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Judge scorched for saying ignore U.S. Constitution

MALFEASANCE: "The oath is now applied to the precedent from the Supreme Court, not the Constitution as written.”

POSNER IS WRONG: "Posner reportedly stated the oath judges take to uphold the Constitution is meaningless."

DEATH: "Posner is the most cited legal scholar of the 20th century."

NOT PERMANENT, ONLY ENDURING: "This is why there is a permanent imbalance on the courts. You can never win if at least 50 percent of the judges believe in the exact opposite principles of the Constitution.”

MUST TAKE: "[Good people] will never win the judiciary game and must, instead, take the ball away from them.”

Istanbul Ataturk Airport Terrorists Behaved Like a Special Forces Unit

Why Did Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch Meet On Her Airplane In Phoenix This Week?

Donald Trump targets 'globalism' as job-killer

Steve Forbes: This election is Trump's to lose

Suspected IS suicide bombers kill dozens at Istanbul airport

Erdogan apologizes to Putin over death of Russian pilot, calls Russia ‘friend & strategic partner’

“Ready for any initiatives to relieve the pain and severity of the damage done”

US Loses 'Dangerous Game' Delivering Arms to Syrian Rebels

AS PER USUAL: This was also the plot of that other scandal, Fast and Furious

Chilcot report: Tony Blair set to be savaged in ‘absolutely brutal’ Iraq war inquiry verdict

"We sent in inexperienced people. People were put in positions where they couldn’t succeed. We didn’t quite know what we were doing."

Huma Abedin to be deposed about Hillary emails

Patrick Kennedy, undersecretary for management at the State Department, will also be deposed by Judicial Watch lawyers on Wednesday.

Brexit Likely Won’t Spark a Financial Crisis, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew Says

Jim Rogers: Brexit Blowback "Worse Than Any Bear Market You've Ever Seen"

Iraqi Forces Claim Victory Over ISIS In Fallujah

100%, YES: "Daesh worked to brainwash people and we need serious programs by the international community to help people get rid of Daesh's deviant ideologies and restore their normal life."

White House refuses Benghazi questions for Obama

Committee members have been trying to answer several unresolved questions before releasing their final report in the coming weeks.

TEH VIDEO: “Any efforts by White House and Department of Defense official during [the attack] to reach out to YouTube and Terry Jones regarding an anti-Muslim video?”

Disgraced ex-UN official’s death ‘conveniently timed’

Jimmy Carter: World at “turning point,” must commit to peace

“What is needed now, more than ever, is leadership that steers us away from fear and fosters greater confidence in the inherent goodness and ingenuity of humanity”

Clinton camp admits hiding cryptic email sent to Huma Abedin

YES: "She has also insisted that she handed over all work-related emails. But she often qualifies the statement by saying that she provided those that were in her possession. That leaves open the possibility that she was unable to turn over some work-related emails that she sent and received because they had been deleted."

FAILED: "During testimony in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi in October, Clinton was asked about 15 emails she exchanged with her longtime friend Sidney Blumenthal that she also failed to give the State Department."

Despite 4 years trapped in embassy, Assange says WikiLeaks has “very big year” ahead

“If Hillary Clinton gets into office, it means endless war. We are in fact already, under Obama, in endless war, but I think it will significantly ramp up under Hillary Clinton. With a Democratic president in office, there is no strong Democratic opposition” to these policies."

Top IT official: Disabling security for Clinton server laid out 'welcome mat' for hackers

Clinton Foundation Is Getting Subpoenaed

...Hillary Clinton who, right before she was set to testify about Benghazi in 2012, “fell” and suffered a concussion that took her 6 months to recover from.

Who Are The Biggest Losers From Brexit?

British stock market is the best performing European stock market today.

"Worse Than Lehman" - European Bank Bloodbath Sparks Dollar Funding Crisis

Newt Gingrich on Brexit: ‘Hillary Clinton must be pretty darned worried’

Clinton staff removed donor meetings from State Dept. schedules

AG Lynch Displays Deceptive Behavior In Response to Questions About Orlando Shooter

Clinton failed to hand over key email to State Department

Watchdog Accuses State Department of Slow-Rolling Release of Chelsea Clinton Emails

"38 years to produce emails is unacceptable"

CNN’s Clinton Cash ‘Fact-Check’ Ends in Embarrassment for Cristina Alesci and Laurie Frankel

Israeli Intel Chief: We Don’t Want ISIS Defeated in Syria

State Records Show Hillary Had "Zero Interest In Disclosing Emails To Public" As Law Requires

Emails: State Dept. scrambled on trouble on Clinton's server

It makes no sense that U.S. can weaken ISIS by attacking the main opponent of ISIS (i.e., Assad).

