to dumb down the population.

Judge In 'Affluenza' Case Sentenced A Black Teen To 10 Years For Killing A Guy With A Single Punch

Judge Who Ordered Baby's Name Changed From Messiah Fired

You can't simultaneously argue that these violent, volatile tactics are necessary to take suspects by surprise and that the same suspects you're taking by surprise should have known all along that they were being raided by police. Well you can, and police do, and judges and prosecutors usually support them. But the arguments don't logically coexist.

How far to free?

CBC dislikes Jarrett's message

American school children shouldn't go hungry. Neither should their parents

How come prostitution, which boils down to a woman using her body to create pleasure for financial gain, is illegal - but boxing, which is people using their body to inflict pain and damage for financial gain, is legal?

Jimmy Savile was part of satanic ring

Democrats Introduce Open Internet Preservation Act To Restore Net Neutrality

If you are buying health coverage in the Colorado ski resort towns, the Connecticut suburbs of New York City or a bunch of otherwise low-cost rural regions of Georgia, Mississippi and Nevada, you have the misfortune of living in the most expensive insurance marketplaces under the new health law.

ATL: Former foes unite to propose transportation funding fix

The next State of the Union message should honor the fallen heroes as well as the living ones

Treasury's Lew warns that U.S. default could happen quickly

Financial world shaken by 4 bankers' "apparent" "suicides" in a week

Obama Says Scandals Keep Resurfacing Because Fox News Promotes Them, Cathy LeMaster says differently

International Space Station will soon contain the coldest spot in the known universe

The Proton Radius Puzzle

Iranian commander: We have targets within America

Palestinian workers back Scarlett Johansson's opposition to SodaStream boycott (+video)

Y-Chromosomal Adam Lived 208,300 Years Ago, Says New Study

"In fact, their hypothesis creates a sort of space-time paradox whereby the most ancient individual belonging to Homo sapiens species has not yet been born. If we take the numerical results from previous studies seriously we can conclude that the past may be altered by the mother of Adam deciding not to conceive him in the future, thus, bringing a retroactive end to our species."

91% of Republicans and 93% of Democrats Think We Have Too Much Inequality

Ukraine Leader Strains for Grip as Chaos Spreads

COWARD: Ukraine defense minister ignores repeated phone calls from Chuck Hagel

The truth about Labour's apologists for paedophilia: Police probe child sex campaign group linked to three top party officials in wake of Savile scandal

Being gay is homophilia so why is pedophilia not also just considered a way that some people are?

The FCC Wades Into the Newsroom

The War On Men: 10 Ways Masculinity is Under Attack

Union calls on Frankfurt airport security staff to strike Friday

IMPECCABLE CLEVERNESS: Researchers say distant quasars could close a loophole in quantum mechanics

VIDEO: Cop allegedly assaults man recording him in Brooklyn subway station

Jimmy Dushku: the man North Korea is following on Twitter

Taking a walk 'makes your brain grow': Energetic stroll three times a week can increase size of organ's memory hub

Don't just sit there! It could be harmful later in life

Monopolizing bandwidth

Sen. Booker: New Jersey Will 'Be Able To Get The Salt That It Needs'

No one in Jimmy Kimmel's audience says they've signed up for Obamacare

Brain Implant Lets One Monkey Control Another

Higgs would not find his boson in today's 'publish or perish' research culture

NO: But it's a game we all have to play.

Camels Had No Business in Genesis

Co-Pilot Of Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET-702 Who Hijacked And Diverted Plane To Geneva Arrested, Seeks Asylum; Passengers And Crew Evacuated Safely

Outbreaks Of Air Rage On International Flights Are On The Rise

Oliver Stone: Obama's Lack of Spine is 'Something'

Leftist filmmaker slams Obama as weak man

Why Are White Men Like Michael Dunn So Angry?

Blog outing online racists causes a stir

2 earthquakes felt across S.C. and Georgia

Restricted Access: Clinton Foundation keeps tight leash on papers from Bill Clinton's tenure as governor

Venezuelan opposition leader's arrest sought

The Best Thing You Can Do To Help You Make Better, More Rational Decisions

Former FBI Chief poisoned for saying Chemtrails Are Real?

Former intel analyst says career sidetracked by SOCom disclosure

Former FCC commissioner calls Comcast-TWC merger a terrible idea

After 400 Years, Mathematicians Find a New Class of Solid Shapes

There Are 24 Empty Houses for Every Homeless Person in America

1.8 Million Definite Militia Members to March on DC, Install New Government

Haunted survivors of Homs emerge from hiding as fragile truce holds

Genetically Modified Grass Begins Releasing Cyanide, Kills Texas Cattle

The Hunley: Zeroing in on what caused Civil War submarine's sinking

'Ag-gag' bill would enable animal cruelty to go unchecked

St. Valentine, The Real Story

On This Day: Russian Dissident Writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn Charged With Treason

Comcast's Time Warner Deal Is Bad for America

Pelosi WHOPPER: 'We Did Not Treat President Bush This Way'

Twitter Photos Blocked In Venezuela, Users Say

Colorado Health-Exchange Director Indicted for Fraud, Theft

Mysterious Energy Ribbon at Solar System's Edge a 'Cosmic Roadmap'

Ancient mass grave unearthed at Italian gallery thought to contain dozens of plague victims (with smashed skulls)

Why only the lucky can 'lean in'

Silk Road 2 Hacked, All Bitcoins Stolen -- $2.7 Miliion

SR ADMIN: Will pay for info

The Facebook Comment That Ruined a Life

Neighbors' Indifference to Kitty Genovese Murder Worse Than Believed: Book

Banker couple waged war on neighbour over 12 inches of land in Kent village

Judge Reduces Unsafe Illinois Abortion Clinic's $36,000 Fine to $77

1,000 Bodies Found On University Of Mississippi Land Thought To Be From Old 'Lunatic Asylum'

Schapelle Corby: Political Chip or Sacrificial Lamb?

