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Russia Accuses US Of Defending ISIS, After Pentagon Admits Coalition Jets Killed 62 Syrian Soldiers

Russia's foreign ministry says it has "reached the terrifying conclusion" that the US is conniving with the Islamic State.

US Central Command Says Airstrike on Syrian Army Killing 80 Was an Accident

The end of ISIS? Crumbling caliphate declares state of emergency in desperation

Lavrov: Russia hopes no one in US trying to shield terrorists in Syria

“It seems the Americans are listing a part of a terrorist structure, which is recognized as such by the UN, as an organization loyal to them”

Syrian army says U.S.-led coalition jets bombed it in support of Islamic State

US-backed rebels force US commandos to leave Syrian town

Obama gathers advisers amid unease over Syria deal

Expect Third Election In Spain: Rajoy Blows Any Coalition Chance With Graft Appointee

Tractor trailer erupts into flames, fireball on I-285

'This is a funeral' Le Pen predicts the end of the EU as she promises FREXIT referendum

Brazil prosecutors file corruption charges against ex-president Lula

Clinton IT specialist ignores subpoena for House hearing; other witnesses plead 5th

Pulse shooting survivor found dead at birthday party

Federal Agency Votes To Slaughter 44,000 Of The 67,000 Wild Horses In The U.S.

'A constitutional crisis': the CIA turns on the Senate

The CIA had pushed him past the point where he could back down.

The CIA had gone “into war mode” with its congressional overseers

TRUE STORY: "Jones told Feinstein that continuing such fact-free discussions was pointless."

I'M NOT FUCKING LAUGHING: “For the agency to penetrate a firewalled network used by the United States Senate is flat criminal activity. There’s no discussion about it. I’m literally laughing. You can’t rationalize that.”

FUCK 'EM: "This will really hurt morale at the CIA, this is a morale issue. And they would openly say that, as if that was a reasonable response to making something classified”

ANALYSIS: If Feinstein is on the right side of this issue why is she backing Hillary who is on the wrong side?

At least 90 killed in Syria, including 28 children, after ceasefire plan announced

Story Changes Again, Now Hillary's Doctor Claims She Has Pneumonia

Syrian Army Kills at Least 105 Terrorists in Hama

Source says DNC considering EMERGENCY meeting to weigh…

Fight Al-Nusra, no strikes on rebels, Aleppo relief: Kerry & Lavrov agree new Syria ceasefire plan

Russia and US had agreed to coordinate airstrikes in Syria, “provided there is a sustained period of reduced violence.”

Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained in the agreements, they will not be made available to general public

DITCH: The analyst's repeated use of the word "ditch" seems peculiar and reminds me of that person

Responding Rapidly to Big Discoveries

“Now the reality is that people ‘in the know’ know there’s a discovery coming”

WIGGLE ROOM: "Wiggle room in their models."

DEVOLVED: “Many of the talks devolved”

The "Oh Shit" Guy That Wiped Hillary's Server With BleachBit Was Just Granted Immunity

WOW: That is some peculiar timing on the revelation of the name of this PRN employee

Hillary Clinton’s National Security Advisers Are a “Who’s Who” of the Warfare State

"AN EARLY SIGN": Analysts have pointed to the continuity in national security and intelligence advisers as an early sign that despite his campaign rhetoric Obama would end up building on — rather than tearing down — the often-extralegal, Bush-Cheney counterterror regime. For instance, while Obama promised in 2008 to reform the NSA, its director was kept on and its reach continued to grow.

'Embarrassing to our country': Trump suggests he’ll fire top generals

Trump earns endorsement of 88 retired generals, admirals

Justice Dept. Granted Immunity to Specialist Who Deleted Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Judicial Watch Files Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit Seeking Documents Cited in OIG Report

House Oversight Chair Calls for Obstruction of Justice Investigation in Clinton Emails

TIMELINE: When can we get a response regarding whether this investigation will take place?

First on CNN: FBI director defends Clinton email probe, document releases

Holder Blocked HSBC Trial On Drug Cartel Money Laundering Scandal

FBI Director Comey was board member of HSBC – Clinton Foundation & Drug Cartel ‘bank of choice’

Here’s What Probably Led to Blow Up During Cheryl Mills’ FBI Interview

Department of Justice agreed to treat Mills as both Clinton’s lawyer and fact witness.

