09-15-13 arXiv

Monsanto Protection Act quietly extended by Congress

Net neutrality debate may decide future of Netflix

Scientists Finally Conclude Nonhuman Animals Are Conscious Beings

Secret terrorism court orders declassification of its own rulings

Sex Party hot on ALP's heels for Senate spot

Occupy Wall Street Legacy: "The rich have recovered, but the rest still struggle. This cannot long stand."

The US: world's policeman or schoolyard bully?

Ever since 9/11, it seems America's just been itching for a fight – and any Muslim country will do. Really, who acts like this?

How The People Pushed Back On Syria... And Won (For Now)

Pat Robertson Loses Fight to Keep 'Gay AIDS Ring' Video Off The Internet

Physicists Net Fractal Butterfly

Momentum against Larry Summers builds in the Senate

Advocates call for an end to the criminalization of students in New York and around the country

Pope Francis reaches out to atheists and agnostics

Physics, a culture of criminality

Black Holes Feed On Quantum Foam, Says Cosmologist

Montana Lt. Gov. "Accidentally" Liked Picture Of Breasts On Facebook -- Then Quickly Scrubbed His Account

"The last thing America needs right now is another man who likes titties liking titties all over the place."

How the feds asked Microsoft to backdoor BitLocker, their full-disk encryption tool

NSA 'routinely' shares Americans' data with Israel - Snowden leak

NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel

Prisoners Help Build Patriot Missiles

America, we must stop ObamaCare before it becomes hazardous to our health

Intel's Wi-Fi adapters connectivity issues continue

To make matters worse, users who complain about the fault are now seeing their Intel forum accounts removed.

105 Years in Jail for Posting a Link?

"This is almost a textbook case of prosecutorial overreach. As Carr points out, the guy who actually stole the Stratfor information is facing a sentence of only ten years. So why is Brown facing 105 years?"

Shocking CNN poll shows Obama uniting Americans

Almost Half of U.S. Births Covered by Medicaid

How to Win the War on Terror: Repeal the Patriot Act

But if the main assailant on our constitutional rights today is the government itself, then that makes anyone in Congress who still supports the Patriot Act a terrorist attacking our freedom.

Legislation Seeks to Bar N.S.A. Tactic in Encryption

Snowden Disclosures Finally Hit 12 on a Scale of 1 to 10

Liberals reject Obama's case for Syria strikes; believe Obama and Kerry are lying

"That's like totally weird because the Dem controlled Senate wants war with Russia but the GOP House like totally doesn't."

"PCCC says more than 57,000 of its activists weighed in, and 73 percent of them opposed the U.S. taking action in Syria. Just 18 percent supported strikes, and just 14 percent said the U.S. should go ahead unilaterally if it can't find any allies."

Makes you say stuff like what the fuck and junk when all the national polls have these numbers but the Drudge poll was over 90% against.

Matt Drudge sounds off on Republicans over Syria, NSA

Video released of Georgia guards beating prisoners with hammer

HIV Vaccine: Western University Researchers Report Success In Trials

Are we there yet to arrest 1% US War Criminals before they war-murder again in Syria?

Quantum steps towards the Big Bang

"Under SPECIAL ASSUMPTIONS, space is created from these building blocks, and evolves like an expanding universe”

After classified briefing, lawmakers skeptical on Syria attack

Anabel Hernandez on Mexico's Lost Drug War and Her New Book Narcoland

Citing Obamacare, 40,000 Longshoremen Quit the AFL-CIO

LSD (Acid) was legal for decades, was given to undergraduate psychiatry students as part of their education, and it has the highest success rate in recorded history for treating alcoholism.

AT&T turns drug informant, handing feds 26 years of phone records

Cornel West: MLK 50 Was 'Coronation of Bonafide House Negro of Obama Plantation... Al Sharpton'

UK Asked New York Times To Destroy Edward Snowden Documents; NY Times Ignored Request

Marijuana Ruling Could Signal End of Prohibition on Pot

Swiss banks to divulge names of wealthy US tax avoiders, pay billions in fines

Microsoft and Google to sue government over transparency

Ernest Rutherford, master of simplicity

Women sell positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist for $25 each... and there is no shortage of motivated buyers

Money May Be Motivating Doctors To Do More C-Sections

NSA proponents say that despite the end of the Cold War, the NSA is still necessary to "keep us safe."

