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Israeli foreign ministry staff committee chair: The state department is collapsing

Israel is in international isolation and is losing its international legitimacy.

At least FIFTY ISIS supporters are working as baggage handlers, cleaners and catering staff at Brussels airport, claim police

In an astonishing open letter, the officers said they have warned about the terrorist sympathisers whose security badges give them access to planes, but they remain employed.

Anbang's Starwood retreat is setback for China's M&A campaign

Several Chinese companies are having trouble convincing Western peers that they are a credible counterparty.

FBI director Jim Comey first investigated the Clintons 20 years ago

One of his first cases as a line attorney in the same office 15 years earlier had been the successful prosecution of Marc Rich, a wealthy international financier, for tax evasion. But on his last day as President in 2001, Bill Clinton pardoned Rich. “I was stunned,” Comey later told Congress.

'One shot at the queen': FBI, AG intensify focus on Clinton email probe

“Is there a shell game being played out on a global grand scale that creates a challenging paper trail?”

The FBI stalks Hillary while Bill Clinton trolls Obama

To paraphrase a key Watergate query: What did the secretary know and when did she know it? Perhaps Mr. Obama and the FBI know the answer, and that has made Mr. Clinton and his wife dangerously unhappy.

Creditors Return [again?!?!?] to Greece to Continue Bailout Review

Lenders are aiming to conclude negotiations in time for the relevant measures to pass in parliament before eurozone finance ministers convene on April 22.

DC subway officials mull month-long closure over needed repairs

Officials searching for CIA, FBI badge counterfeiter

2014: Fugitive Captured After Going Down 17 Story Trash Chute

The U.S. Marshals Office found several law enforcement badges inside Griffin’s apartment. They haven’t said what he was doing with those badges.

Netanyahu pans US senator’s call to probe ‘extrajudicial killings’

AJAM’s David Shuster Exclusive: Hillary Clinton to be Interviewed by FBI Director Comey in Coming Days

Judicial Watch: Obama Administration Withholds Draft Whitewater Indictment of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s dark drug war legacy in Mexico

Brazil: 'Lula' appointment before court; Rousseff impeachment risk grows

The country's largest political party announced Tuesday that it's leaving the President's coalition government, ordering its members, including six ministers in Rousseff's Cabinet, to resign from their positions.

Anonymous Calls for Xi to Quit Rattles Party Leaders in China

XI: Anxiety about his hold on power

“The fear seems to be that these views might be taken as representative of real elite figures.”

“I guess they suspect a conspiracy here.”

Second judge grants discovery in Clinton email lawsuit

FOIA request filed in May 2014 seeking records about talking points then-U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice used for TV appearances discussing the deadly attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi

Teh Video

With Hillary Clinton's Email Lies Unravelling, 147 FBI Agents Are On Her Heels

US Capitol, White House locked down after reports of active shooter

Shots were reportedly fired at the Capitol Visitor Center, an underground facility on the east side of the main building.

Raging Fire Engulfs Two Skyscrapers In United Arab Emirates, No Collapse

The Swan area of the Persian Gulf city

The fire mainly damaged Tower 8

Times Square evacuated after suspicious package found; New York City bomb squad on scene

Miami International Airport reopens after suspicious package cleared

Advanced research satellite may be lost in space

De Niro's Tribeca festival pulls anti-vaccination film

Is Microsoft in the Yahoo bidding hunt?

150 days of odd market correlation predicts coming downturn

Syrian government forces aided by allied militia units have advanced further into the ancient city of Palmyra with heavy support from Russian airstrikes that killed 100 Islamic State militants over the past 24 hours.

Backed by the System: Abuse and Torture at the Shikma Interrogation Facility

At least 14 were interrogated under torture by the Palestinian Authority shortly before being arrested by Israeli security forces.

The descriptions bear a striking resemblance to accounts previously provided by detainees held at other interrogation facilities.

FBI Reveals New Details About Its Probe Into Hillary Clinton's Use of Private Email Server

Probe launched into Pentagon handling of NSA whistleblower evidence

US Kills ISIS Second-In-Command For 3rd Time In 2 Years

US SpecOps did indeed kill him, it just goes to show that the CIA has indeed served a burn notice on the entire chain of command.

