04-25-15 arXiv

Head of DEA Resigns in Midst Of Colombian Sex Scandal, Real Problems Ignored

Big Bank 'Crime of the Century' Results in Guess What? No Jail Time for Anyone

European authorities stop illegal horse meat network

Unusual ice cream recalls raise questions about cause

Drone 'containing radiation' lands on roof of Japanese PM's office

The Disastrous Clinton Post-Presidency

...State Department's decision to approve the sale of Uranium mines to a Russian company

Republicans Won't Release Benghazi Report Until 2016, Claim Timing Has Nothing To Do With Election "See! Hillary Clinton was involved in a massive cover-up of incompetence and deceit, she can't be trusted!"

REFLECTION TIME: If you heard this story at the time you were being sold on pushing it past the 2012 election, what would your thoughts be?

It's Not the 1 Percent Controlling Politics. It's the 0.01 Percent.

43 Trillion dollar lawsuit awaits Obama White House and banks

Market Watch runs story of $43 trillion lawsuit against US banks after CNBC erases their version following murder of CNBC executive's children.

U.S. marshal caught destroying camera of woman recording police

Labour peer deemed too unwell to stand trial over child sex abuse allegations signed letter one week before CPS dropped case

After Trafficking Deal, the Senate Isn't Stuck Anymore

UK trader charged for manipulation contributing to 2010 flash crash

Mexican Police Capture Leader of Juarez Cartel

The arrest occurred the same day that security forces captured the leader of the Gulf Cartel

Stunned Greeks React To Initial Capital Controls And The "Decree To Confiscate Reserves", And They Are Not Happy

Dry Wells Plague California as Drought Has Water Tables Plunging

Cook County state's attorney will dismiss minor pot cases

Former IMF Head Rato Is Arrested Over Tax Fraud Allegations In Spain

Report: DOJ leaning toward nixing Comcast bid for Time Warner Cable

Wal-Mart suddenly closed 5 stores and laid off thousands of workers and no one knows why

TWIST THE TWIST: Light in a spin

Following its helical path through space, the helix appears to wind up very tightly as it accelerates, and winds down very loosely as it decelerates.

Loretta Lynch vote again delayed as Senate hashes out sex trafficking bill

Deal Reached on Fast-Track Authority for Obama on Trade Accord

Iran leader: We are in talks with 'the major powers,' not the US Congress

The Corker-Menendez bill

Obama to Remove Cuba From State Sponsor of Terror List

330 Million Citizens & Only One Democrat Interested In Being President

How can anyone in this country say with a straight face that we are a nation ruled by the people for the people when the system is so locked down to anyone outside of the elite political insiders that we cannot even find a few tokens to throw at the facade of democracy at work?

It has become such an incredulous notion that a citizen outside of the political elites could ever hope to one day lead this nation as President that we simply stopped wasting any effort on pretending.

Scientists create invisible objects without metamaterial cloaking

he method is based on a new understanding of electromagnetic wave scattering.

Accelerating Universe? Not So Fast

Ayatollah Khamenei Accuses WH of 'Lying,' Being 'Deceptive,' and Having 'Devilish' Intentions

YES: Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said today that the sanctions should be lifted on the first day the deal is implemented.

State Dept. Cuba terror list review completed

Anonymous released a list of ISIS supporter websites and companies in UK and US that are hosting them

Boston Marathon Bombing Jury Finds Tsarnaev Guilty On All Counts

4 Months Of Jury Selection Winding Down In Colorado Shooting Case

Germany won't pay Greece $278 billion euros for WWII reparations

North Charleston officer faces murder charge after video shows him shooting man in back

15 state police killed in ambush in western Mexico

Court hearing held in high school rape investigation

More than two thirds of people taking antidepressants 'may NOT actually have depression': Doctors discover many do not meet the official criteria

Particle smasher set for weekend startup, says CERN

Russia calls for pause in Yemen air strikes

Iran's Been Two Years Away From a Nuclear Weapon for Three Decades

APRIL: Yemen's Rebels Seize Presidential Palace In Aden, Despite Airstrikes

MARCH: Rebels loot Yemen files about U.S. spy operations

DECEMBER: Mystery Surrounds NASA's Secret Mission in Djibouti

NOVEMBER: Two US Naval Ships Collide In Gulf of Aden

Research findings back up Aboriginal legend on origins of Central Australian palm trees

The concordance of the findings of a scientific study and an ancient myth is striking

Citizens' Growing Protests against Border Patrol Checkpoints Inside the U.S.

