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Suspended Ga. Tech fraternity denies racial allegations

50/50: A he-said she-said situation is never a preponderance. He-said she-said is 50/50 but a preponderance means more than 50%, or 50% plus epsilon. There was no epsilon in this situation.

US Congress must launch urgent inquiry into Obama's drone use

Mexican Drug Lord Has Leg, Face Injuries

Jim Webb: CNN Debate Was Rigged For Clinton And Sanders

Obama halts plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan

Mother of Saudi youth facing beheading urges Obama to intervene

Obama's effort to nudge America

Lew to Congress: Debt limit now exhausted Tuesday, November 3

On the precision frontier: A new calculation holds promise for new physics

"We have reason to believe that there are yet undiscovered subatomic particles that are not part of the SM."

A Liquidity Crisis Hit The Banking System In September

The spike-up in reverse repos occurred at the same time -- September 16 -- that the stock market embarked on an 8-day cliff dive, with the S&P 500 falling 6% in that time period.

You'll note that this is around the same time that a crash in Glencore stock and bonds began.

It has been suggested by analysts that a default on Glencore credit derivatives either by Glencore or by financial entities using derivatives to bet against that event would be analogous to the "Lehman moment" that triggered the 2008 collapse

'Great Pause' Among Prosecutors As DNA Proves Fallible

It's unsettling to find out DNA analysis can vary like this because it threatens to undermine the deep faith people have placed in the technology.

"And it's not faith they should not have had to begin with"

Yemeni forces destroy second Saudi warship

Top aide to PM questioned for fraud, breach of trust

One of the "most powerful women in Likud"

Israel Police uncover major National Insurance fraud

Famous Berkeley Astronomer Violated Sexual Harassment Policies Over Many Years

PREPONDERANCE: After Clair complained about me, I denied it. All the evidence that Brandi had was Clair's word against mine and that was a preponderance. When Jennifer complained about me, I didn't say anything since obviously denying it wouldn't work, and that was still a preponderance of evidence agaisnt me.

It is true that I put my hands on Clair's soft, young body after she ageed to go home with me following our date and shortly after on our way back to the lab (with no protestations from her by the way), but I did absolutely nothing like that with Jennifer. Jennnifer brought me into her bedroom, I gently took her by the wrist, and then promplty let go when she screamed, "Don't fuck with me!" And then I was expelled and fired and the world ended up where it is today (#OccupyHistory).

I don't think either of these females suffered anything like the "humiliating and professionally damaging experience" mentioned in this article. However, I did have a professionally damaging experience when I initiated body contact with Clair in my apartment and with Jennifer in her bedroom.

Why did Jennifer bring me into her bedroom one might ask. I have no idea but I can tell you that based on my experiences, "logic" or "reason" is not an appropriate frame in which to analyze female sexuality.

Washington to overhaul its failed training program for Syrian rebels

The move is seen as an acknowledgement that it has failed

Obama Weighs "Syria Retreat" As White House Ends Training Of Moderate Rebels

The [second] biggest mystery in mathematics: Shinichi Mochizuki and the impenetrable proof

Theorems are generally simple to state in new mathematical fields, and the proofs are quite short.

CERN prepares to test revolutionary mini-accelerator

Shock as NASA confirms large asteroid wide will pass close to Earth this weekend

Perfectly accurate clocks turn out to be impossible

Today we can carry out experiments in which the Unruh effect should be visible -- and so the conclusions of the Polish-British group of physicists on ideal clocks will thus soon be verified.

"If our predictions are confirmed experimentally, many things related to our understanding of space-time, the passage of time, and its measurement methods will have to be rethought from scratch. It could be... interesting"

RETHOUGHT: From scratch. Interesting.

Morphing neutrinos win physics Nobel

NOTE: Neutrino oscillations prove the standard model is wrong

How to Reject any Scientific Manuscript

OR NOT: The material compiled here may entail sufficient motivation to submit a rejected manuscript (after corrections) once more at another place

PROBABLY: We can ensure time is no longer lost to the burdensome submission and rejection system

FALSE: Arxiv has no substantive review

Physicists shrink particle accelerator

"The advantage is that everything else can be a thousand times smaller too"

Because the pulses are so short, they reach a comparable peak brightness to those produced by larger facilities, even if there is significantly less light in each pulse.

This first prototype of a terahertz accelerator was able to increase the energy of the particles by seven kiloelectronvolts (keV).

COE: What is the coefficient of efficiency on that 7keV?

Developing a detailed understanding of photosynthesis would open up the possibility of implementing this efficient process artificially and thus tapping into increasingly efficient solar energy conversion

Putin has sent the feared Spetsnaz special forces into Syria

Putin sending 150,000 soldiers to Syria

Russia seeks to ramp up Syria bombing

"So far, no one really has managed to explain what the moderate opposition is."

Moscow is keen to turn the tables on Washington, suggesting it is Washington and its allies that often hit the wrong targets.

IDF jets strike Gaza following rocket fire into Israel

Israel bars Palestinians from Jerusalem's Old City

Human rights are no longer a 'top priority' for the Government, says Foreign Office chief

He also admitted it was secondary also to the need to promote British companies abroad.

Hillary Clinton's legal adviser warns her -- Time to lawyer up

2 ultra-Orthodox Jews Killed in Terror Attack in Jerusalem's Old City

According to the police, after the stabbing, the assailant shot at police officers who rushed to the scene using a gun he obtained from one of the wounded. He was then shot and killed by the officers.

Cogent CEO: Interconnection Congestion Has Magically Disappeared

Air attacks kill at least 19 at Afghanistan hospital; U.S. investigating

6 Russian air strikes destroy ISIS bomb factory, command centers

INSANE: ISIS Propaganda Distracts from Syrian War with New Theme Parks

FBI probe of Clinton email focused on gross negligence provision

"The fact that something's not marked or that the person may not know that it was classified would not be relevant at all in a prosecution under the Espionage Act"

The source said investigators are also focused on possible obstruction of justice.

