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Was Hillary Clinton running her own rogue intel operation?

20 QUESTIONS: Senator Presses for Info on Huma's Special Gov't Status--and Her Emails

Chicago police commander resigns in wake of Homan Square revelations

Sea plankton found on the outer surface of the ISS

Britain's Shame: Evidence Mounts of Child-Abuse Cover-Up

May said that many Britons did not yet appreciate "the true scale" of past abuse.

"What we have seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg"

Israel To Finally Face ICC Over War Crimes In Gaza

If everyone voted, progressives would win

"When uninformed citizens receive political information, they systematically shift their political preferences away from the Republican Party and toward the Democrats"

In Blind Poll, Republicans Choose Progressive Budget Solutions Over Their Own Party's

Of three major proposals, majority of voters choose one least discussed amid "sequester" madness

Atlantans approve $250 million bond package to fix roads, bridges, and sidewalks

With no clear winner yet, Netanyahu and chief opponent both vow to form next government

If you torture a single chicken and are caught, you're likely to be arrested. If you scald thousands of chickens alive, you're an industrialist who will be lauded for your acumen.

NASA's magnetic field mission looking for green energy

PHYSICS: The thing here is that magnetic field lines, like electric field lines, can't cross and are always locally parallel in a sufficiently small volume. Since we do know that reconnection occurs, and also the opposite where field lines can snap off to form travelling loops of flux, that means there are conditions under which field lines lose the quality of local parallelism. This indicates there is a major gap in our understanding of the classical EM field and seems like an important gateway to new physics.

Our Shiny New Net Neutrality Rules Won't Be Worth Squat If The FCC Isn't Willing To Act

The corrugated galaxy -- Milky Way may be much larger than previously estimated

Netanyahu era coming to an end, says former ally Lapid

"The majority of Israelis want change"

Arab Alliance Rises as Force in Israeli Elections

White House office to delete its FOIA regulations

EMAILS: The Office of Administration is itself responsible for presidential record-keeping.

Ring brings ancient Viking, Islamic civilizations closer together

Hillary Clinton Emails: John Boehner Expected to Announce New House Investigation Into Her Practices

APPEARANCES: If the high priestess of Hillary's coven typed an email on an imaginary keyboard (think air guitar) giving instructions for how to deal with teh video, and that was picked up by another member of the coven who physically sent the email to Hillary, that is what Hillary would consider a personal email. The only going "above and beyond" that she did was to delete the emails. She is not making any effort to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Antiwork: a radical shift in how we view "jobs"

Poverty is still widely viewed as a moral failure of the individual, unless the self-flagellation of uninterrupted hard work is on display.

And so we resent the unemployed for (supposedly) "sitting around all day", while we identify with our jobs and righteously grumble, or boast, about our hard work, like demented subjects in a behaviourist's divide-and-rule experiment.

The important point is that we seem to have a nasty, and very persistent, cultural neurosis in the form of an archaic cognitive frame for work and leisure.

Is This the Man Who Could Beat Netanyahu and Become Israel's Next PM?

After years of stalemate, Sweden seeks London date with Assange

U.S. Exaggerates Islamic State Casualties

Georgia's Religious Freedom Restoration Act

FREEDOM: It is a double edged sword and must be handled accordingly. I (me, Jonathan) am undecided on these issues. Definitely discrimination by public entities must be forbidden. But private entities? Where does one's right to be an asshole end? The case of wifebeating clearly goes past the threshold of causing harm to another but other instances do not. I am drawn toward the conclusion that this is an issue that should be settled by market forces and not regulatory ones. Wisdom is key.

NYPD caught red-handed sanitizing police brutality Wikipedia entries

Knights Templar win heresy reprieve after 700 years

No One Read Hillary's Emails Before Deleting Them

This strikes experts as a haphazard way of analyzing documents.

I think the more appropriate response would be to shriek "You did WHAT?"

A UCSB physicist's experimental results disprove long-held ideas about turbulence

2 Police officers shot near Ferguson Police Department

We Have Front-Row Seats To An Imminent Market Shock

"We need the crisis to reformulate policy."

After struggling with work-life balance, Google CFO quits to travel world

Establishment Populism Rising

If we had the same income distribution in the United States that we did in 1979, the top 1 percent would have $1 trillion less today [in annual income], and the bottom 80 percent would have $1 trillion more.

There's vitally important work to be done for which there is no standard capital business model that will get it done. That suggests important roles for public policy.

The New Normal Of "Anything Goes" And "Nothing Matters" Is Turning Lethal

Finance is complicated, but not as complex as the wizards employed in it would have you believe. They would have you think it is an order of magnitude more abstruse and recondite than particle physics, when, in fact, it is often not much more than a Three Card Monte switcheroo.

More galling and worrisome, though, is the failure of anyone even remotely in authority to stand up and publically object to the tidal wave of lies

'Huge gaps' in Clinton email record, Benghazi probe chief says

EMAILS: Not many people are pointing out that the emails Hillary "wants" people to see are only the ones she selected to give to State, not her entire email record.

Emails May Be a Key to Addressing 'Pay-to-Play' Whispers at Clinton Foundation

Tens of thousands attend anti-Netanyahu rally in Tel Aviv

The prime ministers obsessive Iran demonization runs on selective history.

Bill Clinton: 'I'm Not the One to Judge' Hillary's Portrayal in E-mail Controversy

Ex-Mossad chief calls Netanyahu's Iran speech bullshit

U.S. said to ready criminal charges against Sen. Menendez

Lockheed Martin Claims Sustainable Fusion Is Within Its Grasp

To say that the Skunk Works is on the verge of changing the world is an understatement. This development could well define the future.

