09-25-14 arXiv

Breaking Down a Big Bang Breakthrough

In the "optimistic" and dust-free models, they find tensor modes, just as BICEP2 did, but they also find a tilt that is utterly incompatible with standard models of inflation.

In any case, the implication is clear, and somewhat unsettling. It presents us with three items -- Planck's previous tensor limits, BICEP2's gravitational wave signal, and the inflationary model -- and it says we can pick two. At least one has to be incorrect.

PROVES?: New Research Mathematically Proves Quantum Effects Stop the Formation of Black Holes

New research mathematically proves that quantum effects are strong enough to stop the formation of black holes, opening up new discussions on origins of cosmos.

If singularities do not exist, then physicists have to rethink their ideas of the Big Bang and whether it ever happened.

Stellar Orbits Around Milky Way's Central Black Hole (1995 - 2195)

Mohammed declared in a charter, that Muslims were to protect Christians until the end of the world. Christians weren't to be persecuted in Muslim countries and wouldn't be drafted into the military.

The document claims that the Prophet (570-632) had personally granted by charter in the second year of the Hegira, corresponding to AD 626, the rights and privileges to all Christians "far and near".

Suspicions Run Deep in Iraq That C.I.A. and the Islamic State Are United

It's time to end the NFL's nonprofit status

A giant planet appears to be weakening the magnetic field of the star it closely orbits.

CIA halts spying in Europe

Sweden protests over Russian plane incursions

RISE OUT OF THE WEST, THE SOUTH WIND BLOWS: Al Gore's microphone fails while quoting Jesus on word 'hypocrite'

Interceptor cellphone towers found near White House, Senate

"My suspicion is that it is a foreign entity"

Friedman Numbers - Numberphile


What Happens When "Scotland" Comes To Spain?

Friday saw the largest demonstration in the history of Barcelona with 1.8 million people showing up calling for Catalan independence

Markets await Scottish vote -- 'be very much concerned'

The Mathematics of Ebola Trigger Stark Warnings: Act Now or Regret It

"I don't think the world is getting the message."

Held by ISIS, five jihadi Brits who want to go home: Wantaway fighters stripped of weapons and marched to 'punishment centre'

Get Grandma on board: young Scots push independence

What We're Afraid to Say About Ebola

...with everyone in charge, no one is in charge.

President Obama Over-Ruled His Commanders on Ground Troops

Obama plan to rely on airstrikes, Iraqi troops to combat terrorists doomed to fail

The quantum revolution is a step closer

Lee Smolin on Quantum Mechanics

The people who originally formulated quantum mechanics did not claim it gave a complete description of physical reality.

Catalonia independence vote can't be stopped

On Thursday afternoon supporters of independence will mass along two central Barcelona avenues in the shape of a giant letter V

Historically, payoffs in science come from out of the blue -- oddball ideas or unexpected byways.

"You actually have to be much more conservative these days than you used to," Glomski says, "and being that conservative I think ultimately hurts the scientific enterprise."

"When I was a very young scientist, I told myself I would only work on the hardest questions because those were the ones that were worth working on"

LOL: "And it has been to my advantage and my detriment."

Reddit Declares Itself a Government

Even if Reddit can be called a government, what we can't call it is a democracy.

Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon

The Order reunited with the founding royal house of its original sovereign authority starting in 2007 AD, and obtained full Tutela Protection grant of autonomous sovereignty in 2013 AD.

Europe Goes "All In": Will Sanction Rosneft, Gazprom Neft And Transneft

This is what is known in game theory terms as a major defection round.

The CIA's Mop-Up Man: L.A. Times Reporter Cleared Stories With Agency Before Publication

GIGANTIC: The Ggantija temples are older than the pyramids of Egypt.

Secret Messages sent over Time and Space

NOT SHOCKING: New poll says Scots set to vote yes to independence

Top CIA officer in Benghazi delayed response to terrorist attack, US security team members claim

Obama Admin Refusing to Tell Congress Where Illegal Children Went

Judge orders ethics chief, AG's office to pay $20K in sanctions

Glanville was particularly tough on LaBerge, writing that she "has repeatedly proven herself to be dishonest and non-transparent."

