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Prosecutors: NSA contractor's alleged theft 'breathtaking' in scope

Clinton Email That Caused The "Quid Pro Quo" Controversy Included Intel On Benghazi Attackers

"If somebody said that somebody offered me for something else, and that's in a 302, that agent is going to say I’m sure that that's exactly what happened."

Syria rebels reject Aleppo withdrawal after Russian statement

Russia Is Deploying The Largest Naval Force Since The Cold War For Syria

"This is not a friendly port call. In two weeks, we will see a crescendo of air attacks on Aleppo as part of Russia's strategy to declare victory there"

Hillary Clinton Linked To Mysterious Front Associated with Julian Assange Pedophile Smear

Suspicious US company tried to frame Assange as 'pedophile' and Russian spy

Four days after the first batch of Podesta emails were released, news of the pedophile claim was shared

Hillary Clinton’s “Sudden Move” Of $1.8 Billion To Qatar Central Bank Stuns Financial World

Confusion Surrounds Wikileaks Data Dump

Impacting US election: Ecuador cut off Assange’s net because Clinton leaks ‘breached impartiality’

FBI Agents Say Comey ‘Stood In The Way’ Of Clinton Email Investigation

“The most important thing of all is that the agents have decided that they are going to talk.”

Despite Obama’s pledge to make the government more open, a report shows secret laws still abound

“When the government makes law out of the public eye, the results are more likely to be tainted by bias or groupthink, and are frankly more liable to violate statutes or to be unconstitutional.”

The Story Changes: The Pentagon Is No Longer Sure Yemen Fired Missiles At A US Ship

USS Mason fires missiles in Red Sea after apparent attack

FBI releases 100 new pages on Clinton emails

Classified information may have been mishandled

The new release on Monday contains summaries of interviews conducted by the FBI — known by the form number of 302

ARRESTS: "Arrests following the 2012 attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi"

Pressure Cited Against Marking Clinton E-Mails Classified

“The Shadow Government”

Paul Ryan Blasts FBI: "Mishandling Bears All The Signs Of A Cover-Up"

New evidence could serve to discredit the entire FBI investigation as the notes are a "flashing red light of potential criminality."

WikiLeaks Transmits Cryptic Hashes As Assange's Internet Link Is Cut By State Entity, Damaging Kerry And Clinton Info Expected

Politico's Chief Correspondent To John Podesta: "Don't Tell Anyone I Did This"

Former U.S. Attorney: Agents See FBI Chief Comey as a ‘Dirty Cop’

“The people in the bureau anticipate that there will be subpoenas for their testimony."

MALFEASANCE: "Agents trained to sniff out malfeasance smell something rotten"

“These people are trained to be loyal, honest, and forthright. What [Comey] did was force them to corrupt their oath of office. They have had enough.”

US Air Force Admits Drone Computer Network "Outage" In September

More Than 1 Million to Lose Obamacare Plans as Insurers Quit

AT LEAST: "At least 1.4 million people in 32 states will lose the Obamacare plan they have now"

ALL PREVIOUS ESTIMATES WILDLY HIGH: "Global Ratings report predicted that enrollment next year will range from an 8 percent decline to a 4 percent gain."

Bloomberg contacted officials in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., and the 1.4 million-person estimate includes 32 states and only plans sold on the individual “exchange” markets. In Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Missouri, insurers have pulled out, but regulators couldn’t or wouldn’t say how many people are affected.

Obama To Decide Friday On Military Action In Syria

US officials said they consider it unlikely that Obama will order U.S. air strikes on Syrian government targets, and they stressed that he may not make any decisions at the planned meeting of his National Security Council.

ANALYSIS: They are probably right about new attacks but they are wrong about not making any decisions. The President always makes decisions.

US Joins Yemen Conflict With Cruise Missile Strikes On Anti-Saudi Targets

Washington's first direct military action against suspected Houthi-controlled targets in Yemen's conflict.

Clinton answers written questions under penalty of perjury in email lawsuit

OPINION: That title is an odd way to phrase the situation described in the article

ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT: Everything about Hillary Clinton

ANALYSIS: What else does she not recall?

