10-12-12 arXiv

The Egg: Bizarre behavior of the roots of a family of polynomials

The Iron

Suspicion: Settlers attacked cops posing as Palestinian shepherds

Magnets kill cancer cells in lab

Why There Are Too Many Patents in America

Twitter: It's time for patent trolls to bear the costs of frivolous lawsuits

Abortion rates plummet with free birth control

Upset Men And The Happy Women Who Love Them

8 Mistakes Men Make with Women

Anal sex: Science's last taboo

Pussy Riot case: Russian court adjourns appeal hearing

Nationwide GOP Voter Registration Fraud Scandal Widens, Becomes Criminal Matter in Florida

Demolishing Heisenberg with clever math and experiments

A rare tour of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center: time reversal symmetry violation

What the colour of alien worlds can tell us

Venezuela opposition party says 2 leaders shot dead

Another big Supreme Court term kicks off Monday

File-Sharing for Personal Use Declared Legal in Portugal

U.S. intelligence now says Benghazi attack "deliberate and organized"


Comment on the evidence of the Higgs boson at LHC

Signature of long-sought particle that could revolutionize quantum computing seen by Purdue physicist

Arkansas court upholds medical marijuana proposal

Feds snoop on social-network accounts without warrants

Former President Carter Urges Marijuana Legalization

Austin becomes first Texas city to endorse marriage equality

Obama hoped media would let lies slide

Is this "the video?"

How To Build A Black Hole Laser

Looking For Answers Beyond The Cosmic Horizon

Two officials out at troubled state lab amid unfolding drug sample scandal

Catalonia warns EU that million-strong march cannot be ignored

Spain's black block kicks ass, occupies Congress

Nearly every top McDonald's monopoly prize from 1995-2000 was fraudulently won by a group of insiders

Riot police have ringed the Spanish parliament in Madrid as protesters gather for a march against austerity tagged "Occupy Congress"

Quantum cryptography: yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Study Divides Breast Cancer Into Four Distinct Types

Researchers demonstrate 'giant' forces in super-strong nanomaterial

Can the Source of Funding for Any Research Affect the Results?

Houston police officer shoots dead double amputee in wheelchair

New form of universal computation present in hundreds of systems

Antimatter Spaceships Could Make Long Flights Before End Of Century, Space Consultants Say

End of decade experts say

Father of fallen Marine upset by president's letter

"It opened up a wound in our heart you can't fix. You can't send another letter. You can't make it right."

Occupy members join police in bid to save Georgia home

Mexican Officials: Body Of Top Zetas Leader Stolen In Raid On Funeral Home

Mexico says Zetas drug lord Heriberto Lazcano may be dead

Bad guys use fake Bad Piggies Chrome extensions to install adware

Friends demand answers after cop shoots naked, unarmed Alabama freshman outside police station

Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril

3D printing

Difference Engine: The PC all over again?

New Justice Department Documents Show Huge Increase in Warrantless Electronic Surveillance

More evidence that Voyager has exited the solar system

Adults like supernatural explanations

Pirate Bay Founder Remains Locked Up Without Charges

Muscles in old mice made young again

Human Cells Display Reduced Apoptotic Function Relative to Chimpanzee Cells

Debt Resistor's Operating Manual


Montana governor sees big savings with new state health clinic

Empty the prisons. Convert them to clinics. Do this everywhere. Save money in every state.

New Comet Discovered

Extended Interview: Convicted TSA Screener Tells All

Louisiana death-row inmate Damon Thibodeaux exonerated with DNA evidence

The vivisection of Poland

Couples who share the housework are more likely to divorce, study finds

Painting of younger Mona Lisa unveiled

Japan may scrap whale hunt

Is Alzheimer's Type 3 Diabetes?

Quantifying the Clinical Significance of Cannabis Withdrawal

Madeleine McCann May Be Buried Under Driveway; Authorities Seem Unwilling To Investigate

Voice navigation killed Apple-Google maps talks

Microsoft at a loss over Event Viewer scam

Texas cops destroy video evidence of colleague killing unarmed man

GOP Quietly Hires Firm Tied to Voter Fraud Scandal for Work in Battleground States

Are Psychedelic Drugs the Next Frontier in Wellness Research?

MDMA may help treat depression and PTSD, Channel 4 study suggests

Levin: 'Michelle Obama Is The New Eva Peron With Her Lunch Standards,' 'She Knows As Much As I Do'

Marijuana Compound Found Superior To Drugs For Alzheimer's

Petition to stop the "War on Milk"

Income Inequality Is Worse Now Than It Was During Slavery

US drone attacks are counter-productive and terrorise civilians

Drones in Pakistan traumatise civilians, US report says

Physicists Create Eternal Clock Using 4-Dimension 'Space-Time Crystals'

Hillary to World Leaders: Time for the Rich to Pony Up Their Taxes

Study shows gender bias in science is real. Here's why it matters.

Deadly Attack in Libya Was Major Blow to CIA Efforts

How Do You Assemble a Brain? Randomly

Iranian Women Banned From 77 College Majors

Ancient site needs saving not destroying

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Primetime Fox News And WSJ Editorial Climate Coverage Mostly Wrong

World Record One Petabit per Second Fiber Transmission over 50-km: Equivalent to Sending 5,000 HDTV Videos per Second over a Single Fiber

How to confuse a moral compass

LOL: Survey 'magic trick' causes attitude reversal.

In Quebec It's Official: Mass Movement Leads to Victory for Students

Naomi Klein: 'This is why radical movements are mercilessly mocked. They can win.'