06-05-15 arXiv

Greek leader: cannot consent to 'irrational' proposals

Blumenthal will testify June 16 before Benghazi panel

Massive data breach could affect every federal agency

Fed Chair Yellen won't provide some documents in leak probe

Pope's rebel advisors break Vatican code of silence

"The flurry of accusations and statements are the sign of an unease over the slowness with which the commission's work is proceeding"

We've reached a tipping point where technology is now destroying more jobs than it creates, researcher warns

For example, in 1990 GM, Ford, and Chrysler brought in $36 billion in revenue and hired over a million workers. The big three today -- Apple, Facebook, and Google -- bring in over a trillion dollars in revenue and only have about 137,000 workers.

This change has created a situation where more and more of the capital is going to a smaller percentage of the population.

LOL: Terrorist moron reveals ISIS HQ in online selfie, U.S. Air Force promptly destroys compound

NOAA Fiddles With Climate Data To Erase The 15-Year Global Warming Hiatus

New climate data by NOAA scientists doubles the warming trend since the late 1990s by adjusting pre-hiatus temperatures downward and inflating temperatures in more recent years.

"Their intent and methods are so obvious they're laughable."

Government Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website

The New Iranian Hostage Crisis

Benghazi Committee Dissenter's Baltimore Home Catches on Fire

FBI to probe Sepp Blatter as disgraced FIFA chief

Meet Cody Shearer, the Strangest Character in Hillary's Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

DEATH: In the middle of the decade, for reasons that remain unclear, he traveled to Europe to negotiate with associates of Radovan Karadzic

Hastert to be arraigned Thursday in federal court in Chicago

Federal records show Hastert's judge, Durkin, made two donations totaling $1,500 to Hastert's re-election campaigns in 2002 and 2004 when Hastert was the House leader.

Before joining the federal bench in December 2012, Durkin was a partner at the Chicago law firm of Mayer Brown, where Hastert's son, Ethan, is an attorney.

A legal ethics expert quickly discounted any need for Durkin to step down.

The Case Against Matt DeHart

Child porn allegations, she explains, immediately "make you radioactive; it's a quick way to isolate you from everybody. People won't want to go near your case."

FBI looked into whether the CIA tried to frame jihadis for the anthrax attack and that the White House quashed that part of the investigation.

US, Iran accelerate nuclear talks a month before deadline

The Dalai Lama: Aung San Suu Kyi must speak out on behalf of Myanmar's persecuted Rohingya

Beau Biden has died of brain cancer.

Hastert made payments to conceal sexual misconduct from high school coaching years, officials say

NEFARIOUS: To get a child molester running the House on 911 and in the following years, they had to get rid of Gingrich for having consentual sex with adult women and then also get rid of Livingston for having consentual sex with adult women.

American Express President Ed Gilligan Dies on Flight From Japan

Banker jumps to his death from luxury apartment

Emails reportedly show confidant told Clinton Benghazi attack planned by fighters tied to Al Qaeda

???: Blumenthal is Hillary's middleman to whom?

Rampant Corruption Alleged in Sweeping FIFA Probe

"If he knew about it he should be booted. If he didn't know about it he should be booted quicker."

"According to the U.S. request, these crimes were agreed and prepared in the US, and payments were carried out via US banks"

The Farce Is Complete: FIFA, Qatar Donated To The Clinton Foundation

How the NSA's Firmware Hacking Works and Why It's So Unsettling

The Trojanized firmware lets attackers stay on the system even through software updates. If a victim, thinking his or her computer is infected, wipes the computer's operating system and reinstalls it to eliminate any malicious code, the malicious firmware code remains untouched. It can then reach out to the command server to restore all of the other malicious components that got wiped from the system.

Peter Schiff Is Furious At "Double Seasonally Adjusted" Economic Data

KLUDGE: Seasonal adjustment were introduced to compensate for statisticians' inability to compute and reliance on methods like holding a ruler up to a printed data set. Since today's phones are more powerful than the supercomputers of yesterday, there is no need to adjust the data. By changing the adjustment, you make it impossible to compare to the historical data anyway, so the only reasonable change in the adjustment algorithm is to nullify it completely. Good article. Great points.

Venezuelan opposition leader leaks jail video announcing hunger strike and calling for massive street protest

Spain follows Greece as anti-austerity parties sweep local election

County sheriff has used stingray over 300 times with no warrant

"The template is likely to mislead judges who receive applications based on it because it gives no indication that the Sheriff's Department intends to use a stingray"

Ben Swann on logic

President Obama is a time travelling Muslim space alien

Hillary Sent Out 2 Benghazi Emails, From 2 Different Home Accounts, In 2 Minutes

Iraqi forces 'failed to fight' in Ramadi: Pentagon chief

COWARDS: You know who else failed to fight? Everyone who took an oath to defend the Constitution that also knows jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams

NSA winds down once-secret phone-records collection program

Greece to miss IMF payments amid fears of 'catastrophic' eurozone rupture

NSA winds down once-secret phone-records collection program

The US Department Of Commerce Officially Jumps The Shark, Will "Double Seasonally Adjust" GDP Data

Economists pride themselves in giving complex names to what even 5 years olds now grasp is open data manipulation

Edward Snowden: NSA reform in the US is only the beginning

"People who say they don't care about privacy because they have got nothing to hide have not thought too deeply about these issues. What they are really saying is I do not care about this right. When you say I don't care about the right to privacy because I have nothing to hide, that is no different than saying I don't care about freedom of speech because I have nothing to say or freedom of the press because I have nothing to write."