Energy stocks trade 20 standard deviations rich to history

Fattah convicted on corruption charges

Angry Assange starts 5th year cooped in London embassy

'Brexit' vote tops Yellen as week's main event

New declassified documents reveal how CIA abused, tortured prisoners

14 foreign security guards killed, 8 wounded in Kabul suicide bomb attack

Syria - Russian Surprise Attack Blows Up Kerry's Delaying Tactic

The message to the Obama administration is clear. "No more delays and obfuscations."

Cartel rivalry sparks violence in Sinaloa

The crime research organization InSight Crime suggested yesterday that the Sinaloa Cartel is unraveling

Republicans Consider ‘Conscientious Objector’ Rule for Convention Delegates

“All I’ve heard is I’ve got more votes than anybody in the history,” Trump said. “So I think it’s a little hard for somebody to do that. More votes than anybody in history. They had their chance. I do know they represented other people who were defeated. And they had their chance. They could have won but they didn’t.”

Hillary Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel

Orlando Killer's Father "Knew Obama"? Schmoozed In Washington, Sought Afghan Presidency

Clearly, there is something very weird up with this mass shooting story... it doesn’t make sense, and the figures involved appear very tied to intelligence networks and security activities.

State Department officials call for U.S. military action against Assad regime

The Untold Story Behind The "Mutiny At The State Department" Where Dozens Demand War With Syria

In other words, over 50 top "diplomats" are urging to eliminate Assad in order to "defeat ISIS", the same ISIS which top US "diplomats" had unleashed previously in order to eliminate Assad.

As the Pentagon itself admitted, the "Daesh" was carefully bred by the US government precisely for this reason: to overthrow Assad.

Hillary Clinton & GOOGLE Created Covert Server to Cloak Benghazi-era Emails from Lawmakers, FBI: Part 1

Clinton’s former and privately-paid information technology guru Bryan Pagliano worked with Google programmers to convert Clintonemail.com’s server.

Helping the Secretary of State divert email, however, likely propels Google into the realm of the FBI’s criminal investigation

Hillary Clinton Used Public Gmail for Classified Benghazi Emails: Part 2

Gowdy, R-S.C., chairman of the special House committee investigating the Benghazi attacks, has complained about mysterious gaps in Clinton’s emails.

Google Found Disastrous Symantec and Norton Vulnerabilities That Are 'As Bad As It Gets'

9/11 ATTACKS: “An attacker could potentially run arbitrary code by sending a specially crafted file to a user”

Puerto Rico Says It Will Default Even With Congressional Aid

Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla made it clear that the commonwealth won’t pay bondholders

The Real 'Fear' Index Just Went To '11'

The Biggest Short Squeeze In 5 Years

Russian FSB guard attacked U.S. diplomat outside Moscow embassy

Spain: Scotland doesn't have the competence to negotiate

California among 8 states to vote on legal weed in November


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn loses confidence vote in UK

"Death To All Zombies!"

When things fall apart in stressed complex systems, they tend to fall apart fast. It’s called phase change.

A zombie is a terrible thing to behold, but a zombie holding a bag of dog-shit is like unto the end of the world.

The Last Time Bonds Were Here, The Recession Started

"There can't be a recession... the yield curve is not inverted"

China cuts yuan fix in biggest move since devaluation

Yuan is collapsing... the ripples are starting to be felt everywhere...

Democrats’ Benghazi Report Mentions Donald Trump 23 Times For Some Reason

Texas illegally curbs abortion clinics, Supreme Court rules

Georgia Tech purchases buildings, land from Lockheed Martin

The Amount Of Stuff Being Bought, Sold And Shipped Around The U.S. Hits The Lowest Level In 6 Years

Political novice wins Iceland presidency with 39 percent

Post-Brexit global equity loss of over $2 trillion worst ever

Friday's decline as a percentage of total market capitalization was 4.7 percent. That was outstripped on seven occasions during the financial crisis.

