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Next Steps For Greece

Puerto Rico poses bigger threat to U.S. investors than Greece

15 Weeks: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

Europe's Populists Rally To Greece's Side

Major powers, Iran extend interim deal to July 7 for more talks

Greek PM urges 'No' to aid deal, says Athens won't leave the euro

Here Comes "Prexit": Puerto Rico In "Death Spiral", Debts Are "Not Payable", Governor Refuses To "Kick The Can"

Greek banks will not open Monday

ECB not raising funding limit

Tsipras Calls For Referendum

Breakthrough in Pinto, Lahav 433 Corruption Case

Suspect in Yisrael Beiteinu corruption case tied to top cops

US says Iran nuclear deal deadline may 'slip'

What If There's No Deal on Rescuing Greece by June 30 Deadline?

Putin Unexpectedly Calls Obama

15 emails missing from Clinton cache

"This confirms doubts about the completeness of Clinton's self-selected public record and raises serious questions about her decision to erase her personal server -- especially before it could be analyzed by an independent, neutral third-party arbiter."

Palestine prepares to submit file that could see Israeli officials indicted

"In the long term it is necessary because those who commit war crimes should be brought to justice. In the short term it is about ending Israeli impunity."

Senate ready to hand Obama big victory on negotiating trade

Unhappy House Democrats essentially conceded defeat.

South Korea says it will send aid to North Korea during its worst drought in a century under one condition -- just ask for it

IMF Spoils The Party Again: Throws Up On Latest Greek Proposal

Why The IMF Will Reject The Latest Greek Proposal In Just Two Numbers

"IMF has said Greece's economy is already too heavily taxed and that too many additional tax increases would hurt economic growth, making it harder to pay down Greece's debt."

One can ask: why didn't any of the previous government impose higher taxes in the past 5 years?

LOL: The answer is they did, and nobody paid them.

Greece Soars 16% In 2 Days (Just Like It Did Before Collapsing In December, February, & May)

Rwandan spy chief Karenzi Karake arrested in London

Leave No One Behind

Baron Rothschild indicted in France over fraud case

Fearing family dog, cop accidentally shoots 4-year-old

2nd-degree murder charges sought in Boyd shooting

How I Screwed With The Biggest News Outlet in The World

WMD, COUGH, IRAQ: New York Times, major news outlet that evidently hires inept and oblivious reporters whom post statements without checking the validity of them AT ALL.

Anti-intellectualism Is Killing America

SCALE: It speaks to the magnitude of the problem that the author's first three examples of anti-intellectualism are doubt of global warming, evolution, and the big bang, since none of those theories have a strong enough basis in fact that any true intellectual would relinquish his due skepticism.

Iceland Jailed Bankers and Rejected Austerity -- and It's Been a Success

"It is dangerous that someone is too big to investigate --it gives a sense there is a safe haven."

The data speaks for itself.

Feeling "Threatened," Cleveland Police Officer Shoots and Kills Family Dog While it was Leashed in Backyard

Jimmy Lee, Key Banker for Media Deals, Dies Suddenly at 62

Car dealer fires former gang member after Syracuse.com story about his success

Samsung Galaxy phone hack: SwiftKey vulnerability lets hackers easily take control of devices

A vulnerability in software on the phones lets hackers look through the phones' camera, listen to the microphone...

Snatched on their way to school then castrated or decapitated: Horrifying rise in child human sacrifice in Uganda at the hands of witch doctors

Senate votes to ban rectal feeding and other forms of torture

78 TO 21: Senators voting no were Barrasso, Blunt, Coats, Cochran, Cotton, Cornyn, Crapo, Ernst, Fischer, Graham, Hatch, Inhofe, Lankford, Lee, McConnell, Risch, Roberts, Sasse, Scott, Sessions, Vitter. Rubio missed the vote.

What happens when an entire country becomes infested with demons?

