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Until we restore Glass-Steagall, more big bank bailouts are inevitable

We will win this fight. The question is will we win it before or after we have to bail out the big banks again.


The Slow, Agonizing Death Of The American Worker

Russian Pacific Fleet Warships Enter Mediterranean For First Time In Decades, To Park In Cyprus

P.S. Got oil?

Lew asks Congress for debt increase, says it's 'not open to debate'

Why does the Congress keep increasing the limit by such small incremental amounts that we have to frequently revisit the farce idea that we might decide to default on our obligations?

What's a legal weed industry look like? After 8 months, Wash. state releases draft rules

KMOV's Conners Barred From Facebook, Interviews on IRS Controversy

Have Free Speech, Have A Job: Choose One

Dear Class of '13: You've been scammed

Commentary: How the College-Industrial Complex drove tuition so high

Two Justices Involved In Bush Vs. Gore Decision Admit It Was Flawed

Toronto mayor backs decriminalization

From Mexico to India: Monsanto is Killing More Than Just Biodiversity

Department of Homeland Security Shuts Down Dwolla Payments to and From Mt. Gox

America's greatest threat: Unsafe work conditions

Money has to serve, not to rule - Pope

Chris Matthews sours on Obama

5 signs there's something fishy about the alleged CIA spy arrested in Moscow

Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over Civil Disturbances

Occupy the Farm movement rises again, hours after being raided

Someone Else Owns Your Genes

The number of violent crimes fell last year in Philadelphia, as did assaults on police officers. But the number of people shot by police is up. Way up.

Cotati California is a brutal police state

Our Intellectual Property Laws Are Out of Control

NOTE: Many do not believe intellectual property is a good thing

Building a $325,000 Burger

Franken aims at reform of credit-rating system

Insurers predict 100% -- 400% Obamacare rate explosion

Canada Sells Out Science

EU is fuming! European Union says Spanish regions' plans to force bailed out banks to use foreclosures to house low income families violates the terms of the EU bank bailout

Saudi Arabia maps genome and educational future

False reports outpace sex assaults in the military

Physicists make better economists than economists


Pressure mounts on Boehner to appoint select committee on Benghazi

Benghazi: Search for truth or witch hunt?

Cutting Down Amazon for Agriculture Could Cut Yields

International Space Station to boldly go with Linux over Windows

The American Dream Is Dead; Long Live the New Dream

It's long but it is worth the mTR0bPM.pngread.

America is strong because its journalism is strong. That's how democracies work. They're only as good as the quality of the information that the public possesses.

New Constitutional Convention Urged to End 'Democracy's Destruction'

As legislative push grows, grassroots group supports day of action to fight 'corporate personhood'

Police warned girl, 10, 'chalk hopscotch grid on path was criminal damage'

Nixon: Address on the State of the Union Delivered Before a Joint Session of the Congress

Nixon's Plan For Health Reform, In His Own Words

Far to the left of anything that was argued in the Obamacare debate

Russia will do its best to stop anybody from starting a war

Monsanto protests scheduled in 36 countries

China destroys the ancient Buddhist symbols of Lhasa City in Tibet

Benghazi Witness Says State Dept. Told Him Not To Meet With Congressional Investigators

There Are Now More Americans In Jail Than There Were In Stalin's Gulag Archipelago

And it's also a relatively new phenomenon: In 1980, the U.S. only had 150 prisoners per 100,000 citizens. What's to blame? The war on personal freedom.

CPI has almost nothing to do with reality

What inspires Bill Gates?

"It's an inspiration, that one person off on their own with no positive feedback... that he kept pushing himself... found knowledge in itself to be a beautiful thing,"

The Chemical ImbalChris Matthews sours on Obamaance Myth

Fourth Benghazi witness gagged by red tape

Colleges Soak Poor Students to Funnel Aid to Rich

Austerity never works: Deficit hawks are amoral -- and wrong

The 1 percent and the financial class caused the Great Recession. So why do we keep allowing them to shape policy?

Miss. Supreme Court blocks Tuesday execution

Michigan Father Killed in Marijuana Child Removal Incident

The Corporation Manipulation Model Of Food

PA Governor: You're All High, That's Why You Don't Have Jobs

Marijuana: How an Amendment 64 repeal measure almost passed last night


The majority (66 percent) of low-wage workers are not employed by small businesses, but rather by large corporations where top executive compensation averaged $9.4 million.

49 percent of minimum wage workers are adult women, many of whom have children.

When Startups Need More Lawyers Than Employees, The Patent System Isn't Working

Corporations Find a Friend in the Supreme Court

Penn Astrophysicists Zero In on Gravity Theory

"We find consistency with Einstein's theory of gravity and we sharply narrow the space available to these other theories. Many of these theories are now ruled out by the data," Jain said.

