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Occupy National Gathering - Summary

Tempus Edax Rerum? What is the Eagle's Gift?

WOW: Appeal To International Community In Defending Fourth Reich

Fuck the police

Fresh pic from today in NYC. This guy was guilty of the heinous crime of photographing an arrest by NYPD. @OccupyMarines


@TheRealHiggsMechanism --> @OccupyAtlanta


Obama, Putin talk

Iceberg breaks off from Greenland's Petermann Glacier

GM mosquitoes: Risky experiment or life saver?

West Nile virus confirmed in area

Study: Girls As Young As 6 Are Thinking Of Selves As Sex Objects

HSBC 'allowed drug cartels to launder money'

IMF Says Japan And Spain Are Done, "Debt Ratio Will Never Stabilize"

Bernanke to testify again after warning on economy

France's proposed tax hikes spark 'exodus' of wealthy

"fuck 'em..."

Pentagon sending aircraft carrier to Mideast early

US government claims it has proof of Bradley Manning aiding the enemy

Greenpeace activists shut down 74 UK Shell petrol stations

Geneticists evolve fruit flies with the ability to count

Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (Initiative 9) Makes the Oregon Ballot

Free access to British scientific research within two years

Phantom phone vibrations

Hi reddit. My local Congresswoman is a co-sponsor of CISPA and was going to run unopposed in the upcoming primary elections and so I decided to run against her. I got certified to be on the ballot last week.

Iceland Has Hired An Ex-Cop To Hunt Down The Bankers That Wrecked Its Economy

Paraguay 'coup': Outside job?

Republicans' Discontent With High Court Drives Down Its Poll Numbers

Inside the Beltway: Choosing the dream

New York Fed Was Aware of False Reporting on Rates


Is Illegal Immigration Destroying The Southwest United States? 19 Immigration Facts That Very Few People Are Talking About

Strange Vortex Discovered on Saturn Moon Titan

Univision Topped English-Language Nets Last Week In Key Demos

New chemical makes teeth 'cavity proof' - and could do away with dentist visits forever

Mitt Romney used to impersonate police officers for fun

3 conceptual drawings for Gulch redevelopment

Russian Defense Ministry Orders Warships and Marines to #Syria Shits getting real! #WW3 @EngageDaMedia

'Spain is rising up!' Raging miners invade Madrid

Spanish miners, police clash

Reagan's Top Economist Says GOP Misled the U.S. and Tanked the Economy

Russia sends warships to Syria



Porsche pays up to $38.9 million for headquarters site in sunny, beautiful Atlanta, Georgia

Possible sites for new multimodal station to be unveiled on July 11

Midtown Awaits New Grocery Store

Ashford-Dunwoody Bridge Closed While Crews Build "Diverging Diamond"

Solar flares keep on getting stronger

We know you've read a lot, but one more Higgs article. It's different.

Higgs Boson May Be An Imposter, Say Particle Physicists

Chilean Scientists Discover Solution to Cavities

U.S. Army Course Authorizes Use of Deadly Force, Internment Camps During U.S. Civil Disturbance

U.S. Army builds artificial mysterious island in Atlantic Ocean

Entanglement study makes a quantum leap

List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States

Occupy Atlanta to the Rescue as Single Mom Falls Prey to Fake Landlord

The Higgs boson has discussed its rollercoaster ride to fame and revealed exciting reality TV plans.

Tiny Georgia telco files first network neutrality complain

NASA releases the most spectacular picture of Mars

Heat Wave Peaks Today - 7/7 - in New York, Philly, DC

The Constitution is NOT an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.

"Anonymous" Hacks Anti-Piracy Takedown Tool

'Internet doomsday' malware explained in helpful video

Glenn Greenwald: How America's Surveillance State Breeds Conformity and Fear

28% of teenagers text fully-nude pictures of themselves. "Under most existing laws several million teens could be prosecuted for child pornography."

John Huntsman: "I will not be attending this year's convention, nor any Republican convention in the future, until the party focuses on...a future based on problem solving, inclusiveness, and a willingness to address the trust deficit"

Kim Dotcom declares: 'MEGA will return'

LIBOR Banking Scandal Deepens

Bob Diamond: banks across the world were fixing interest rates in run-up to the financial crisis

Joan Walsh on GOP: 'White Older Base That Doesn't Quite Understand the Way Healthcare Works'

Why the Higgs particle hunt was always going to be a waiting game

In physics, Kaluza-Klein theory (KK theory) is a model that seeks to unify the two fundamental forces of gravitation and electromagnetism.

US Climate Change Procedure Based on UN Geoengineering Governance and Technology Policy

CERN Says New Particle Is Probably Higgs Boson

ACTA Suffers Final, Humiliating Defeat In European Parliament

What Happened Before the Big Bang? The New Philosophy of Cosmology

Physicists find new particle, but is it the Higgs?