Russian 'Rambo' wipes out ISIS thugs by calling airstrike on HIMSELF when surrounded by Jihadi forces

With Trump lurking, the Fed’s rate hikes become unlikely

If Trump gets elected, the Fed will almost immediately be hit by audits that will reveal lots of secret, sinister things.

Here's the Letter From Starboard Calling for the Outster of Yahoo's Entire Board

It has been well-reported that Verizon, normally a conservative company, has utilized every public appearance to state its interest in Yahoo’s Core Business. Yet, as recently as March 9th, Verizon representatives stated that they have not actually received any information from Yahoo with which to consider a bid.

We cannot envision a scenario where the shareholders of Yahoo would entrust the current management team and Board with executing a standalone turnaround plan given the years of failed attempts under the current leadership.

Pope Francis washes asylum seekers' feet in Maundy Thursday rite as devout Christians across the world celebrate Easter with bloody re-enactments, violent whipping and candlelit vigils


A blizzard shut down Denver International Airport on Wednesday, canceling 1,200 flights

Secret underground base beneath Denver International Airport now revealed by whistleblower

There is a militarized ‘intermediary entrance’ located in the United Airlines section of the underground.

The pile of dirt, which is masked as a landfill in-plain-sight, now exceeds 300' in altitude.

PLAIN SIGHT: When I first moved to Atlanta, someone had scrawled "Access to Reptileville, way down under" on a door in the Midtown MARTA station. Years later someone put a very conspicuous sign on that door that said ELECTRICAL CLOSET in unusually prominent lettering. These exact same signs can be seen from I-285 where it passes under the airport.

I am not sure why there is access to the electrical closet from the highway and I never understood how MARTA and the Interstate and/or airport somehow got the exact same signs. You would think those guys would use different vendors.

Beer, chips spill onto I-95 after semi overturns in crash

The crash was reported at milemarker 187 in Pineda Causeway just after 3:30 a.m.

No other details were immediately available.

Trump Yarmulkes Are Biggest Seller at AIPAC Conference

Rousseff says will 'never resign' as Brazil scandal escalates

Former chief executive Marcelo Odebrecht was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison earlier this month, but prosecutors said he had shown the "audacity" to keep ordering bribe payments even after his detention.

Her opponents would like to expand the official accusation to include explosive allegations over the weekend

The number of lawmakers in the lower house of Congress who are loyal to the president has fallen from about 250 two weeks ago to 172. That is dangerously close to the minimum of 171 needed to block a two-thirds vote to open an impeachment trial.

The sordid history of Lewis Amselem, Deputy U.S. Permanent Representative to the OAS

A Pit Full of Corpses

Amselem was a diplomat from the Bush Administration, who remained in place, just like many other ultra right-wingers in the current Obama administration.

AMSELEM: "With fingers crossed, the old rabbit's foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch..."

Neutralizing acidic tumor environment increases efficacy of immune-targeting cancer therapies

Tumors avoid detection by the immune system by expressing proteins that block immune cell function.

Harvey Proctor Calls For Scotland Yard Chief To Resign Over Failed Westminster ‘Paedophile Ring’ Probe

The brilliant flash of an exploding star’s shockwave—what astronomers call the “shock breakout”—has been captured for the first time in the optical wavelength

THANK YOU: Dem says Russian subs 'dangerously close' to U.S.

It's Not Over Yet - Moody's Put Deutsche Bank On Review For Downgrades

Drugmaker Valeant CEO leaving as investor Ackman joins board

"Improper conduct" by top finance executives.

The growing corporate outrage over Georgia’s ‘religious liberty’ bill

Johnny Isakson: Georgia should leave ‘religious liberty’ up to feds

A revamped version of the measure swept through the state Legislature last week after more than three years of debate.

Will Hillary get charged, or what?

Exactly what that evidence is — and how and when it was uncovered during Comey’s months-long inquiry — has not been disclosed.

Rise of the synthetic-high zombies: Cops across Florida called to 'horror-movie style scenes' where groups of people are left slumped and stupefied after taking 'spice'

What's your name?' Gandy can be heard asking several times on the video.

Eventually, one of the men responds by saying, 'my name?'

'The spike that we're seeing and my personnel are dealing with on the road are unprecedented,' Gandy told WFLA. 'Looked like one of our zombie movies.'

Freeland's account of violent behavior exhibited by spice users coincides with what investigators say is happening.

Scum one like you: Adele furious as baby scan and snaps stolen by crazed fan who hacked secret files

Adele said: “It frightened me and got out of control. It grew limbs of its own."