Russian General Calls for Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against NATO

The evil next door

I've been shocked to learn that the metro Atlanta area is a hub for sex trafficking and the exploitation of children

Secret Service study from 1990s found White House vulnerable to fence-jumpers

City orders end to water service at homeless shelter

India triumphs in maiden Mars mission, sets record in space race

Conspiracy To Destroy Rush Limbaugh Is Small, Organized, Deceptive

The "trouble" with physics

There are the craftspeople who though competent at doing tedious calculations, are merely unimaginative drones doing what others have told them to do. And then there are the seers who have all the real vision and creative genius.

"So little fulfilment is exactly what you get when a lot of highly trained master craftspeople try to do the work of the seer."

Passenger ejected from flight over notebook doodles

"The irony is I was writing a sentence about the absurdity of the fearmongering when we live in such a happy country of ice-cream and beaches and fluffy things"

Mr Buckworth has branded Tiger's conduct "ridiculous", especially after learning he had been "blacklisted" by the airline for an indeterminate time.

Here a bubble, there a bubble: Ol' Marc Faber

N.Y. Times mulls new round of buyouts

A great mystery in particle astrophysics today is the production of the so-called ultra-high-energy cosmic rays.

Six-year-old handcuffed, arrested for temper tantrum

Her parents said they doubt she behaved badly enough for police to be involved.

ASTOUNDING: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + ... = -1/12

A Pioneer as Elusive as His Particle

Sweden PM Reinfeldt conceded defeat and said he will step down as PM on Monday

Social Democrats rule out far-right pact

The Priest Who Invented The Big Bang

NFL's elaborate security network is supposed to protect league from trouble

Comcast Declares War on Tor?

Cosmology, physics, and science in general figure centrally in "Big History"

Hallucinogen in 'magic mushrooms' helps

Evolution's Random Paths Lead to One Place

The findings also suggest a disconnect between evolution at the genetic level and at the level of the whole organism. Genetic mutations occur mostly at random, yet the sum of these aimless changes somehow creates a predictable pattern.

"All of biology has been focused on the importance of individual genes for the last 30 years, but the big take-home message of this study is that's not necessarily important."

"This is the physicist's approach to evolution, stripping down everything to the simplest possible conditions"

France Says It's Ready to Participate in Iraq Airstrikes

A decade ago France famously and vigorously opposed the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq under Saddam Hussein

Tiny young girl tackled by officers over cell phone tells her side of the story

Scientists Say the Ozone Layer Is Recovering

Scientists: Strong solar storm heading to Earth

Large space object slams Nicaragua's capital as asteroid passes Earth

Experts outside of Nicaragua, however, aren't so sure that the blast came from a meteorite.

Another victory for Kim Dotcom, he's getting all Megaupload data back

Secret Heroes Christian Faction of KGB Legends

Evil not so banal, says disturbing new probe

Scientists urge government to fund basic research

MYSTERY: How can we have an informed discussion if people don't understand the basics?

Leaks Show US Planned Espionage to Protect Dominance

Fed: Median incomes drop for all but wealthiest

September Snow in Seven States over Seven Days

TV is increasingly for old people

Facebook Causes Depression New Study Says

GOOD GUYS: Message targets middle class worried about U.S. direction, security, freedom

Man Stands Up For Constitution As Police Demand to Enter Home Without Warrant

Fast-food protests: Dozens of workers arrested in strike for higher pay

"There is no denying a simple truth. America deserves a raise."

What happens when your friends start leaving Facebook?

FBI: Atlanta a hub for human trafficking

"In the U.S. last year, there were 100,000 girls sold into sexual slavery. Atlanta is the No. 1 trading point for imported girl slaves from other countries because we have the busiest airport on earth."

Activists: Unqualified company tasked with restoration of Egypt's oldest pyramid

Feds designate areas of southern Arizona critical habitat for jaguars

Neurons in human skin perform advanced calculations

2015 Breakthrough Prizes in Mathematics

Time Travel Simulation Resolves Grandfather Paradox

A computer in a Deutschian CTC could solve why haystacks exist in the first place.