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A year without truth: MH17 relatives, independent investigators want facts not propaganda

Ukrainian government "has failed" and is to blame for allowing the passenger plane to fly above the military zone, he said.

"There is too much secrecy regarding the investigation," former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad said

The suppression order lists 17 individuals, including "any current or former Prime Minister of Malaysia"

Physicians testified for tobacco companies against plaintiffs with cancer, Stanford study finds

"The study found they used scientifically invalid methods to support their testimony"

'Obvious fallacy'

Georgia illegally segregates disabled students, federal inquiry finds

The GNETS schools came under scrutiny in 2009 after The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on the case of Jonathan King

"The Department of Justice doesn't bring frivolous cases"

The third rescue plan for Greece has not even been finalized but already the parties at the center of the deal are raising doubts over its viability.

Rolling Stone Argues University of Virginia Vouched for Discredited Rape Story

Astronomers Just Going To Go Ahead And Say Dark Matter Nitrogen

"Fuck It, We're Done," Say Scientists

An exhausted Marshall added that dark energy was gravity

Retired General: Drones Create More Terrorists Than They Kill, Iraq War Helped Create ISIS

"Absolutely... there's no doubt, I mean... history will not be kind to the decisions that were made certainly in 2003."

"You know I hope that as more and more information comes out that people are held accountable"

Australia bans reporting of multi-nation corruption case involving Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam

The super-injunction invokes "national security" grounds to prevent reporting about the case, by anyone, in order to "prevent damage to Australia's international relations."

The gag order effectively blacks out the largest high-level corruption case in Australia and the region.

"With this order, the worst in living memory, the Australian government is not just gagging the Australian press, it is blindfolding the Australian public ... Julie Bishop must explain why she is threatening every Australian with imprisonment in an attempt to cover up an embarrassing corruption scandal involving the Australian government."

The CMS and ATLAS experiments at the LHC see something mysterious, and it's not too soon to pop the suspenders.

An extended Standard Model predicts heavy particles known as G and zeta. Several theorists suggest the bump at 2 TeV could be a type of G.

Its presence across multiple different analyses from both CMS and ATLAS is intriguing and suspicious.

Greek MPs vote to endorse contentious austerity measures

With Iran deal, Israel turns a day of celebration into a day of mourning

TRUTH: In Israel the very chance to prevent war is a disaster -- another Holocaust.

Jade Helm 15: Controversial military exercise starts Wednesday

Committee Chair: Yellen, Fed Unwilling to Comply With Investigation Surrounding FOMC Leak

OBSTRUCTION: Bad guy fed cartel invents predicate, cites predicate as reason for non-compliance

US president pledges to veto any congressional challenge to Iran accord

$2 gas will be back after Iran nuclear deal

Tsipras faces rebellion within coalition

FINLAND: "There seems to be a lot of people who have jumped the gun here and thought that the beginning of the negotiations is automatic. No, it is absolutely conditional on the decision by the Greek government and the Greek parliament."

Iranian nuclear talks falter ahead of deadline

Diplomats: Iran announcement planned Monday

KERRY: "A few tough things" remain in the way but added "we're getting to some real decisions."

Mexico officials: Top drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman escapes from prison for 2nd time.

Mysterious prison killing leaves California inmate sawed in half with organs missing

'Decision time' nears in Iran nuclear talks

FRANCE: "Everything is on the table. It's now time to decide."