Congress Set Out To Expand The Most Outrageous Criminal Law You've Never Heard Of

Written into the revised version of the Act is a new provision, one that would make it a crime to use digital equipment to access information for an "impermissible purpose."

Psychiatry in Crisis! Mental Health Director Rejects Psychiatric "Bible" and Replaces With... Nothing

The National Institutes of Mental Health has announced that the federal agency which provides grants for research on mental illness will be "re-orienting its research away from DSM categories."

U.S. Government Fears End of Megaupload Case

People get put in jail, cops get demotions. What has become of the law?

The House Prefers Chaos to Order

Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government?

A former FBI counterterrorism agent claims on CNN that this is the case

BENGHAZI: Names of whistleblower witnesses revealed

The Benghazi Talking Points And How They Were Changed To Obscure The Truth

Local Council Elections: UKIP Make Big Gains

UKIP politician makes unambiguous statements

UKIP MEP Nigel Farage crashes in light plane on 2010 Election Day in UK

Fresh celebrates the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are re-inventing our food system. Each has witnessed the rapid transformation of our agriculture into an industrial model, and confronted the consequences: food contamination, environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources, and morbid obesity. Forging healthier, sustainable alternatives, they offer a practical vision for a future of our food and our planet.

A freight train with 17 wagons containing chemicals derailed in Belgium

"We have 3,500 years of empirical evidence supporting the doctrine of original sin. It's silly to say otherwise"

"You know the Age of Enlightenment and Reason gave way to moral relativism. And moral relativism is what led us all the way down the dark path to the Holocaust."

Eric Schmidt: television is 'already over

Cotati California is a brutal police state Clarence Thomas: Obama 'Approved By The Elites' Because He Says What They 'Expect From A Black Person'

Hillary Clinton Guilty Of "Dereliction Of Duty" On Benghazi

NOT SHOCKING: IOP publishes garbage

SEMANTICS: In survey of 12,000 peer-reviewed papers on global warming, approximately two-thirds of them chose not to endorse the "consensus" view of global warming.

If two-thirds chose not to endorse, can it be called a consensus?

"Cook [the primary investigator in this study] says they expected to see a rising number of papers which [chose not to enodrse global warming] and didn't feel the need to state the obvious "just as geographers find no reason to remind readers that the earth is round".

NOTE: Cook's above reasoning is an opinion only. It is equally valid to say that the number of non-endorsements went up because the evidence against greenhouse AGW is mounting but it is not yet professionally acceptable to openly oppose the theory.

REFERENCE: Climate scientists struggle to explain warming slowdown

Whales: No mass strandings since sonar ban

Obama Student Loan Policy Under Scrutiny As Congress Tackles Student Borrowing Costs

On Wednesday, the Republican National Committee tweeted a link to the HuffPost story to its more than 213,000 followers.

Computer scientists to FBI: don't require all our devices to have backdoors for spies

Russia reveals identity of CIA Moscow chief following Ryan Fogle's expulsion

Federal Security Service spokesman breaches protocol as he accuses US agency of crossing 'red line' in its recruitment efforts

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) tore into Holder over his approach to marijuana

EXCLUSIVE: 'I feared for my life': Christoph Waltz left shaken after man points hand-gun at him and threatens to blow up studio with hand grenade during Cannes TV interview

Occupy Wall Street Protester Wins $25K From City After Suing Over Arrest

Sanders praises pope's condemnation of 'cult of money'

AT&T Continues To Mock The Concept Of Net Neutrality; This Time With Google Hangouts Block

The Mystery of John Titor: Hoax or Time Traveler?

Russia Sends More Advanced Missiles to Aid Assad in Syria

Newegg nukes corporate troll Alcatel in third patent appeal win this year

White House's Benghazi email dump shows critical two-day gap, CIA objection


Nasa buys into 'quantum' computer

Destroying a man's life over $13

Shell and BP raided in probe into petrol price fixing: Oil firms investigated over claims they manipulated cost for more than a decade


Sheriff's Department Takes Family's Home and Contents Using a Fake Eviction

Prop C, LA Measure To Overturn Citizens United, Will Be Voted On By Angelenos Next Week

Google-Berg: Global Elite Transforms Itself For Technocratic Revolution

OkCupid experiment proves men don't mind dating sociopaths

Russia: 'Undercover CIA Agent' Detained

The FDIC Illusion of Insured Bank Deposits

Ayn Rand USA: In 20 Years Corporate Profits Are Up 4X and Their Taxes Have Fallen by 50% -- Meanwhile the Workers' Payroll Tax Has Doubled


This TED Talk Was Banned For Attacking The Job Creator Myth; The Rich Don't Want You To See It (VIDEO)

The Colony of Georgia

Man begged for his life as Kern Co. deputies beat him to death

So It Goes: Enron Perp Will Get Out of Jail (Almost) Free By Buying Himself Out

The deal, arranged after the sort of complex legal maneuvering only rich white men can afford to indulge in, calls for Skilling to stop suing everyone and agree to pay his victims $40 million, or 0.1% of what Enron stole in the first place.