We were all very entertained by her being a mess.

Fans often want the full experience and a programme is an essential reminder of the performance.

FYI: That person really likes Adele. A lot.

How Madonna makes — then breaks — young talent

Hard Candy Fitness studios (there are nine locations around the world, albeit none in the United States).

Madonna’s “bad mommy” behavior

Heartbreaking testimony reveals the lives ruined by sociopathic cancer fraud doctor Farid Fata

Whistle-blower: How doctor uncovered nightmare

Cancer Center's waiting room helps anxious patients feel embraced by warmth and comfort. Even the vaulted ceiling, crafted of gleaming cherry wood, suggests a religious sanctuary, not a medical clinic.

The criminal counts only hint at the human suffering

An arrangement that lent Fata seemingly special status and enhanced his reputation with patients.

Trained at the elite Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

Fata was so protective of his patients — secretive, in fact — that he carried a pager with no backup, answering all calls himself. Maunglay asked him to carry a cellphone, like other doctors, "but he would always say, 'Let's work on it.' "

Psychopaths and Pathological Lying: Why Do Psychopaths Lie?

Psychopaths enjoy lying both because of the power it gives them

The liar takes charge of the relationship and of her honest partner’s perception of reality.

We might as well call it a “psychopath-think,” since such individuals have their own language.

Unless you learn to decipher the psychopathic code, you’re likely to be “lost in translation.”

‘Dancing in minefield’: Erdogan warns Kurdish militants may hit Europe

“The snakes you are sleeping with can bite you any time.”

Obama girls’ school rocked by rape claim

$3.50: How much do you want to bet that these kids' parents are on opposite sides of some contentious issue?

Tennessee kills muni-broadband expansion bill after AT&T opposition

Lawmakers caved to lobbyists

The rumor had it that the this analysis would be made public today, so the expectations were high. However, the loose-cuts analysis was not approved in time by the collaboration, and the fireworks display was cancelled.

In any case, there was some good news today, and some useful info for model builders was provided.

Hints of new LHC particle get slightly stronger

Further hints about the excess could emerge as soon as next week

One fresh analysis keeps alive physicists’ hope for a breakthrough, but another is disappointing.

An update on a possible new particle from CERN's Large Hadron Collider

PS From Jon: the LHC is nearly back in action. We won’t have too long to wait for a definitive answer...

Huge boost for Corbyn as Labour lead Tories in latest YouGov Poll

Critics of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership will have been dealt a big blow by the latest numbers.

Iain Duncan Smith has resigned as DWP Secretary over benefit cuts

Has he finally grown a conscience?!

The real story of St. Patrick

Saint Patrick “found Ireland all heathen and left it all Christian.”

Low Water Levels Mean Lights May Go Out in Caracas

"The capital -- previously shielded from issues such as outages and rationing due to its political importance -- is extremely vulnerable”

“Anything that brings more popular discontent could activate a governance crisis.”

Storm pummels Robins AFB, Warner Robins

Nearly 50 power lines were also knocked down on the base

Walmart’s first-ever revenue drop: end of an era?

Exorcism is making a comeback — and big news — worldwide

How can you tell if someone is demon-possessed?

Italian nurse accused of 13 murders in Piombino

Cash for Cardinal's luxury pad sparks Vatican probe

State Police trooper among 2 dead after shooting at Greyhound station

Impatient Banks: A Real Red Flag For The Oil Patch

Pirate Bay allowed to continue operating by Sweeden Court – Flint Tech Day

Global majority wants the dark web to be shut down

At least 180K join GOP as Pa. primary nears

Could they be plotting to stuff the ballot boxes for a Republican they think their nominee can beat in November?

2002: Lawsuit Challenges McKinney Primary Defeat

The suit's court filing contends the central issue in the case is that Republicans carried out an organized effort which resulted in "malicious crossover voting," where a disproportionate amount of Republicans from DeKalb and south Gwinnett counties voted in the Democratic primary.

Boeing to trim 4,000 jobs amid makeover of commercial unit

Researcher links mass extinctions to 'Planet X'

New maths proof shows how to stack oranges in 24 dimensions

Catholic Church-owned insurer has secret files on paedophile priests

Ex-cabinet minister Jean Lapierre and several relatives die in plane crash

US orders diplomatic, military families out of south Turkey

Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said no specific threat triggered the order, but said it was done "out of an abundance of caution"

Isis has ‘advanced plans to attack Jewish children’ in Turkey, intelligence sources say

"This is an active plot." The information gathered from the operatives indicated an imminent attack that could be “in the next 24 hours or next few days”.