RBS Notifies British Regulators Over Consumer Payments Failure

Israel accused of 'war crime' over bulldozing of Palestinian olive groves

BULLDOZING OLIVE TREES: The act of an unbelievable asshole. "Jewish state" my fucking ass.

JUSTICE FOR THE FORGOTTEN: London told it must face up to fact of collusion in North

TRICKLE UP: Pay low-income families more to boost economic growth

The study said there was growing evidence to suggest that rising influence of the rich and stagnant incomes of the poor and middle classes caused financial crises, hurting both short- and long-term growth.

Perhaps the world's conspiracy theorists have been right all along

ACCOUNTABILITY: Apportioning responsibility would be difficult, painful and inconvenient, so we shrug as the men [and women] behind all this enjoy their well-upholstered retirements despite being directly and personally responsible for [at least] hundreds of thousands of deaths and trillions of wasted dollars.

CIA torture appears to have broken spy agency rule on human experimentation

INTERPRETATION: Sounds like the doctors were brought into these situations to screen them for recruiting into the most awful "experimentation" that took place in "the salt pit"

UK Said To Withdraw Spies After Russia, China Hack Snowden Encryption, Sunday Times Reports

Iran's Rouhani aims to limit nuclear inspections, warns of talks delay

Russia says 'very worrying' slowdown in Iran nuclear talks

Hack compromised security-clearance database

"This is potentially devastating from a counterintelligence point of view"

"That's the open question -- whether it's going to hit CIA folks. It would be a huge deal. They could start unmasking identities."

In Win For The FCC, Federal Judge Refuses To Block Net Neutrality Rules

Only in the U.S. are chimps used in medical research. This could finally end that

Video of Santa Ana Police Pot-Shop Raid Shows Officers Eating 'Edibles,' Attorney Says

Hackers have personnel data on every federal employee

The plight of the Rohingya

Journalist set on fire in India after Facebook post making allegations against local politician

Hillary Tried to Overcompensate for Gender with Shocking Militarism

ISIS just executed its top official in Mosul for planning a coup

Double trouble? IRS lawyer now heads Clinton email production

Academic publishers reap huge profits as libraries go broke

5 companies publish more than 50 per cent of research papers, study finds

It continues to exist because researchers' funding and career advancement are tied to the number of papers they publish in top journals.

230,000 DEAD: WikiLeaks reveals KSA, Turkey, Qatar secret anti-Syria plot

Biggest one-day loss since 2011 for European stocks

Bill Gates to invest $2bn in breakthrough renewable energy projects

A new look for magnetic-mirror plasma confinement

Key to the group's achievement: a new technique to mitigate the plasma's so-called flute instability.

Vatican signs treaty with State of Palestine

-19%: China stock swoon could signal end of bull run

Trial Starts Tuesday for Diego Gomez, Colombian Student Facing Prison Time for Sharing a Paper Online

Poll Shows 47% of Americans Would Vote for a Socialist

Part of the reason for this dissonance is confusion among the America population as to what the word "socialism" even means. Many often associate it with the authoritarian Communism of the Soviet Union instead of the social democracies of modern-day Scandinavian countries

VIDEO: New High School Grads Fail Basic History Quiz

FAA Approves One Brickell City Centre, Will Become One Of The Tallest In The U.S.

Protesting Greeks want government to stand its ground

How Google Gave Itself Permission to Listen in on Your Computer's Microphone

Alabama governor orders Confederate flags removed from state Capitol grounds

US Manufacturing PMI Slumps To Weakest Since Oct 2013

Mississippi House Speaker: Time to Remove Confederate Symbol from State Flag

A Georgia special education teacher who was accused of holding an autistic boy upside-down and lowering him head-first into a trash can while comparing him to Oscar the Grouch says she was trying to calm the boy

Research suggests that one giant container ship can emit almost the same amount of cancer and asthma-causing chemicals as 50 million cars, while the top 15 largest container ships together may be emitting as much pollution as all 762 million cars on earth.