Germany mulling five-year 'temporary Grexit' plan

GERMANY: Greek proposals for a third bailout "lack areas of important reforms," which is why they cannot serve as the basis for a new three-year bailout programme

First Sighting of Drachma in the Wild, Via Credit-Card Mystery

Tyson Chicken Factory Farm Caught On Hidden Camera Torturing And Neglecting Animals

Labor strike cripples London Underground

Georgia Growers Producing 'Flavorful' Peach Crop

Israel decides to open dialogue with ICC over Gaza preliminary examination

OPM Announces More Than 21 Million Affected by Second Data Breach

Of the 21.5 million records that were stolen, 19.7 million belonged to individuals who had undergone background investigation

Greece submits economic reform plan

Member of Kiev's top brass defects to anti-govt forces, predicts more like him

BRICS Holds Summit In Russia

After 85-year search, massless particle with promise for next-generation electronics found

"The physics of the Weyl fermion are so strange, there could be many things that arise from this particle that we're just not capable of imagining now"

Superheroes a 'cultural catastrophe', says comics guru Alan Moore

EPHEMERA SQUATTING POSSESSIVELY: "It is, potentially, culturally catastrophic to have the ephemera of a previous century squatting possessively on the cultural stage and refusing to allow this surely unprecedented era to develop a culture of its own, relevant and sufficient to its times."

South Korean spy agent found dead near Seoul

On Thursday, the country's Supreme Court ordered a retrial of a former NIS director for his role in overseeing an online smear campaign against a main opposition figure in the country's 2012 presidential election.

Sandra Bland's family seeks answers about her death in Texas jail

"There will be no one who is protected... The truth will come out."

Metro ATL | 2nd Highest % of Small Businesses in the Nation

NCR Tower will be 'Iconic Addition to the Midtown Skyline'

Mystery helicopter hits power lines near Sanilac County factory and flies away

Philosophy and Its Contrast with Science

METAPHILOSOPHICAL: Metaphilosophical

Naval Terror: ISIS says it hits Egyptian patrol ship near Mediterranean coast

ATTACK on Egyptian navy deadly hit VIDEO

Deutsche Bank Stunner: An Inside Look At Former CEO's Role In Liborgate

The story is a reflection of what some say is a hopelessly corrupt corporate culture

...the LIBOR no longer represented a realistic ratio.

On June 5, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the Justice Department would pursue new settlements

Both CEOs resigned on June 7.

Anshu Jain, CEO of Deutsche Bank until last month once referred to one of Wall Street's most notorious rate riggers as one of "the best guys we have got."

CELL PHONE VIDEO: Arizona officer 'illegally' enters woman's home, arrests her while she is naked

Coal No Longer US's Most Popular Electricity Source For First Time Ever

LACK OF CRATERS: First close-up pics of Pluto reveal astounding discovery

IMF May Walk Away From Greek Bailout

MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko is coming out of retirement

Mozilla blocks all versions of Adobe Flash in Firefox

"Someone Has To Be Held Accountable", House Committee Presses Fed On Leaks

"They are violating the law at the moment"

Former Reddit CEO alleges co-founder Alexis Ohanian fired Victoria Taylor, not Pao

Alexis wasn't some employee reporting to Pao, he was the Executive Chairman of the Board, i.e. Pao's boss.

MARTA to make an $8 billion pitch to change the face of Atlanta

Angry at demands, Greeks rail at German "humiliation"

"It's clear that certain countries, for reasons which are completely unrelated to reforms and the programme, don't want a deal," a Greek government official said.

Texans organize 'Operation Counter Jade Helm' to keep an eye on the federal troops

He said the volunteer force includes about 200 people, with the largest group in Arizona.

Sanders, Warren want probe into 'ridiculous' cable, Internet prices

~99% PROFIT: Rates on cable and interent in America are far (FAR!) out of line with generally accepted corporate price gouging

Startup says 32-hour work week encourages 'epiphany moment'

The change has actually improved productivity, despite the fewer hours people put in at work.

Researchers confirm: The Largest Pyramid in Mexico has been found

Pirate Bay Founders Acquitted in Criminal Copyright Case

Gun Sales Reached Record Highs Last Month

Pao Out as Reddit CEO; Co-Founder Huffman Takes Over

600 Christian churches call for an end to the War on Drugs

Book production quality declines with increasing switch to groundwood paper

3.3%: IMF lowers global growth forecasts, cites U.S. weakness