Fitch lowers Chicago credit rating to 1 step above junk

"The worst of the possible outcomes for the city's credit quality"

Spinning light waves might be 'locked' for photonics technologies

New radio antenna avoids unwanted signals

Governor’s Presser Called For 10am; RFRA Hangs In Balance

PJT's Caspersen Charged by U.S. Over $95 Million Fraud

Valeant share plunge after CEO subpoenaed by Congress

Is Microsoft in the Yahoo bidding hunt?

CBO Misses Its Obamacare Projection by 24 Million People

Obamacare has actually reduced the number of people with private health insurance.

CBO is like a handicapper who predicts the results of horseraces, but then never bothers to publish the races' actual results.

Bolivia declares Israel a 'terrorist state'

Soldier's Shooting of Palestinian Sets Off Uproar in Israel

High Court rejects Israel's natural gas plan

1 dead following Easter weekend shooting at Peachtree Mall

Goldman Sachs is cutting more jobs in New York

JPL News: Astronomers Discover Colossal "Super Spiral" Galaxies

"It's as if we have just discovered a new land animal stomping around that is the size of an elephant but had shockingly gone unnoticed by zoologists."

Jeremy Corbyn overtakes David Cameron in leadership satisfaction ratings

Interview with a Theoretical Physicist: Carlo Rovelli

Robert De Niro Defends Tribeca Film Festival’s Decision To Screen An Anti-Vaccine Activist’s Documentary

“This is very personal to me and my family”

Swiss Butcher Going To Jail: Sold Pork To Local Muslims for Years

Woman who faked being a lawyer for nearly a decade was in line to be named partner when her fraud was discovered

The EmDrive Finally Will Undergo Peer Review

‘It’s been a secretive, bungled investigation': Conservative group goes after Benghazi panel

Fitton said both political parties have been “terribly cynical” in their handling of the Benghazi investigation, but he singled out Republicans for “timidity” in their approach.

NOTE: Teh video has been editted to make it appear as though Hillary is winking at Gowdy

Outrage at CIA's deadly 'double tap' drone attacks

Almost 30 missing in Brussels

Lost emails from Clinton server discovered

Israel's Cellebrite Revealed As Company Helping FBI Hack iPhone Encryption

Airline pilot charged with running 'string of brothels'

Microbe with stripped-down DNA may hint at secrets of life

"These findings are very humbling."

"I find this paper really ground breaking,"

Top US Admiral Makes Daring Flight To Brussels To Warn Of Attack, Then Gets Captured

“Confusingly/perplexingly” for Admiral Neffenger, SVR analysts in this report speculate, he was turned away from the ADIV and directed, instead, to the federal intelligence agency Staatsveiligheid—but whereupon his arrival there he was “obtained/restricted” by what are believed to be American security agents who then transported him to the US Embassy.

The LHC wakes up from its winter break

Fed Chair Yellen has a revolt on her hands

Poll: Majority of Republicans want the party to unite behind Trump

THIRD brush with terror: American Mormon, 19, left with burns and shrapnel injuries in Brussels attack also survived Boston and Paris bombings

Mystery Man Behind $100 Million Central Bank Heist Revealed As Bangladesh Moves To Sue Fed

Regardless of who is behind the heist, the Fed "cannot avoid their responsibility in any way"

WRONG WONG: So we suppose the question now is this: who does Huang work for?

Obama defends attending baseball game in Cuba after Brussels attacks

The whole premise of terrorism is to try to disrupt people’s ordinary lives.”

No threat found at DIA; westside of main terminal back open

WHY: 6-Year-Old Girl Taken From Longtime California Foster Family for Being 1/64 Native American

Just 3 Charts

Russian Air Force hammers ISIS all over eastern Syria

Day Of Reckoning: Defense News, DoD Service Papers Sold To Venture Capitalists

Kitchen worker found dead in freezer at Atlanta’s Westin Peachtree

The man who studies the spread of ignorance

Agnotology is the study of wilful acts to spread confusion and deceit, usually to sell a product or win favour.