Russian Foreign Minister On US Elections: "So Many Pussies On Both Sides"

Missile again fired at U.S. Navy from Houthi territory in Yemen

"We Just Got A Tip" - Email Leak Reveals More Collusion Between State Department And Hillary Campaign

US Navy destroyer comes under missile attack off Yemen coast – Pentagon

Russian Government Officials Told To Immediately Bring Back Children Studying Abroad

No sign US is seriously battling Al-Nusra; calls not to fly over Aleppo suspicious

Saudi Air Strike Kills At Least 82, Injures 534 At Yemen Funeral

Julian Assange warns WikiLeaks will expose Google as he promised to release 'significant disclosures' on company

FBI agents are ready to revolt over the cozy Clinton probe

Comey’s immunized witnesses nonetheless suffered chronic lapses in memory, made unsubstantiated claims of attorney-client privilege upon tougher questioning and at least two gave demonstrably false statements.

He’s turned the FBI into the Federal Bureau of Immunity

State Department sued over 'collusion' with Clinton Foundation

Where the Obama administration claims openness and transparency, it continues to practice a pattern of lawless corruption”

Why did the Clinton Foundation official insist to State Department officials that it was ‘[i]mportant to take care of’ that person?

The information had been requested through FOIA, but the State Department ignored its obligations to respond, the complaint contends.

German police hunt Syrian man over suspected bomb plot

WikiLeaks Publishes Two Thousand Emails From Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta

This is a developing story

Russia Warns US Any Strikes On Syrian Army Would Lead To War: "Our S-300, S-400 Defenses Are Up And Running"

"The radius of the weapons reach may be 'a surprise' to all unidentified flying objects."

FBI files reveal missing email 'boxes' in Clinton case, allegations of evidence tampering

It was very rare for something that was actually unclassified to become classified years after the fact.

Hacker Releases Tons Of Emails From Clinton State Department Insider

Putin banner mysteriously appears on Manhattan Bridge

Snowden 2.0: NSA Contractor Arrested For Stealing Secrets

Hundreds of sex slaves rescued in international trafficking ring bust

Immunity deals stopped FBI from investigating BleachBit use in Clinton email case

US Considering Air Strikes On Assad Regime After Top General Warns It Could Lead To War With Russia

UKIP leader Diane James standing down

US Suspends Diplomatic Relations With Russia On Syria

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is seriously ill after assassin POISONS his food

DOJ 'side agreements' let agents destroy laptops in Clinton email case

Hillary Clinton considered drone attack on Julian Assange

WikiLeaks' Big Tuesday Announcement Will Now Take Place Via Video

‘October Surprise’ Thwarted? Wikileaks Cancels Highly Anticipated Tuesday Announcement Due to ‘Security Concerns’

Sons of drug lord 'El Chapo' thought to be behind deadly ambush on Mexican troops

The fierceness of the attack suggested that whoever was travelling in the ambulance escorted by the convoy was a high-ranking member of the cartel, or a person of interest to the gang.

Implication of sabotage adds intrigue to SpaceX investigation

US cuts cord on internet oversight

Shia fighters join Assad's troops to prepare for final assault on Aleppo

If Aleppo did fall back into the control of the Syrian regime it would be potentially the single biggest turning point in six years of fighting and a major defeat for rebel forces.

Russia warns against US attack on Syrian forces

Syrian troops pushed ahead in their offensive in Aleppo on Saturday

Gas canister explodes in cafe near Malaga leaving at least 77 people injured with five in a serious condition at holiday hotspot

Regime forces amass around Aleppo as diplomacy falters

US officials estimate Aleppo, bombarded by Syrian and Russian strikes, could collapse in the coming days

Putin Rejects US Request To Stop Bombing ISIS

“Merciless abyss of humanitarian catastrophe unlike any we have witnessed in Syria”

Curious Tilt of the Sun Traced to Undiscovered Planet

Experts believe mysterious aluminium object dating back 250,000 years 'could be part of ancient UFO'

First new US nuclear reactor in 20 years goes live

Is Twitter Shadowbanning me?

I would feel obligated to help kill Twitter.

Yahoo asks government to explain email scanning order

Scientists gain insight on mechanism of unconventional superconductivity

Tasmanian devils developing immune response to contagious face cancer

Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus

Hero from I-285 explosion saves a life, loses job

Police: DNC bus seen dumping sewage near Georgia storm drain

Can The Market Hang On To Support Here?

