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US Turns Blind Eye to Lugansk Massacre

Husband of Georgia human trafficking prosecutor found shot to death

Twenty Thousand Committed To Anti-Hillary ‘Occupy DNC’ Protest

MAYHEM: Some groups are planning to protest the DNC even without a permit.

Glitch in bailout talks fuels fears of delay in loan disbursement

Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos had informed the European Commission representative and the International Monetary Fund in a letter last week that their demands could not be met

Possible case for fifth force of nature

'Mind-blowing' footage of mystery flying craft hovering near US military base in UFO hotspot

Origin of key Clinton emails from report are a mystery

An agency audit found at least three emails never seen before - including Clinton's own explanation of why she wanted her emails kept private.

SHOCK CLAIM: Clinton was not completely forthcoming

Two F/A-18 Super Hornets collide off NC coast, aviators rescued

Greater than the sum of its parts

Wolves faced with a scarcity of potential sexual partners are not beneath lowering their standards.

Clinton Email Scandal: Hillary Never Got Legal OK For Her Risky Setup

State Dept. watchdog: Clinton violated email rules

BENGHAZI: Clinton and her top aides chose not to cooperate with the review.

BENGHAZI: Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan, and Huma Abedin are among those who did not cooperate with the investigation.

BENGHAZI: The former secretary of state’s email woes will produce plenty of headlines in the coming months

BENGHAZI: Clinton aide Cheryl Mills is scheduled to sit for a sworn deposition Friday

BENGHAZI: Huma Abedin is set to testify next month

BENGHAZI: Clinton herself is awaiting a judge's ruling on whether she should be required to give a deposition

BENGHAZI: There's an expected House report on Benghazi

The “group think” about the Syrian government crossing President Obama’s “red line” in a 2013 sarin attack has collapsed, but The New York Times still reports it as flat fact, an industry-wide problem

Investigators raid Google Paris HQ in tax evasion inquiry

"This is a heavy operation," the judicial source said, referring to how many people took part in the raid. "It's quite an unusual one."

Snowden calls for whistleblower shield after claims by new Pentagon source

"That was a concern... Normally I expect direct answers”

War on Whistleblowers: Manning Appeals Unprecedented 35-Year Prison Sentence

Iraq PM declares offensive to retake Fallujah from ISIL

Greek parliament approves reforms in exchange for aid, debt relief

10 Nefarious Conspiracies Proven True

Stargazers to get rare glimpse of Blue Moon, bright Mars this weekend

Mars will be in opposition

Secret Service Shoots Man Carrying Gun Near White House

Police Investigate Firebombing At Google Headquarters

NRA Endorses Donald Trump for President

Greek parliament to vote on bailout reforms on Sunday

The Holy Grail of Crackpot Filtering: How the arXiv decides what’s science – and what’s not.

NB: arXiv doesn't decide that; its decisions affect that in no way.

Every once in a while an idea get dismissed not because it’s bad, but because it lacks community support. And there is no telling how often this happens because these are the stories we never get to hear.

In-group behavior can greatly misdirect science because, given sufficiently many people, even fruitless research can become self-supportive. No filter that is derived from the community’s own judgement will do anything about this.

Is The Army Preparing For A Major Deployment: Orders 177,000 Bulletproof Armor Plates

Bernie Sanders can’t afford to stay silent any longer

Why do you like Daddy?

Trannies For Trump: Meet The Donald’s Genderbending Supporters

Paul Ryan embraces poll showing more Republicans trust Trump than him

Labour members blame the party's anti-Corbyn MPs for divisions, poll finds

Sworn Depositions Of Close Clinton Aides Begin This Week

ISIS Has Declared a State of Emergency Amid Suspicions of an Imminent Attack

"We know this enemy feels threatened, as they should."

Venezuela president Nicolás Maduro declares state of emergency

Greek parliament to vote on bailout reforms on Sunday

Senate report on CIA torture is one step closer to disappearing

On Certain Aspects of American Economics Relevant to 2016

3 simplistic conservative beliefs that are radically slowing American progress

Yes, we do have a moral obligation not to leave our grandchildren with a crippling burden of debt. But that assertion does not end the discussion of what is “moral.”

Somehow it is okay with the Right for the private sector to engineer a vast redistribution of income but not for the government, acting on all of our behalves, to redistribute it back.

The logic of platform economics explained

We all have mindsets of the world that serve as maps that guide what we see and how we understand the world around us. The maps can be helpful but also outdated and crucially incorrect.