Marijuana Research Just Got a Green Light From the Obama White House

Bank of America Plaza owners shift strategy, plan to create tech hub

U.S. data hack may be 4 times larger than the government originally said

'Pyramid' spotted on Ceres: Mysterious lone mountain discovered towering over the surface of the dwarf planet

Pope says weapons manufacturers can't call themselves Christian

Atlanta boy missing for 4 yrs found alive behind fake wall at father's house

As US Soars, Chinese Stocks Crash 13% - Worst Week Since Lehman

Fulton Co. sheriff's captain arrested in prostitution sting

Anti-austerity protest: Government expecting biggest demo for years as thousands prepare to hit London's streets

Inceptionism: Going Deeper into Neural Networks

WikiLeaks reveals Saudi intrigue and unpaid limo bills

Could this extreme magnetic shield reveal new physics?

Delaware is 18th state to allow possession of recreational marijuana

'Accused is guilty': Campus rape tribunals punish without proof, critics say

"The First Amendment is now being replaced by a woman's right not to be made uncomfortable"

More College Rape Hype -- This Time from the Washington Post

The Post misleads its readers by counting as "sexual assaults" numbers that are deliberately inflated to greatly exceed the legal definitions of "sexual assault" and to sweep in virtually all regretted sexual or even semi-sexual experiences

The Post tells readers that "in recent years the number of reports of forcible sexual offenses on campus has surged." But in fact the number of campus sexual assaults per capita plunged by half between 1997 and 2013.

Male Teen Has Consensual Sex with Female Teen. He Gets 25 Years as Sex Offender, Banned from Internet.

Girl admits he did nothing wrong, has asked prosecutor to drop the case.

STATUTORY CRIMES: They aren't actual crimes so prosecuting them is antithetical to freedom

Dark Matter Deniers: Exploring a blasphemous alternative to one of modern physics' most vexing enigmas.

"Why are all the dark matter searches coming up empty-handed? It's possible it ain't there."

MOND: This alternative theory merely tweaks Isaac Newton's laws of gravity to strengthen the gravitational pull as needed.

MCM: This alternative theory supposes the gravity law is already correct but the hyperdimensional structure of galaxies is simply not apparent to observers in spacetime. The observed anomalous galactic rotations result from gravitating hyperstructure, not invisible, unobserved magic particles.

TWC is About to be Sued for Violating Net Neutrality Rules and Holding Traffic for Ransom

AT&T just got hit with a $100 million fine after slowing down its 'unlimited' data

OPERA detects its fifth tau neutrino

NOTE: Standard model is (still) wrong at 5-sigma

America's Most Advanced Climate Station Data Shows US In A 10-Year Cooling Trend

Einstein saves the quantum cat

After Cutting Taxes On The Rich, Kansas Will Raise Taxes On The Poor To Pay For It

Feds Can't Verify $2.8 Billion in Obamacare Subsidies

The government does "not plan to perform a timely reconciliation" of the $2.8 billion in subsidies.

Some of Clinton's Libya emails said to be withheld from Benghazi Committee

Eran Malka, of the Lahav 433 anti-corruption investigation unit, was convicted by the Jerusalem District Court for his role in the ongoing "convoluted corruption case."

Greece and creditors fail in 'last attempt' to reach deal

Half of all basic life science research is seriously flawed.

SOLUTION: All aspiring scientists should be trained as physicists before picking up applications of physics such as chemistry and biology

A Texas prosecutor who withheld evidence to win a murder conviction just lost his law license

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao just lost her gender discrimination lawsuit.

Case builds against former NY hedgie Buddy Fletcher

Redditors Call CEO Ellen Pao A Nazi, Ask Her To Resign For Deleting Abusive Threads

Maya exhibit examines mysteries

IMF, EU pour cold water on Greek debt deal hopes

Study: Juvenile incarceration yields less schooling, more crime