Lockheed Martin's new Compact Fusion Reactor might change humanity forever

Skunk Works' Compact Fusion Reactor has a fundamentally different methodology to anything people have tried before.

Lockheed Martin is not a stupid dude working in a garage. It's one of the world's major aerospace and military corporations.

U.S. Factory Orders Declined for Sixth Straight Month in January

India follows Russia, ratifies $100 bn BRICS Bank

The House Select Committee on Benghazi is asking for all e-mails related to the attack from all Clintonemail.com accounts and any other staff members' personal accounts.

Associated Press Threatens Legal Action Over Request for Hillary Clinton Information

Ex-CIA Chief Petraeus Pleads Guilty to Leaking Classified Info to Mistress; Gets Misdemeanor

NSA Headquarters Hit By Gunfire

Hillary Clinton's Private E-Mail Draws Scrutiny

HDR 1,2,3...?

France is ordering manufacturers to inform consumers how long they can expect their TV, cell phone or other appliance to last

Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules

Independent investigation of DeKalb corruption launched

NOTE: The print version of this article had some nice words on woe, a ship, and some apples

Feds Preparing to Invade Texas, List State as 'Hostile'

New York county sheriff must give up stingray records, judge orders

Paul Tudor Jones is an optimist

IMF Considers Greece Its Most Unhelpful Client Ever

Sessions: People Aren't Commodities

LOL: I would like to think he might want to pay his employees more and maybe not have quite so many billions, if he/d like to be helpful, and maybe he could get more local workers.

Opening a window on quantum gravity

Atlanta is the country's most unequal city again

Aaron Schock resigns after new questions about mileage expenses

Georgia state Senator Balfour got caught for the same fraudlent billing and was even the head of the committee overseeing reimbursements to Senators, and didn't have to quit

He paid a $5,000 fine levied by the Senate Ethics Committee

HAHA: Gwinnett County's Don Balfour, the longest serving Republican in the State Senate, lost his seat after 22 years.

The Real Scandal Behind Hillary Clinton's Email (is Benghazi)

Mom Arrested After Asking Police to Talk to Young Son About Stealing: Suit

Lawsuit: Atlanta police chief, Fulton DA obstructed justice

Oregon man commits no crime, but held in jail for 900 days

Virginia school suspends an 11-year-old for one year over a leaf that wasn't marijuana

He'll be searched for drugs at the beginning and end of every school day

Russian President refuses to comment on 10-day disappearing act -- 'it would be boring without gossip'

Traders "Furious" Market Didn't Close Higher

"When the market can't gain at least 2% on disappointing manufacturing and housing data, something is very wrong."

US Economic Data Is Having Its Worst Year Since At Least 2000

In Republicans' War On Nature, California Gets A Big Win

Two killed in Little Five Points shooting

Rookie LAPD officer sought in fatal Pomona shooting

Innocence is not enough to get you out of prison.

An Open Letter to hdr22@clintonemail.com

Wall Street week ahead: Investors in 'patient panic' over Fed language

Garbage man who was sentenced to jail for coming to work too EARLY wins a reprieve

Researchers are on the trail of a mysterious connection between number theory, algebra and string theory.

NASA launches 4 spacecraft to solve magnetic mystery

Comcast and AT&T acquisitions delayed again by FCC review

Study Finds There Are Too Many Studies

CONGRATS: Vladimir Putin's 'girlfriend has given birth'

Jewish Nazis Want To Gas The Arabs

Why Are US Taxpayers Subsidizing Right-Wing Israeli Settlers?

The Atlanta Fed's dismal 0.6% GDP forecast...

Municipal Court of Atlanta offering warrant amnesty

Supermoon set to join Spring equinox solar eclipse this month

China Orders Dalai Lama to Reincarnate

Netflix Continues To Crush Cable TV

Judge Schoonover fights release of Facebook records

Failing to be competent

Failing to disqualify herself when her impartiality was questioned

Failing to avoid the appearance of impropriety

SHOCK: One of Schoonover's lawyers said the allegations against her are untrue.

LOLSO: Menopause

Bill would end daylight saving time in Oregon

Atlanta Might Remove DeKalb Avenue's Reversible Lane

LHC: Injection tests make a splash

Why does time always go forwards and never backwards?

China Completes SWIFT Alternative, May Launch "De-Dollarization Axis" As Soon As September

Historical black swan event imminent

CPS Finds Free Range Parents Responsible for Unsubstantiated Child Neglect.

They don't want to be at any risk of having their children taken away from them for a second charge of neglect. Why on earth should the state have any right to put them in that predicament?

Money seized from Brazil magnate vanishes from court safe

Psychedelic drug use 'does not increase risk for mental health problems'

Police Officer Shoots Apparently Unarmed Black Teenager in Wisconsin

Judge wipes out alleged pushers' and users' convictions

Worlds first LSD Brain Imaging Study

The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider recently fired up for its 15th run to take a deeper look at the building blocks of atoms.

Cops Need a Warrant to Get Cellphone Location Data, California Judge Rules

Charges: Wis. Woman Was Using Facebook Before Crash That Killed 3 Kids

Ringling Bros. to give up elephant acts in 3 years

Solutions Start With Innovation And Transparency

Innovation is selectively restrained in systems controlled by vested interests.

Regulations act as a complexity fortress that protects vested interests from unwelcome intrusions of innovation.

Great Big Fat Greek Expectations

Tsipras needs to be able to prove to Greek voters that they can't have both an end to austerity AND the continued membership of the eurozone.

Nobel Peace Prize Chairman Demoted For Decision To Give Obama 2009 Award

A Georgia senator is expected to introduce new legislation Tuesday to legalize recreational marijuana.

Texas Lawmaker Cites God in Push to Legalize Marijuana in Texas

Paraguay Next to Legalize Marijuana Says President of Congress