You Know Those Missing Hillary Emails? Russia Might Leak 20,000 Of Them

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Ex-Argentine President, Indicted on Financial Charge

The FBI Is Keeping 80,000 Secret Files on the Saudis and 9/11

Initially the FBI claimed it had no records. But when Julin told officials that Graham was willing to testify that he’d actually seen some, the Justice Department admitted to having found 35 pages of material

They currently have an appeal pending before the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel, an obscure group within the National Archives

In The Eye Of Hillary's Perfect Storm

“Conspiracy” — that’s the word used by the judge

2014: Australian court imposes generalized news blackout on bribery case

??? Any updates? What is going on with this?

Islamic State Buries Alive Dozens Of Its Own Soldiers To Stem Soaring Defections

Saudis braced for release of hidden pages of 9/11 report

Town in shock over news that Texas fertilizer-plant explosion was deliberate

The weasels' conspiracy was foiled

...early August. At that point we will know whether the 750 GeV particle is real.

Brazil: Dilma Rousseff's impeachment thrown into chaos

Senate head overrules lower house speaker's bid to annul process.

Clinton aide Cheryl Mills leaves FBI interview briefly after being asked about emails

Grexit talks

Greece is being set budgetary targets that the IMF knows are unrealistic and is being set up to fail.

If agreement is not reached, Greece will almost certainly default on payments due in July.

Transportation Department threatens D.C. Metro shutdown if safety doesn't improve

SHUT IT DOWN: "No hesitation to shut down the system"

"I have great concerns"

Chaos in Brazil as Dilma Rousseff impeachment vote 'anulled'

Legislators should hold a new vote in five sessions time.

Duterte rival concedes in Philippines presidential election

NASA says asteroid entered atmosphere over Arizona

Police investigate 87 aircraft tire slashings in Alaska

King Tut’s dagger made of iron from a meteorite

Congress to Compel Obama Disclosure of $1.7 Billion ‘Ransom Payment’ to Iran

FISHY: The timing of this naval incident in relation to the Iran deal was very fishy

State Department Admits It Deliberately Cut Video Confirming It Lies To The Public

Well, as market participants know too well, any time a "glitch" is used as an excuse, it is to protect one or more guilty parties

Clinton Campaign Manager Silent on McAuliffe FBI Investigation

Price-to-sales at it highest ever for US equities,

Forbes Slashes Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes' Net Worth From $4.5 Billion To Zero

Brazil's anti-corruption minister quits over leaked recordings

Developer seeks permits to start work on mini-city in Dunwoody

Mark Zuckerberg is ‘dictator’ of Facebook ‘nation’: The Pirate Bay founder

Out of this world: the surreal deserts of the United States – in pictures

It's Over: Even MSNBC Turns On Hillary - "Stop Lying, Stop Digging"

Hackers steal $12 million from an Ecuadorian bank via SWIFT

Someone Is Going To Be Disappointed

Nate Diaz Gets State Assembly Award For 'Upset' Over McGregor

Radioactive decay anomaly could imply a new fundamental force, theorists say.

Cuba to legalize small and medium-sized private businesses

"This is a tremendously important step"

Putin Closes The Door To Monsanto

Putin proudly outlined his plan to make Russia the world’s ‘leading exporter’ of non-GMO foods that are based on ‘ecologically clean’ production.

Putin harshly criticized food production in the United States

Monsanto’s Cotton Rejected Again: Burkina Faso Brings Back Indigenous Varieties

Look at how MSNBC ignores that fact that almost half of Democrats voted for the Iraq war in 2003, and that the Democrats have become much more warlike in the ensuing 13 years

FACTS: They are on the record

Verizon strike is hurting its stock

Tennessee judge who ordered name change for baby Messiah fired

In all, there were 762 applications for boys named Messiah in 2012

Developers withdraw Dunwoody Crown Towers application over City Council vote uncertainty

A $760,000 “voluntary impact fee” – or $2,000 per condo unit

Trump Escalates Clinton Attack, Calls Vince Foster Suicide "Very Fishy"

City gives PARKatlanta the boot

TSA Head Of Security Fired (After $90,000 Bonus)

Remember this - it is an unusual event - a Federal employee being held accountable for some lack of performance.

Sanders: Democratic convention could be 'messy'

"Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle."