INDEED: "It’s downright outrageous.”

Neighbor bulldozes man's home after dispute

Assange: Clinton leaks could come as early as next week

Netanyahu considering offer of talks with Palestinian president in Moscow

Isis 'cut off from rest of world' as rebels expel Islamists from Turkish border

Double Explosion Hits Syria's Tartus

Pope Francis: Israel Will Disappear

Mexican soldiers kill ten after highway ambush near U.S. border

Meet the "mastermind" behind Clinton’s massive email coverup

The FBI said it was “unable to obtain a complete list of keywords or named officials searched,” because Mills asserted that such information was “privileged.” In fact, when agents pressed her, Mills stormed out of the room and ended the interview. Curiously, the FBI honored her claim of privilege and did not pursue the matter.

Hillary Clinton’s Mind-Boggling FBI Interview – What Was Cheryl Mills Doing There?

Hillary Wiped Her Server With BleachBit Despite Subpoena

The two pieces of physical hardware that could provide all the missing links in the Hillary email investigation have mysteriously gone missing.

Clinton Told FBI She Couldn’t Recall Key Details 26 Times

Someone using Tor breached email account on Clinton server

State Dept Will Hand Over Clinton Schedules Before Election

This announcement contradicts an earlier report from last week

Islamic State 'Torture Cells' Discovered By Rebel Fighters in Syria

The capture of Manbij is the biggest defeat for IS in Syria since July 2015

"We found the worst, most violent torture tools, and may God curse them."

Demonstrations in Venezuela

Judge Orders State Dept To Release Hillary’s Security Training Records, Or Be Deposed

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ousted in impeachment vote

Mariano Rajoy denied second term as Spanish prime minister

300,000 Join Massive Protests In Germany Against US-EU Corporate Trade Deals

Though TTIP negotiations, as Common Dreams reported, were said to have “de facto failed” last month, U.S. President Barack Obama has vowed to see the deal approved.

Zuckerberg's plan to demolish and rebuild his four-home complex is rejected

Alabama, Georgia declare state of emergency after pipeline spill

Congress Investigating Obama Admin-Funded Campaign to Unseat Israeli PM

"They failed to properly conduct an analysis of risks in the pre-award phase"

They also are seeking to determine what “disciplinary action” is being taken against U.S. officials who knew about the plan

Nation States May Be Plotting Internet Takedown, Warns Cybersec Pro

Banks and other businesses could sustain considerable economic losses if the Internet went down and they lost ephemeral transactional data

Deutsche Bank Shares Tank After CEO Rejects $14 Billion DOJ Settlement

Court halts construction of another section of pipeline

The Strange Second Life of String Theory

Flies and mold reported at Yeah! Burger restaurant located at 1017 North Highland Avenue

Gmail down: Social media users freak out over service outage

Hackers Hit EurekAlert, Where All Your Science News Comes From

Speculation surrounding why a hacker would even bother breaching EurekAlert.

It’s also possible that the hacker was making a stand against the highly controversial practice of placing news under embargo. While embargoes were originally intended to give journalists a fair amount of time to research and cover major news, many believe that the current practice of placing almost all scientific studies under embargo is silly and potentially damaging.

Bayer clinches Monsanto with improved $66 billion bid

Sexploits of Diego the Tortoise save Galapagos species

Ecuador sets October date for Assange questioning

Guccifer 2.0: More hacked DNC documents revealed at cyber conference

Sugar industry bought off scientists, skewed dietary guidelines for decades

Atlanta Fed President Lockhart Announces He Is Stepping Down

VW Dieselgate engineer sings like a canary: Entire design team was in on it – not just a few bad apples, allegedly

High Street project in Dunwoody plans to break ground in early 2017

Trump beating Hillary in Georgia

Greece blames creditors over economy’s inability to recover

Greece has to fulfill fifteen reforms by the September 15 deadline

So far, the country has managed to implement only two reforms out of fifteen.

Catalan separatists rally in Barcelona to support secession

“Hillary Has Pneumonia” – Similar Excuse from October 2012…

Tsipras Repeats Call for Greek Debt Relief, Seeks Bonds in QE

ANALYSIS: Greek debt being in the news is typically a bad sign for US markets

Deutsche Warns Companies Will Sharply Cut 2017 Earnings Expectations Next

Time crystals might exist after all

Physicists have been debating this question since 2012

Physicists discover 'smoke rings' made of laser light

The team strongly suspects that STOVs could explain decades' worth of anomalous results and unexplained effects in the field of high-intensity laser research.