Really? Safe from what? Safe from the dangers that the two other major components of the national-security state -- the military and the CIA -- produce through their policies and programs overseas! At the risk of belaboring the obvious, that's quite a racket.

Officer Is Indicted on Charges of Lying About Photographer's Arrest

Mayor Bloomberg Loves Security Cameras Everywhere... Until His Police Are Ordered To Wear Them

Painkiller addictions worst drug epidemic in US history

In the United States, enough painkillers were prescribed in 2010 to medicate every American adult around the clock for one month.

RT.com partially banned by Reddit

Syria crisis: Cameron loses Commons vote on Syria action

Stephen Harper: Canada has no plans to join Syria military mission

Obama administration will not block state marijuana laws, if distribution is regulated

Jobs for highly paid DHHS staffers never posted

War on Leaks Is Pitting Journalist vs. "Journalist"

Critics within the press are giving the current administration a justification for their focus on the ethics of disclosure rather than the morality of government behavior.

Theoretical physics: The origins of space and time

TRUTH: At RNC event, speaker says African Americans have taken a back seat to gays, immigrants

American Exceptionalism: "The individual mandate, the cornerstone of Obamacare, was originally a conservative idea. It was first proposed by the Heritage Foundation in 1989. And scores of Republicans -- not just Mitt Romney -- have backed the idea in the past couple of decades"

IRS issues final rules on Obamacare's 'individual mandate'

Why particle physics matters

LSD is good for you, say Norway researchers

Some Filthy Facts about the Rich

Internet Architects Plan Counter-Attack On NSA Snooping

Use Of Ad Blocking Is On The Rise

Quark asymmetries hint at physics beyond the Standard Model

There Is Something Wrong With Capitalism: Martin Luther King and the 'S' Word

Matt Damon: Snowden did a great thing

The "Shard" and the "Tower"

Larry Summers withdraws name for Fed chair job

Two bystanders struck by NYPD cops opening fire on suspect near Times Square

Charlotte police kill ex-FAMU player who may have been running to them for help

AUGUST: All Empire State shooting victims were wounded by officers

Columnist calls out PolitiFact for covering up Scott Walker's debt problem

Ireland considers a unicameral legislature

FBI Admits It Controlled Tor Servers Behind Mass Malware Attack

Argentinian 'super-hacker' arrested over online scams

Baby Elephant Cries For 5 Hours After Mom Attacks, Rejects Him

Self-preservation chokes open science, kills the patient

Whatever happened to AdS/CFT and the Quark Gluon Plasma?

Fat Gravity Particle Gives Clues to Dark Energy

A Plea for Caution From Russia

The IRS is cracking down on tips again.

Why go after billionaires when you can squeeze more out of servers?

Senate Panel OKs Measure Defining a Journalist

President of LIUNA Union: If Obamacare Cannot Be Fixed, It Needs to Be Repealed

Breaking: Two Colorado state senators recalled from office in huge victory for democracy

Health law's ailments can be cured by single-payer system

Richest 1 percent earn biggest share since '20s

Majority of U.S. Workers Say Job Doesn't Require a Degree

Even four in 10 working college grads say their work doesn't require a degree

Excellent Analysis: From 'Inequality for All,' a challenge for America

Feds plans to release details of secret spy court

Alaska could be the next state to legalize marijuana

"In a free society, prohibition of popular substances is just bad public policy"

Google Refuses to Remove The Pirate Bay Homepage

Feds Had Court Reverse Ban On Warrantless Searches On Americans Because 'We Wanted To Be Able To Do It'

Bernie Sanders: Two Wars Are Enough. Let's Come Home and Address Our Serious Problems.