PPPL dedicates upgraded fusion reactor, a powerful new 'star on Earth'

"This device could transform the world by showing us the way to a pilot plant design for the generation of power from fusion energy for use by all"

Israeli Defense Minister, Moshe Ya’alon, Resigns

Mr Ya’alon said that extremism, violence and racism were threatening Israeli society and had entered the IDF.

Campaigner confident anti-elite winds will deliver Brexit

Elijah Wood: 'Hollywood in the grip of child abuse scandal similar to Jimmy Savile'

Google's parent company is deliberately disabling some of its customers' old smart-home devices

BUT, BUT, BUT: How are those people going to remote control their dungeons now?

Chinese authorities arrest 125 over vaccine racket

WTF Headline Of The Day: GOP Senator Says "US Is Under-Incarcerated," Should Lock Up More People

Sanders backs DNC chair's primary rival

Facebook Censors Conservative Lauren Southern for Mentioning Censorship

LOL, NICE: And what’s more, Lauren videotaped the whole thing.

El Chapo's Extradition to the US Has Been Approved

Yahoo may fetch less than early estimates

Bidders have lowered their offers after seeing presentations from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

A third of cash is held by 5 U.S. companies

Pensions may be cut to 'virtually nothing' for 407,000 people

Millions of LinkedIn passwords stolen in 2012 surface online

What’s that smell? Mystery odor has officials looking for answers

Atlanta's iconic peach tower now destroyed

Game Of Theranos: Elizabeth Holmes' Personal Assistant Quits

ISIS execute 25 people by DISSOLVING them in nitric acid

The terrorist group has continued losing control over territory across Iraq and Syria, a U.S. Military spokesman said this week

New evidence shows Rolling Stone rape hoaxer created her 'rapist'

Jackie and her attorneys have not complied with a court order to turn over all relevant materials in her possession

Jackie is "a serial liar who invented" her account of being gang raped

Elizabeth Holmes Admits Theranos' "Technology" Is A Fraud: Restates, Voids Years Of Test Results

Theranos ludicrous $9 billion valuation which it appears was achieved without anyone doing any actual due diligence

YES: The question everyone should be asking is who enabled this fraud for so many years?

Photons with half-integer angular momentum are the latest twist on light

To demonstrate light's fractional angular momentum experimentally, the team shone a laser beam through a biaxial crystal preceded by a polarizer and then split the beam inside an interferometer.

This weekend: Blue Moon to coincide with Mars opposition

This will be the closest the Red Planet has been to our planet since 2003!

Media Ignoring a MAJOR Part of the Facebook Scandal

Ex-Phoenix VA head gets probation

Elsevier acquires online community SSRN

Magic mushrooms lifts severe depression in trial

Conservative watchdog seeks Clinton testimony on email case

Theorists smooth the way to modeling quantum friction

"To succeed with the problem, we had to literally rethink the physics involved, not merely mathematically but conceptually"

I would no more urge everyone to learn to program than I would urge everyone to learn to plumb.

The Megaphone in One Graph

Hillary and her ‘coke habit’

CIA admits: We sent Mandela to jail

Building compact particle accelerators: Bunching electrons can get more done

Hidden Microphones Exposed As Part of Government Surveillance Program In The Bay Area

Midtown Atlanta from the Top!

Networks, Major Papers Skip State Department Censorship of Fox News Q&A Video

Leaked Facebook Training Manual Confirms Allegations Of Conservative News Suppression

After Nine Years Of Censorship, Canada Finally Unmuzzles Its Scientists

One of Atlanta's most recognizable blighted buildings is past-due for a major overhaul

OPINION: This building isn't so bad. It's got character.

Whitewater: Twelve Versions of Hillary Clinton Draft Indictment, 451 Pages, Withheld By National Archives

All versions of Windows hit by "critical" security vulnerabilities

Wife Battered Husband Over Candy, Flowers

U.S. Warship Challenges China's Claims in South China Sea

Breakthrough as Irish scientists discover a new form of light

ANALYSIS: I assume this is not the spin angular momentum S=1 that makes photons bosons.

Bernie Beats Hillary (Again) In West Virginia

Soundbites MARTA CEO: Days of transit agency going on 'bended knee' to other counties are over

Star pupil finds lost Mayan city by studying ancient charts of the night sky from his bedroom

Deception Experts: Guccifer Telling Truth About Hacking Clinton’s Email Server

Greece debt relief deal will not come yet

Cern's Large Hadron Collider back in action after weasel incident