CLARIFICATION: I do agree that all the laws empowering the government's big data surveillance activities should be scrapped. The cable splitters should be removed and the tools I filmed in my Benghazi video should not be used like that.

Fed gets subpoena on leak docs

"It is unacceptable, illegal and corrupt for anyone at the Fed to deliver inside information that could provide a financial advantage to the privileged few and lead to the manipulation of financial markets"

HOWEVER: If you replace "deliver inside information" with "create money and loan it to insiders at 0%" then it's fine. And... it is also fine if those insiders in turn loan the 0% money to outsiders at 4% in the most usurious spread of modern history.

Sea ice extent in Antarctica last month set a new record high for the month of May

Meanwhile Arctic sea ice extent in May was the third lowest on record but essentially the same as it was a decade ago -- marginally above the levels recorded in 2004 and 2006.

Large Hadron Collider turns on 'data tap'

"We are living through a fantastic moment."

LHC experiments are back in business at a new record energy

Mystery company blazes a trail in fusion energy

"They had trouble getting parameters to what was needed"

Over half US grocery store purchases are highly processed foods, says study

Problem drinking affects 33 million: 14% of US adults

Ga. Supreme Court To Decide Peachtree-Pine Shelter's Future

LHC Season 2: First physics at 13 TeV to start tomorrow

The Greatest Void in the Universe

Over 4,000 Killed in Iraq during May

Obama Ordered to Release Guantanamo Force-Feeding Video

Scandal at the FBI: Flawed Testimony Sent Innocents to Jail for Decades

He wants his agents "to learn about the abuse of authority on a breathtaking scale"

"I want [our agents] to realize our capacity for rationalization and moral surrender."

In five out of seven cases, men convicted in rape or murder trials where the FBI gave flawed testimony have been exonerated by DNA or the courts. Five out of seven.

If Greece bundles its June payments, it defaults to the IMF in early July, this will be reported by the IMF Managing Director after 30 more days followed by some 3-4 weeks of procedural talks inside the IMF.

BLOODMOON: In other words the crunch will come in September.

Nigeria Outlaws Female Genital Mutilation

Detroit is starting to shut off people's water again

What's up with Nebraska?

State shows independent streak

Israel moves to toughen sentences for stone-throwers

What gets up to three months now will get 10-20 years under new law

Parasites Are Wiping Out Entire Honeybee Colonies.

Threat Magnitude Much Higher Than Previously Expected

Kansas Republicans Finally Consider Changing Course

Hydro One privatization plan in the works for Ontario

US removes Cuba from list of state sponsors of terror

Layers Of Reality

A Conversation With Sean Carroll

Man Threatens Suicide, Police Kill Him

FARCE: Petro Poroshenko to Share Nobel Peace Prize Now With 30% More Nobel!

Experiment confirms quantum theory weirdness

"At the quantum level, reality does not exist if you are not looking at it"

"One has to accept that a future measurement is affecting the atom's past"

2 Investigates: Judge's orders allegedly destroyed by chief probation officer

JPMorgan Warns Greece "Is Not Investable" As Germany Denies Any Deal Progress

Meanwhile, In The Real Economy... Or Why Deutsche Thinks "Lunatics Are Running" The Fed

It is quite surprising to us that there is so much focus on US employment data [which doesn't measure US employment btw] and Fed Funds normalization to the exclusion of global trade data or US demand let alone productivity. A case perhaps of the lunatics trying to run the asylum.

AUDIT THE FED: Who is the lunatic?

Malware is not only about viruses -- companies preinstall it all the time

It is fashionable to recognise the viciousness of today's computing only to declare resistance unthinkable.

"Free Range" Parents Cleared of Child Neglect in 1 Case

Will Computers Redefine the Roots of Math?

"There is a danger of an accumulation of mistakes"

NASA: No, We're Not on the Verge of Developing a Warp Drive

NUANCE: Are you on the verge of something else recently classified as not feasible?

Redesigned I-285/Ga 400 interchange inches closer to reality

Putin signs Russian law to shut 'undesirable' organizations

NOTE: I have never once read an article describing Putin taking action against those who shill for Putin's foreign opposition without representing any actual Russian interest

California governor pitches amnesty on traffic debt for poor

Unprecedented 'Mass Die Offs' As Pacific Ocean "Turning Into a Desert" Off California Coast

Obama wins trade victory in the Senate

Gunfight in western Mexico kills at least 42: officials

Dentist accused of running 'house of horrors' agrees to quit

Schneider is the only pediatric dentist in Jacksonville who took Medicaid

This was the biggest political science study of last year. It was a complete fraud.

Bank Of England Accidentally E-mails Top-Secret Brexit Plan To Newspaper

Head of West Bank council turns state's witness in major corruption case

First images of collisions at 13 TeV

City of Atlanta Held In Contempt In Eagle Raid Case

EXPEDITIOUS: Why don't judges ever slap feds with reasonable timeframes like this?

Air Force mystery space plane launches from Florida

ODNI Releases Trove of Documents Discovered in Osama bin Laden Raid

Five banks plead guilty, pay more than $5.4B in FX penalties

2 Arrested in Biggest DEA Heroin Seizure in New York History

Plains All American Pipeline Ruptures; 21,000 Barrel 4-Mile Oil Slick On Santa Barbara Beaches

BCID studying new Buckhead park over GA 400, MARTA

IRAQ: Errors and Lies

The campaign of lies that took us into Iraq was recent enough that it's still important to hold the guilty individuals accountable.