Now They Want to Take Away the 8-Hour Day and 40-Hour Week

INCEST: Presidents of ABC and CBS News Have Siblings Working at White House With Ties to Benghazi

In Georgia, a school principal is not happy to see her mugshot on Instagram. She allegedly tries to get a police officer to arrest the teen responsible. The police officer refuses

Beyond Unlocking: Don't Let Them Kill the First Reasonable Copyright Reform Bill

Cops Beat Woman For Filming Another Beating

Canadian mobsters killed in 'old-fashioned' Sicilian mafia hit

Looking for a good book?

Operation Smear Benghazi Whistleblowers

New Zealand Government Announces That Software Will No Longer Be Patentable

Members of Congress finally introduce serious DMCA reform

Every Every Every Generation Has Been the Me Me Me Generation

THE authorities at Guantanamo Bay say that prisoners have a choice. They can eat or, if they refuse to, they will have a greased tube stuffed up their noses, down their throats and into their stomachs, through which they will be fed.

Media spins Benghazi scandal to protect Team Obama

Everyone knows Republicans want less regulation of private business

John McCain Introduces Cable A La Carte Legislation To Stop Bundling & Broadcasters Moving To Pay TV

Pat Robertson, Who Said 'The Lord Told Me' that 'Romney Will Win,' Urges Viewers to Beware False Prophets

Researchers at CERN have turned up the first evidence of exotic (and short-lived) atoms with pear-shaped nuclei

Billionaires Dumping Stocks

Obama meets secretly with energy industry CEOs "on storms"

Obama said in a June 2007 campaign speech. "When there are meetings between lobbyists and a government agency, we won't be going to the Supreme Court to keep it secret like Dick Cheney and his energy task force, we'll be putting it up on the Internet for every American to watch."

Congress: Still Corporate. Still Criminal. Still Captured.

Sun's blood pressure benefits 'may outdo cancer risks'

The Man Who Turned Off Cookies In Firefox Doesn't Care If It Hurts Advertisers

How a single-payer healthcare system would save billions on administrative costs and monopoly profits, cover the uninsured, increase the provision of needed services like dental and home health care, improve Medicaid reimbursements, AND increase disposable income for all but the top 5%.

PEW RESEARCH: Gun Homicide Rate Down 49% Since 1993 Peak; Public Unaware

Megaupload Launches Frontal Attack on White House Corruption

Two Senators Just Introduced A Bill That Could Neuter Wall Street

Police shoot man 46x and it's caught on Video

Syria Traffic Goes "Dark" As Country Disappears From Internet

New study finds no evidence for theory humans wiped out megafauna

Insanity defense for accused Colorado theater gunman

6 Brave Govt. Whistleblowers Charged Under the Espionage Act by Obama's Administration

The Espionage Act had only been used three times in its history to try government officials accused of leaking classified information -- until the Obama administration came along.

Iraqi Officials Fear Full Blown Civil War

How Social Networks Drive Black Unemployment

Clinton sought end-run around counter-terrorism bureau on night of Benghazi attack, witness will say


Report warns of catastrophic aboriginal uprising

Explosions Wrack the Sun's Surface

A Psychedelic-Science Advocate Takes His Case to the Pentagon

Clashes between military and civilian leave 11 dead in Mexico

Crimes were in Tamaulipas, Matamoros and Guemez, northeast of the country.

Judge Convicted of Selling Kids to the Prison System


Billionaire Bankster Penny Pritzker Breaks into Obama's Cabinet

The federal government fined her and her family $460 million for predatory, deceitful, racist tactics and practices

The Many Benefits of Weight Lifting

Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide

CDC: 80 Percent Of Americans Don't Exercise Enough

Netflix Says It's Killing BitTorrent Traffic

The Rich Have Gained $5.6 Trillion in the 'Recovery,' While the Rest of Us Have Lost $669 Billion

They Are Murdering Small Business: The Percentage Of Self-Employed Americans Is At A Record Low

The Pope Called One Of The Foundations Of The Global Capitalism System 'Slavery'

The share of American adults with jobs has barely changed since 2010, hovering between 58.2 percent and 58.7 percent. This employment-to-population ratio stood at 58.6 percent in April. That is about four percentage points lower than the employment rate before the recession.

Honey Bee Die-Off Caused By Multiple Factors Including Pesticides

Poll: 29% of Registered Voters Believe Armed Revolution Might Be Necessary in Next Few Years