09-07-14 arXiv

Europe Goes "All In": Will Sanction Rosneft, Gazprom Neft And Transneft

This is what is known in game theory terms as a major defection round.

GIGANTIC: The Ggantija temples are older than the pyramids of Egypt.

Secret Messages sent over Time and Space

NOT SHOCKING: New poll says Scots set to vote yes to independence

Top CIA officer in Benghazi delayed response to terrorist attack, US security team members claim

Obama Admin Refusing to Tell Congress Where Illegal Children Went

Judge orders ethics chief, AG's office to pay $20K in sanctions

Glanville was particularly tough on LaBerge, writing that she "has repeatedly proven herself to be dishonest and non-transparent."

Russian General Calls for Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against NATO

The evil next door

I've been shocked to learn that the metro Atlanta area is a hub for sex trafficking and the exploitation of children

Respect: Sharks are Older than Trees

Why science needs imagination and beauty

Brain-Eating Amoeba Found in Louisiana Water Supply

This Genius Project Would Create Tiny Homes For People Making Less Than $15,000 A Year

Market Basket: The Return of Boomer Activism

If You Want to See Inequality in the U.S. at Its Worst, Visit an Impound Lot

Mystery Solved: "Sailing Stones" of Death Valley Seen in Action for the First Time

5 Mysterious Ruins That Predate Known Civilization?

What Jesus knew about income inequality

"The American marriage between market capitalism and American evangelical piety makes Jesus impossible."

Millionaire uses fortune to help kids in struggling town

Holographic universe experiment begins

NEXIDIA: How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google

The search tool was designed to be the largest system for internally sharing secret surveillance records in the United States, capable of handling two to five billion new records every day, including more than 30 different kinds of metadata

TRUTH: A histogram of all the words that appear in a communication along with how many times each word was used is just metadata too

French government dissolves over economic policy

Montebourg unsettled his government bosses over the weekend by proclaiming that a "major change in our economic policy" was needed

In States With Medical Marijuana, Painkiller Deaths Drop by 25%

METH: What would legal cocaine do the meth problem?

Cornel West Blasts Obama As A "Brown-Faced Clinton", A "Post-Traumatic Depression" Will Follow

No Jobs But Crappy Jobs: The Next Big Political Issue?

BofA Grabs $12 Billion Tax Write-Off From $17 Billion Mortgage Settlement

VAGINA NATION: Hook-Up Culture at Harvard, Stanford Wanes Amid Assault Alarm

FAIR AND BALANCED: Isn't true that alcohol's allure for women is largely that it removes the stigma against feminine sexual expression? And isn't it true that since it isn't PC to acknowledge that, women are always extended the option of later of claiming they didn't get drunk specifically to instigate a sexual situation? And isn't it true that women often make a spectacle of chugging alcohol and pretending to be wasted, or simply more drunk than they really are purely hoping that some man will try to "take advantage of" them?

YES: The answer to those questions is obviously yes, don't fuck around.

Fed: Median incomes drop for all but wealthiest

September Snow in Seven States over Seven Days

TV is increasingly for old people

Facebook Causes Depression New Study Says

GOOD GUYS: Message targets middle class worried about U.S. direction, security, freedom

Man Stands Up For Constitution As Police Demand to Enter Home Without Warrant

Fast-food protests: Dozens of workers arrested in strike for higher pay

"There is no denying a simple truth. America deserves a raise."

What happens when your friends start leaving Facebook?

FBI: Atlanta a hub for human trafficking

"In the U.S. last year, there were 100,000 girls sold into sexual slavery. Atlanta is the No. 1 trading point for imported girl slaves from other countries because we have the busiest airport on earth."

Activists: Unqualified company tasked with restoration of Egypt's oldest pyramid

Feds designate areas of southern Arizona critical habitat for jaguars

Neurons in human skin perform advanced calculations

2015 Breakthrough Prizes in Mathematics

Time Travel Simulation Resolves Grandfather Paradox

A computer in a Deutschian CTC could solve why haystacks exist in the first place.

Raju, the elephant who "cried" when he was rescued by animal rights campaigners, may be returned to the owners who abused him

A senior UN official says battlefield robots that can kill without human control are a 'small step' away and should be banned

Polygamy effectively decriminalized in Utah

Quark Quartet Fuels Quantum Feud

Tetraquarks, which the renowned theorists Edward Witten and Sidney Coleman mistakenly argued in the 1970s were inconsistent with a simplified analogue of QCD, have turned out to be the first manifestations of the theory that aren't also captured by the quark model.

Over confident people can fool others into believing they are more talented than they actually are

These findings suggest that people don't always reward the most accomplished individual but rather the most self-deceived.

Novel immune-suppressant vaccine completely blocks HIV infection in monkeys: human trials planned

Measurement at Big Bang conditions confirms lithium problem

Confirmed: Some raindrops fall faster than they should

Silva surges in Brazil election race, threatens Rousseff

VOTE FOR SILVA: Silva is seen as an anti-establishment figure who could restore ethical principles to Brazilian politics

Australian Bureau of Meteorology accused of Criminally Adjusted Global Warming

LOL: Though the Bureau of Meteorology has insisted its data adjustments are "robust," it has been unable to come up with a credible explanation as to why it translated real-world data showing a cooling trend into homogenized data showing a warming trend.

Major fall offensive against Nazionists begins despite continuing cabal threats of mass murder

Nuclear fusion reactor at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab will be operational again after $94M upgrade

How Burger King's Brilliant Brazilian Billionaire Turned $1.2B Into $22B


Major Free Speech Victory In Occupy Mass Arrest

Pleading suspect dies in police custody: 'You can breathe just fine'

Witness Offered $3.50/Hr to Testify Against Pirate Bay Founder

UN: Heinous Crime of Human Trafficking Must Stop

AYE: Yes Scotland campaign racks up one million votes

Models challenge temperature reconstruction of last 12,000 years

That puts the peak of the Holocene reconstruction about 1 degree Celsius higher than the temperatures in the models reach.

Quantum Gravity Expert Says "Philosophical Superficiality" Has Harmed Physics

Slaughterhouse Indicted For Knowingly Selling Cancerous Beef

"If somebody's willing to change out cow heads and remove condemned stamps over a long period of time, you have to almost ask yourself, 'What else are they doing?'"

It's Not a Skills Gap: U.S. Workers Are Overqualified, Undertrained