Hillary Clinton's Money Trail

"It is going to be around $60,000"

Twice-Fried Porterhouse Steak Sort of Blows Our Minds

Blood Moon With Total Lunar Eclipse & Eerie Biblical Message Rising Over US Easter Weekend

40 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

US unveils 6-year-old report on NSA surveillance

Starbucks: Registers down at many US, Canada stores; shops stay open

Media reports suggested the outage began just after 7 p.m. ET.

"King" and "Queen" towers sold in a nearly $500 million deal

Comcast announces Time Warner Cable deal is dead

Hubble spies a stellar mystery

Rubidium atoms used to record coldest temperature ever

Ultracold atoms should lead to increasingly sensitive interferometers, devices that can measure gravity and test the limits of quantum theory.

Atlanta wins federal grant to expand park and greenspace

You can't 'outrun' obesity: Study says exercise doesn't help weight loss

Detecting quantum effects bring satellite experiment one-step closer to feasibility

Why do measurements of the gravitational constant vary so much?

"We plan to look into the possibility of a connection with the Earth flyby anomaly"

UNSOLVED: Pioneer anomaly

US warship heads to Yemeni waters; could block Iran weapons

Mysterious 'supervoid' in space is largest object ever discovered, scientists claim

State seizes 11-year-old, arrests his mother after he defends medical marijuana during a school presentation

Google who? Oregon cities want their own fiber networks

$46M proposed to remake Centennial Olympic Park

Federal Fisheries Regulators Halt West Coast Sardine Season

NOT THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT: "The sardine populations have crashed 91 percent since 2007"

Fast-food strikes widen into social-justice movement

Ron Paul: Watch out. Dollar's in a 'huge bubble'

Congress first asked Hillary Clinton about personal email use in 2012, letter shows

Chef ticketed, facing $2,000 fine for feeding homeless in San Antonio

The world's largest organization of physicists clarified its position on climate change last week, and it no longer believes, as it did in 2007, that the evidence for global warming is "incontrovertible."

What a group of physicists think about climate change matters greatly because climate science is, after all, a branch of physics, and most atmospheric scientists are based in physics departments.

APS's route to its 2015 statement has been dogged by controversy and its own internal politics, including a coup d'etat

CEO Planted Cocaine On Brother Then Paid Police $100K To Arrest Him

$70,000 Worth of Bull Semen Stolen From Minnesota Dairy Farm

Eighth-Grader Arrested, Charged With Cybercrimes for Changing Teacher's Desktop Wallpaper

Physicists show 'quantum freezing phenomenon' is universal

A global quantum control channel can reverse the effects of decoherence for certain mixed states

SWIFT KICK TO THE NUTS: Sheriff Orders Immediate Internal Investigation Into Arrest Seen on "Disturbing" Video

Is There Something Behind The Power Outage In Washington DC?

Judge: IP-Address Doesn't Identify a Movie Pirate

Pope tells Catholics at Easter vigil: seek truth, beauty and love

Baby bison is Illinois' first in nearly two centuries

Special operations troops doubt women can do the job

Curiosity Has Hit a Martian Mineral Jackpot

We're Planning to Shoot an Asteroid to See What Happens

Greece draws up drachma plans, prepares to miss IMF payment

American police killed more people in March (111) than the entire UK police have killed since 1900

7 questions with John Christy and Roy Spencer: Climate change skeptics for 25 years

They call us global warming deniers. It's a great soundbite except what do we exactly deny? Or the science is settled. OK, what science is settled? You never hear the specifics.

The science is settled? Well, some of it is. Adding CO2 to the atmosphere probably adds some warming. The science on that is pretty solid. But then the devil's in the details. How much warming does it actually cause? It makes a huge difference.

The American Meteorological Society did their survey and they specifically asked the question, Is man the dominate controller of climate over the last 50 years? Only 52 percent said yes. That is not a consensus at all in science.

"The number of AGW endorsers may be higher than 35% but it is definitely much lower than 97%."

Photon 'afterglow' could transmit information without transmitting energy

"The afterglow of events that happened in the early Universe carries more information than the light that reaches us from those events. This is surprising because, up until now, it has been believed that real quanta, such as real photons of light, are the only carriers of information from the early Universe."

Mystery of strange radio bursts from space

Confirming Einstein, scientists find 'spacetime foam' not slowing down photons from faraway gamma-ray burst (Update)