...convicted on obstruction of justice charges because a single email was missing from his account

18 arrested in child porn sting across Georgia

Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey's rapid decline after being 'cured' leaves experts staggered

Stagnant Social Security check could pose hardship for some

Obama 'took the wrong side' on climate change, says physicist Freeman Dyson

"I'm 100 percent Democrat myself, and I like Obama. But he took the wrong side on this issue, and the Republicans took the right side."

Fox News Guest Arrested, Charged With Lying About CIA Ties

The Latest Evidence That Global Trade Has Collapsed: India's Exports/Imports Plunge By 25%

Tomorrow Is OpEx: What Happens Next?

FBI: 150+ arrests, 149 children saved in sex trafficking sting

WalMart Carnage: Stock Plummets Most In 17 Years After Slashing Earnings Guidance, Blames Wage Hikes

Wal-Mart Heirs See $11 Billion Vanish in a Day on Share Fall

Isis Inc: how oil fuels the jihadi terrorists

Latest experiment at Large Hadron Collider reports first results

Israel authorises police to blockade Jerusalem suburbs

Market Expectations Of A Stock Market Crash Have Never Been Higher

A surprising increase in realized volatility may not be too far away.

Former U.S. Detainees Sue Psychologists Responsible For CIA Torture Program

Physicists have learned how to restore the entanglement of "untangled" quantum light

Pressure to "publish or perish" may discourage innovative research, UCLA study suggests

Autism Is Not On The Rise

more children than ever are being diagnosed as autistic, because what constitutes autism has been redefined.

NOTE: If DSM-V says one in 70 children are autisitic, it is more likely that the definition has been made stupider than that it has been improved. DSM-V also says that if you are sad for more than two weeks after the death of a loved one, then you are clinically depressed and a doctor should give you drugs to treat your mental illness.

Hundreds of thousands protest in Berlin against EU-U.S. trade deal

Scientists produce shortest electron bunches ever by surfing plasma waves

Stephen Hawking says we should be more frightened of capitalism than robots

"If machines produce everything we need, the outcome will depend on how things are distributed. Everyone can enjoy a life of luxurious leisure if the machine-produced wealth is shared, or most people can end up miserably poor if the machine-owners successfully lobby against wealth redistribution."

SOME MIGHT SAY: Greedy rich people whose wealth doesn't trickle down terribly far might be one factor, some might say.

UCLA study finds 'black' names closely linked to large size, low status & aggression

The authors, therefore, caution all self-identifying leftists who claim not to be racists "to acknowledge the possibility that they have not only prejudicial but really inaccurate stereotypes in their heads."

Monsanto's Stock Is Tanking. Is the Company's Own Excitement About GMOs Backfiring?

Laser Wakefield Acceleration: Channeling the Best Beams Ever (2004)

Twitter Is Planning Company-Wide Layoffs for Next Week

FBI chief: 'unacceptable' that Guardian has better data on police violence

Issa: I'm 'potentially' a candidate for speaker

Zinc surges 12 pct after Glencore cuts output, fuelling metals rally

"This (Glencore move) is big, it's much bigger than the move in copper, it shifts the needle substantially."

McCarthy's stunning move leaves the House with no apparent line of succession to power.

Pope warns against conspiracy theories of Vatican skullduggery

"The synod may be defined not just by disagreements on substance, but also suspicions of Machiavellian manoeuvres along the way"

Nigerian cook survives 2 days under sea in shipwreck air bubble

Monsanto Posts 4Q Loss, to Eliminate 2,600 Jobs to Cut Costs

Deutsche Bank warns of $7B loss, cuts dividend, stock drops 6%

Unbeknownst to Clinton, IT firm had emails stored on cloud; now in FBI's hands

Commodity Trading Giants Unleash Liquidity Scramble, Issue Record Amounts Of Secured Debt

As every CEO knows you raise capital when you can, not when you have to.

There is about $75 billion in secured debt, collateralized by either inventory and/or receivables collateral whose value has cratered in the past year

...the next leg down in the commodity supercycle

Reddit Is Working on an Entirely New Front Page Algorithm

CNN and the NYT Are Deliberately Obscuring Who Perpetrated the Afghan Hospital Attack

New Mexico's secretary of state faces 65th charge: identity theft

IMF Cuts Global Outlook as Commodity Slump Hits Emerging Markets

Atlanta moves to repeal unconstitutional photo ordinance

Handcuffed man dies following jump from window in downtown Atlanta

U.S., Other Nations Reach Agreement On Trans-Pacific Partnership

Poll Shows Strong Support for Downtown Atlanta Casino

10,000 protest in Moldova over missing $1.5 billion

Protesters are also demanding early elections and for the president, the prime minister and others to resign.

Amal Clooney hits back at Cherie Blair as Maldives legal battle escalates

Mrs Clooney is acting pro-bono for the former president Mohamed Nasheed, who was jailed was jailed for 13 years in March over controversial terrorism charges in a trial Amnesty International described as a "travesty of justice".

Omnia Strategy, the London and Washington-based consultancy Mrs Blair founded and chairs, has been advising President Abdulla Yameen's government on "democracy consolidation".

High Court "shamefully rubber-stamped the trial court's findings without even hearing argument on the merits".

Majority of EU nations seek opt-out from growing GM crops

Mark Zuckerberg vs. neighbor dispute gets even weirder

OUT OF THE LOOP: Al Kamen to retire from the Washington Post

Marietta company must close after posting fake reviews, overbilling, attacking customers

Zoologger: Octopus makes own quicksand to build burrow on seabed