“Ignorance is not just the not-yet-known, it’s also a political ploy, a deliberate creation by powerful agents who want you ‘not to know’.”

“We live in a world of radical ignorance, and the marvel is that any kind of truth cuts through the noise. Even though knowledge is ‘accessible’, it does not mean it is accessed"

FBI Cancels Encryption Showdown With Apple After "3rd Party" Showed Them How To Unlock iPhone

E-METER: "For many of us, the iPhone is an extension of ourselves," Cook said

Brawl Between Newport Mall Easter Bunny And Shoppers Caught On Video

IMF Politely Asks China To Explain Exactly How Large Its FX Forwards Book Is

The market smells a rat

Physicist’s story of science breaks historians’ rules

“The progress has been real and needs to be studied and explained. Understanding the past in its own terms is not enough.”

“The real people to blame are the leaders of the scientific community"

The next court date on the matter [was] March 17.

“The current system slows science by slowing communication"

OBVIOUSLY NOT: “Everyone has the right to freely share in scientific advancement and its benefits.”

Jury reconvenes Monday in Hulk Hogan case

Gawker Media properties are heralded as 'deliciously wicked'

Jack Dorsey: You’re A Liar. Censorship Is Rampant On Twitter

Sheriff: Toddler suffers burns after mom puts child in oven

Somervell County is located about 53 miles southwest of Fort Worth in Texas.

London on standby for multiple terror strikes

Moscow slams ‘selective’ human rights approach, urges impartial probe of Kurds’ plight in Turkey

Chinese military space station in remote Argentina shrouded in mystery

‘I never said it was fair’: Marietta pockets widow’s pension

“I have yet to ever come across a situation like this,” he said. “What they are doing is, in my mind, immoral.”

Hulk Hogan may have just destroyed Gawker

If Gawker can’t afford the bond, the company can still appeal the judgment, but at that point Hogan would be able to start seizing assets belonging to its founder, Nick Denton

“We have a judge who’s ruled that someone’s won and someone’s lost.

“The loser wants a second bite of the apple. It’s going to take time, and it’s going to prevent the winner from collecting [immediately] on a ­judgment.’’

ANALYSIS: Was this man in the back of the truck I was following this morning? The truck owned by Joey Collins' family? Joey himself was personally in Paris at the time of the Paris attack. Did I find him in transit because I recently pointed to his previous location? Were his leg wounds consistent with what that person might call rape?

The Latest: Wife and husband each shot murder suspect

Defense lawyer, investigator brawl in California courthouse

Groundwork laid to defeat ISIS in Palmyra, Syria - Russian military

Brazil Impeachment Picks Up Amid Protests and Legal Battles

Throughout the day, judges alternately decided to block and allow the appointment of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as Rousseff’s chief of staff, creating a legal quagmire

“The polarization is increasing day-to-day in the street, in Congress, everywhere”

Rift Among True Believers Threatens Bitcoin’s Future

The meeting ended without any such accord, as the two sides dug in even more than expected.

"They seem okay with watching bitcoin fail, as long as they don’t compromise on their principles.”

Chris Matthews at center of NBC’s latest news scandal

Hasn’t uttered a word about the contributions his 62-year-old wife has received from his TV guests.

"ERROR": A Government Error Just Revealed Snowden Was the Target in the Lavabit Case

“Due to the letter and spirit of the court’s January 7, 2016 order, Lavabit has no further comment on the unredacted email address.”

Whistleblower At Phoenix VA Continues His Fight To Save Suicidal Veterans

US Air Force Suspends 14 at Nuclear Missile Base for Cocaine, Other Drugs

One comet to swerve closer to Earth than any other comet in centuries

Georgia DOT awards contract for I-285/Ga. 400 interchange project

“There is still work to be done before reaching a final agreement, but we have certainly accomplished a major objective.”

Construction is due to begin [in 2016] and take 42 months.

Construction CEO says Georgia's contract for I-285/Georgia 400 project "is completely nuts"

What Happened Yesterday: Either Something Spooked The Fed Or There Is A "Central Bank Accord"

The FOMC used to say that a hike would be “good news” because it represented great confidence that economic conditions were so good. Now the Fed wants us to believe that their dovish stance is good news as well, because it means greater levels of accommodations. It is a stretch to believe that both can be true.

Court skeptical of releasing secret 'torture' report

The CIA engaged in barbaric and ineffective practices of torture while misleading its overseers