Cern Higgs boson announcement: we have observed a new particle

CERN Webcast

Jimmy Carter Calls for Moral Leadership, an End to Drone Attacks and the Closure of Guantanamo

Time for Regime Change in the USA

A Former Wall Street Trader May Have Swallowed A Deadly Pill In Court Before Dying Minutes Later

Higgs Boson

Kim Dotcom judge quits after calling US 'the enemy'

How America Became a Country That Lets Little Kids Go Homeless

YouTube to offer face blurring when footage requires anonymity

Trash Collection Expected To Drop During San Bernardino Fiscal Crisis

Spycraft as Thespianage

One in five hacked logins match Microsoft Accounts


Arpaio: Obama birth record 'definitely fraudulent'


Police bust drug network selling Mexican meth in Oklahoma

Zuckerberg Loan Gives New Meaning To The 1%

Worst drought since 1950s in continental US

75% of Honey Sold in Stores Contains No Honey

Deal's Appointment Another Reason To Consider "No" On T-SPLOST

Anti-Depressants Killing Sex Drive, Triggering Suicide

Former Monsanto Employee Exposes Fraud

NOAA releases comprehensive 2011 State of the Climate report

The report says that 2011 was the coolest year on record since 2008

The World's Last Worm: A Dreaded Disease Nears Eradication.

Since 1986 groups such as the Carter Center have distributed cloth water filters to villagers and educated residents about how not to spread the infection.

This Season, Cold Facts Are Getting in Investors' Way

Georgia Greens Hope to Place a State Legislative Candidate on Ballot for First Time

George H.W. Bush Challenges GOP On No-Tax Pledge:

'Who The Hell Is Grover Norquist, Anyway?'

14 reasons why this is the worst Congress ever

The 'truth' deleted from internet in China

'Abuse-Resistant' Oxycontin Driving Addicts To Heroin

Afghan female rights activist killed in latest act of violence against women

Spain Deepens Austerity Under European Pressure

Sheriff Arpaio: Phoenix arsonist likely took cyanide after guilty verdict

Proposal to transform vacant Vine City lots into ambitious 16-acre park gets greenlight from Atlanta City Council committee

Obama to Miami anchor: Hugo Chavez has not posed 'serious' national security threat

Euroscience Open Forum Dublin 2012

Archaeologists Look Further Into Mt Padang

Doubts raised about certainty of Higgs-boson find

Florida Covered Up the Worst Tuberculosis Outbreak in 20 Years

Origins of the New World Order via Region States

Cops Hunt Down And Fatally Shoot Teen Who Stole Their Pizza

Scranton, Pa., slashes workers' pay to minimum wage

Japan eyes political shakeup after Ozawa forms new party

Everything They're Telling Us About Syria... Is False?

Chinese anti-chem protest goes viral and wins

Obama's "missing year" at Columbia found?

Obama gives himself control of all communication systems in America

An American banker is shocked to be held accountable in Britain

As homicides spike, Chicago mayor defends tactics

THIRD WORLD AMERICA: Class War Gets Violent In Chicago

Op-ed: MPAA/RIAA lose big as US limits copyright power

Thinking like a bee can reverse brain aging

Special K For Depression Renews Hope In Hallucinogens

'Get A Job' - Rep. Bill Young's Response To Minimum Wage Question

LIBOR: The Crime of the Century

Extradition or asylum? Assange awaits Ecuadorian decision

Cocaine and coca Not The Same Thing, says Bolivia's Morales in defiance of U.S.

Three NSA whistleblowers come forward, give evidence in EFF lawsuit against government's illegal mass surveillance program

West End Resident becomes The Green Party's Candidate for the 57th District Race in Sunny, Beautiful Atlanta, Georgia

What do "Conservatives" Really Want?

Engineered Biosystems Building (EBB)

New Falcons stadium would cost $948 million

I85-GA400 entrance ramps

Novare Looks to Build 23-Story Mixed-Use Project on 6th

Merck Scientists Expose Massive Vaccine Fraud [Fair Use, Non-Profit & Educational Upload]

Free app 'discreetly' records cops, reports to ACLU

Scientific Alliance Newsletter: Can We Really Measure The Climate?

Breaking the law: Brazilian fighter jets shatter Supreme Court building (VIDEO)

DEA Oversight Hearing

New York Times: What Do You Get From A Drug War Costing $25 Billion Annually? Cocaine 74 Percent Cheaper Than It Was 30 Years Ago

...and 50,000 dead Mexicans

The Best Google Features You're Probably Not Using

Thailand's Constitutional Tug-of-War

Iran lawmakers prepare to close Hormuz Strait

Blackout looming: Thousands to lose Internet access as FBI shuts down servers

How the New York Times Hides the Truth About Wall Street's Catastrophic Misdeeds

GlaxoSmithKline to pay $3billion fine after pleading guilty to healthcare fraud - biggest in U.S. history

Government-sponsored study destroys DEA's classification of marijuana

Medical marijuana: clearing away the smoke.

Texas GOP's 2012 Platform Opposes Teaching Of Critical Thinking Skills

A G-20 en route to balkanization

Oracle loses court fight over software resale rules

Ex-Spy Telescope May Get New Identity as a Dark Energy Investigator

The two telescopes have a 94-inch-diameter primary mirror, just like Hubble, but are shorter in focal length, giving them a wider field of view: "Stubby Hubbles"

Breathalyzer tests compulsory on all vehicles in France

Elusive Underwater Object Still A Great Puzzle Divers Say They Felt Frightened