Holder: State Laws That Bar Felons From Voting Are Too Unjust to Tolerate

Eric Holder to step down this year: report

Massive Turnout at North Carolina Moral March Puts Right-Wing Lawmakers on Notice

FBI Busts Italy, New York Based Mob Working With Mexican Drug Cartels

Websites of Venetian, Palazzo casinos hacked

Cartel hitman testifies to 800 murders, daily quotas at kingpin's trial

House approves debt limit legislation with no strings attached

Yet Another Republican Flees the GOP Citing Blatant Misogyny, Bigotry and Racism

Bills to legalize medical marijuana introduced in Florida

Cops break troubled teen's arm on school bus

VIDEO: Deliberate, Unwarranted, Sadistic

The NSA's Secret Role in the U.S. Assassination Program

I'm a Member of the American 'Used-to-Haves'

A Florida County Spent Over $5 Million Jailing Homeless People. It Could've Spent Less On Shelter

British link to 'snuff' videos

Mexico vigilantes enter Knights Templar cartel stronghold

William Delahunt's Big, Bad Marijuana Flip-Flop

Copenhagen zoo sparks outrage by killing healthy giraffe named Marius

The Demands of the People of #Tuzla, #Sarajevo & #Bihac

The [local] government has submitted its resignation, which means that the first demand of the protestors has been met

Texas Grand Jury Declines to Indict Pot Grower Who Shot and Killed a Cop During an Early-Morning Raid

House Republicans Introduce 'Secret Science Reform Act'

Iran says warships headed close to US borders

I can't find the link but last year there was a big to-do when a seminar at aIranian owned European instiute had a seminar in which they said they had nullified the US's airborne force projection capabilites with a new weapon.

Turning table on NSA, US diplomats' phone call is bugged, leaked to YouTube

Va. Teen Faces Child Porn Charges For Tweeting Nude Selfie

Op-Ed: Google can leverage municipalities to bring fiber to the masses

U.S. charges deputies with beating handcuffed inmate

Florida Ordinance Makes It Illegal For Homeless To Use Blankets

Time for New Tactics

Change happens when you've actually accomplished your goal, which is regime change.

Bosnia privatization protests reach other cities

95% of Climate Models Agree: The Observations Must be Wrong

The Growing Campaign to Revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Anti-government 'sovereign movement' on the rise in U.S.

That Woman Who Has Been Fighting To Get Off the No-Fly List for Years? It Was Due to a Paperwork Error.

First major US drugstore drops cigarettes

New Type of Star Emerges From Inside Black Holes

They begin by revisiting some ideas about what might happen should the universe end in a big crunch, the opposite of a big bang. Their key insight is that quantum gravitational effects prevent the universe from collapsing to infinite density. Instead, the universe "bounces" when the energy density of matter reaches the Planck scale, the smallest possible size in physics.

Lawmakers 'Disturbed and Angered' After Classified Briefing Reveals Extent of Snowhomish County Fairgrounds

Explosions contrast with earthquakes on seismograph readings

The mystery of the North Star: Astronomers baffled to find Polaris is getting BRIGHTER

How Did the Media Blow It So Badly on Yesterday's CBO Report?

This is policy 101, not some deeply technical report that you need a data sherpa to understand.

Watch Out for Obamacare's Subsidy Cliff: Earn $1 More in Wages, and You Could Pay $20,000 More for Insurance

Sheila Jackson Lee: Writing executive orders for Obama to sign our number one agenda

White House Conspicuously Silent As It Attacks A Bill To Make Spending Transparent

Gardasil inventor Professor Ian Frazer's new genital herpes vaccine proves safe in passing first human trials

Tech's biggest players hire first NSA lobbyist

Florida shelled out more money for drug testing than it saved by denying welfare benefits to people who tested positive for drugs.

PNG Image Metadata Leading to iFrame Injections

ACTIONS ARE GOOD: Hundreds of Actions Are Planned to Protest Keystone XL

Could There Be a Crisis in Physics?

Study finds evidence that stock prices can be predicted after all

Cheerleaders Should be Booing NFL Owners

WATCH: MVP Malcolm Smith Interrupted By Man Calling For 9/11 Probe

Chaos Computer Club and the International League for Human Rights Sue German Government Over NSA Spying

John Kerry labelled 'anti Semite' for warning of possible boycott of Israel

Study: Abortion rate at lowest point since 1973

4,600-Year-Old Step Pyramid Uncovered in Egypt

Wikipedia is 'very masculine,' so feminists pledge to fix it


Japanese whaling ship attacks Sea Shepherd boat