Giant digital camera probes cosmic dark energy, the universe's deepest mystery

The 1 percent played Tea Party for suckers

Retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, in Boise, laments 'alarming degree of public ignorance'

John McCain On Marijuana: 'Maybe We Should Legalize'

Majority favor legalizing marijuana

Putin warns Russia could come to Syria's aid over US strike

President Obama's Syria problem through the lens of Michael Grimm

Citing costs, IBM to move retirees off health plan

Toshiba has invented a quantum cryptography network that even the NSA can't hack

'Time crystals' idea is challenged but its proponent doubles down.

Deep-sea trawling must be banned

New Approach Enhances Quantum-Based Secure Communication

Swedish Reporter Asks Obama if Nobel Peace Prize Presents 'Dilemma' When Planning Syria Attack

The Internet's next victim: Advertising

Another 1.8 Million People Just Ditched Cable TV

Column: South Florida's trifecta of sleaze

L.A. sheriff: Pay for preschool, not prisons

NSA and GCHQ unlock privacy and security on the internet

US stops jailed activist Barrett Brown from discussing hacking prosecution

Brazilian lawmakers call for police protection of Glenn Greenwald and his partner

Georgia governor gets paid through secret PAC to obstruct Obamacare

NY case puts N-word use among blacks on trial

Cancer research in crisis: Are the drugs we count on based on bad science?

A paper finding that important experiments can't be reproduced suggests new drugs could be based on bad science

Americans Lose When Think Tanks Become Lobbyists

Many modern think tanks serve only to provide a thin veneer of scholarly-sounding rhetoric to positions grounded in narrow self-interest.

Belief in multiverse requires exceptional vision

After the LHC, the Deluge

Physicists don't know anything for certain.

"Additional Note: My personal hypotheses is that dark matter and dark energy aren't actual features of the universe, rather side effects of gravity, time and perhaps other phenomenons which we have yet to uncover."

"Unfortunately M Theory still uses a single temporal dimension (10+1) which suggests that it's still failing to fully break free of the old models."

Obama's Syria plans in disarray after Britain rejects use of force

Jimmy Carter calls for Syria peace summit

Alan Grayson On Syria Strike: 'Nobody Wants This Except The Military-Industrial Complex'

"They need to shut the fuck up," said a former administration official.

Saudi Prince Bandar behind chemical attack in Syria: Report

Plaintiffs win round in Oregon no-fly suit

Why I'm on strike today: I can't support myself on $7.85 at Burger King

SNOWDEN: DNA test verified bin Laden's ID

Obama's Affordable Care Act Looking a Bit Unaffordable

Labor Participation Rate Hits 34-Year Low

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas receives a $1M gift from the Perot Foundation

Welfare Reform Insanity: Banning Convicted Drug Offenders from Food Stamps for Life

Wave of fast food strikes hits 60 cities

Tor usage doubles in under a week, and no one knows why

Geometric Unity?

NO SHIT: New Zealand bans software patents

The ludicrous headline of the month goes to Financial Times writer Richard McGregor who claims Barack Obama marshals his forces for war of non-intervention in Syria.

Bill To Repeal The Patriot Act and FISA is Making Its Way Through Congress

China to launch unmanned lunar lander by year-end

Syria: why would Assad invite a Western intervention by using WMDs in a war he was winning?

Eric Holder Pressed On DEA, NSA

Turbo-charged cracking comes to long passwords

New York Times website likely taken down by malicious attack

Kentucky students to first lady Michelle Obama: Your food tastes like vomit

Ed Snowden Covered His Tracks Well; How Many Other NSA Staffers Did The Same?

Russia: West has no proof Assad launched gas attack, it just wants to fight him

New poll: Syria intervention even less popular than Congress, 9%

The Cops Should Always Be on Camera

College Costs Surge 500% in U.S. Since 1985

Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran

Here's Why America Stopped Caring About The Public Good

Guardian partners with New York Times over Snowden GCHQ files

Snowden: UK government now leaking documents about itself

Slowest Start To A Hurricane Season On Record