750 GEV: Rumor Mongering

If there’s no such news by mid-July I think it will be clear we’re headed down the boring fork in the road.

BREXIT: Interesting times

Mayor of town where Trayvon Martin died carjacked outside home

Arizona authorities say 3 missing women met same man online

‘The sun goes blank again during the weakest solar cycle in more than a century’

EU chiefs say Britain must leave 'as soon as possible'

China cuts official contact with Taiwan over new president

Former wrestler Hulk Hogan to serve on Gawker creditor committee

ENDORSES TRUMP: Former Treasury Secretary Paulson will vote for Clinton

UNDERGROUND BASE??? Full-Scale Emergency Drill To Take Place At LaGuardia Airport Saturday

At least 14 killed in Somalia hotel attack; police say ended

‘Captivity is degrading’: Why a major city is shutting down its zoo

Fed Credibility Collapses - Rate-Cut Now More Likely For Next Year

Elections Won't Unify Spain's Government

The country is going through deep changes as new forces question an outdated party system

MAYBE, MAYBE NOT: "Failure to form a coalition would hurt Spain's incipient economic recovery and create more problems in the future."

Woman Who Spanked Her Children With Belt After She Caught Them Stealing Gets Arrested And Sets Off Firestorm Of Debate

Viacom CEO asks court to order medical exam of Sumner Redstone

20 dead in West Virginia flooding, hundreds still stranded in mall

Segregated Witness Merged Into Bitcoin Core Release

The Higgs-shaped elephant in the room

Sterling, stocks in free fall as UK on brink of Brexit

Star Trek TV series to be more graphic, Bryan Fuller hints

762: 762 hours of Star Trek

GOPers Far More Critical of Party Leaders Than Democrats Are

Among those who think most Republican leaders don't want Trump to win the White House, 77% say those leaders are out of touch with their voter base.

"Black Swan" Bets Explode As Brexit Looms

Narcotics Cop Who Ruined Countless Lives for Weed Possession, Busted with $2 Million in Marijuana

SPLC lawsuit: Louisiana judge operating modern-day debtors’ prison

WikiLeaks unleashes new 88GB 'insurance file' onto the web – but what's inside them?

Six out of seven female recruits — and 40 out of about 1,500 male recruits — failed to pass the new regimen of pull-ups, ammunition-can lifts, a 3-mile run

Atlanta voters to decide on sales tax hike for MARTA projects

Eurozone releases €7.5bn in bailout funds for Greece

“This sum is unlikely to make any material difference to the real economy, as the debt obligations of the Greek government amount to approximately €7.2bn between now and the end of the year”

After delay, Clinton IT aide to testify in email case

French woman who left baby to drown blames 'witchcraft'

Police launch ‘secret’ probe into new case involving PM Netanyahu

There’s Nothing Average About This Year’s Dead Zone Forecast

Media Distorting Facts to Serve World Elites at Levels Never Seen Before

3 indicted for role in ex-Waffle House CEO sex tape case

Reddit Will Adjust Algorithm To Censor Trump Supporters Following Orlando Shootings

At one point, 18 of the 25 highest-rated posts on /r/all were from /r/The_Donald.

One Reddit administrator is reportedly "extremely emotional" and "downright unstable" due the dominance of Trump supporters on Reddit.

CisWhiteMaelstrom condemned the admins. “I think the admins have a lot to be ashamed of”

VOAT: New hotness

British support for remaining in the European Union has weakened in the wake of the murder of the pro-EU politician Jo Cox

Brazil's Rio state declares financial disaster before Games


Armitage to back Clinton over Trump

“He doesn't appear to be a Republican, he doesn't appear to want to learn about issues. So, I’m going to vote for Mrs. Clinton.”

QUESTIONS: Does Hillary appear to be a Republican? Is Richard conflating not wanting to learn with waiting for a persuasive argument in favor of learning something?

Sumner Redstone Fires Most of Viacom Board

59 percent of links shared on social media have never actually been clicked

People form an opinion based on a summary, or a summary of summaries, without making the effort to go deeper.”

CDC: 3 babies with Zika-linked birth defects born in US