IMPLYING: "Physical and theoretical implications"

Is the Higgs Boson Acting Weird Again at the LHC?

The judge who asked an alleged rape victim why she 'couldn't keep her knees together' might lose his job

ANALYSIS: In the very many articles I've seen expressing outrage over these simple questions, not once have any of them stated what the girl's answers were. If the answer (or the truth) is something along the lines of, "I didn't do that because I was giving my ongoing affirmative consent throughout the time in question," then judge's questions aren't outrageous at all and in fact weren't outrageous -- in any case -- otherwise

Israeli military expects Islamic State attack on its southern border 'within six months'

Female Suspect Dead, Student Injured in Shooting at Alpine, Texas, High School

An officer was shot in an accidental discharge between federal agents responding to the scene

US Government Steps In After Judge Rules Against Standing Rock Sioux

Mastercard Facing Multibillion-Dollar Legal Claim Over Interchange Fees

Dow Jones industrial average was down 394.46 points at 18,085.45 – its worst one-day drop since the 610-point slide on June 24 after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union

Another movie studio has ambitious plans for ITP Atlanta

And The Fed Wants To Raise Rates When?

Wells Fargo Fires 5,300 For Engaging In Massive Fraud, Creating Over 2 Million Fake Accounts

Dutch MP snubs Netanyahu, refuses to shake Israeli PM’s hand

“The red carpet is rolled out” for Netanyahu while the bloodshed of Gaza had been forgotten

Court clerk at center of massive bribery scheme forged records for drunk drivers and others, prosecutors say

It was a low-level paper pusher who rarely saw the inside of a courtroom, authorities say.

ANALYSIS: The guy who has complete autonomy to falsify the records isn't low-level.

13th century Maya codex, long shrouded in controversy, proves genuine

Suspended Mississippi police chief shoots himself

The 'impossible' EM Drive is about to be tested in space

Judge Grants Partial Stop on North Dakota Pipeline Work

Indians Staged One of the Largest Strikes in History, But No One on U.S. Cable News Covered It

Ferguson Protest Leader Found Dead Inside Burning Car With Gun Shot Wound

Police: 2 people found shot in the head on I-85

He spent a year in jail and lost his business, but they had the wrong Carlos

Wow! Hillary’s Mysterious Handler Pops Up on Plane During Coughing Fit

Philippines leader curses Obama; White House cancels meeting

Why anti-China sentiment is surging in Hong Kong

US-Russia deal on Syria may be imminent, but Obama says ‘we’re not there yet’

OBAMA: "It's difficult to see how we get to the next phase”

ANALYSIS: The obvious way to get to the next phase is to wait at most 4 months until Trump sweeps away -- "on day one" -- everything the Obama administration has been fighting for like the trash it all is

G-20 Confrontation: U.S., China Have Tense Exchange On The Tarmac Ahead Of Summit

France's Le Pen: If I'm elected, we'll hold vote on leaving EU

Putin Signaled Willingness to Revive Ties With UK

Angela Merkel's CDU 'suffers Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania poll blow'

Modern life is killing our children: Cancer rate in young people up 40 per cent in 16 years

Cop Who Murdered Unarmed Teen Over Pot and Kept His Job, Suddenly Fired Without Reason

The Coming Storm for Global Financial Markets

Things are way out of alignment, and that the resolution may be a very painful process, and a big shock for many market participants.

WTF Chart Of The Day: US Factory Orders Tumble For Longest Streak In History

10 Dead, 60 Wounded After Explosion In Philippines City, Duterte Dismisses Assassination Attempt

Russian Carrier-Based Warplanes to Unleash 'Ultra Precision' Strikes on Daesh

SpaceX Explosion Destroys Facebook

Arizona Supreme Court says legal marijuana measure on ballot

EmDrive: Nasa Eagleworks' paper has finally passed peer review, says scientist in the know

Pelosi Docs Show Dems Trying Hard To Cast Benghazi As A ‘Conspiracy Theory’

More reports of clowns in woods in South Carolina