Homelessness among NYC schoolkids surges as population tops 100,000

Nearly one in 10 city schoolkids was homeless

New Dump Reveals A Joint Bank Account With The DNC

A Bibilical View of Time: Shifting from Chronos to Kairos

Take advantage of the opportune times

Why it's important for elections to have a paper trail

Are we witnessing a dishonest election?

A between state comparison based on the used voting procedures

Sun, moon and Earth align for stunning supermoon finale to 2016

The term, according to NASA, was originally given to a new or full moon that occurs when the moon is “within 90 percent of its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit”, but it’s now used more broadly to cover any full moon that is closer to Earth than normal.

Two mysterious 'secret chambers' discovered inside Egypt's Great Pyramid using cosmic rays and space particles

Now, even Democrats can see the ObamaCare death spiral

Lost in high-dimensional space: Study improves the cure for the “Curse Of Dimensionality”

New record for fusion

The previous record of 1.77 atmospheres was set in 2005

The plasma lasted for two full seconds.

Stuff Physicists Don't Understand: Sonoluminesence

We live in an era where we can explain the first moments of the universe and how matter is formed, but can’t explain why you get superheated light flashes when you run sound through a water bottle.

FACT CHECK: We can explain both of those things but with bubbles we can do experiments that show our explanations are wrong. Since it is difficult to create the universe, it is likewise difficult show that an explanation for the origin of the universe is wrong.

Physicists dispel Rayleigh's curse

As hunt for sterile neutrino continues, mystery deepens

"This Rarely Ends Well" - Traders Fear Ominous Divergence In S&P 500

US Economy To Grow Just 1.4% In 2016 After Atlanta Fed Slashes Q3 GDP To 1.9%, Half Its Original Estimate

Expansion begins at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Stocks slash earlier losses, close well off lows amid a rise in oil prices

The index briefly broke below the 18,000 mark and hit its lowest level since 7/7.

"We broke through a key technical level on the S&P at 2,120."

Red alert: Prepare for severe stock market crash, warns HSBC

Universe has two trillion more galaxies than previously thought

ANALYSIS: If every previous number of galaxies calculated -- all of them, throughout the entire history of human science -- was wrong, why report the new number as the correct one? Why not say, "Scientists confirm that they have not yet established an upper bound for the number of galaxies."

Yahoo Stock Slides After Verizon Counsel Questions Deal

Georgia's Own relocating downtown, putting name atop 32-story Equitable Building

U.S. kids among least fit in the world

What if dark matter is not a particle? The second wind of modified gravity.

OPINION: Dark matter is ~OBVIOUSLY~ not a particle.

Police arrest more people for marijuana use than for all violent crimes combined

Fed Labor Market Conditions Crash As Rate-Hike Hopes Soar

The Fed Who Cried Growth

Physics journal retracts paper without alerting author

Demystifying Spin 1/2

OFTEN TRUE: “It takes several years of lectures to understand how B follows from A.”

ALSO TRUE: Several years can be supplimented with a few minutes of one concise explanation and answers to a few follow on questions.

The Chart That Gives Citi "The Chills"

Deutsche Bank CEO doesn’t reach accord with US

MidEast Massacre As Saudi Bank Stocks Crash To Crisis Lows

Twitter Seeks New Path After Potential Bidders Said to Back Off

The Coming Collapse Of The World's Biggest Economy

M5S has promised to hold a vote to leave the euro and return to Italy’s old currency, the lira, as soon as they’re in power. Under these circumstances, it would probably pass.

Opponents say it could open the door to another strongman

M5S—the anti-euro populist party—will almost certainly come to power...

There are now 5 states with only one insurance company offering Obamacare plans

South Carolina becomes the fifth state to be down to one health insurance provider for the Obamacare exchanges.

Walrus begin arriving near Alaska village in annual event

Gun battle in midtown Atlanta

Citi Is Getting A "Brexity Feeling": Asks "What If We Are All Wrong About The Election"

Algos, Barriers, Rumors: Some Theories On What Caused The Pound Flash Crash

Man shot and killed while pumping gas

ANALYSIS: Why did a carjacker have a getaway car waiting?

Buckhead's Ga. Highway 400-topping park jumps latest hurdle

OPINION: The surface area of the park in the rendering is too small and they should comletely cap the roadway to make widest possible park along the stretch of 400 that will be "capped."

Factory Orders Decline For 22th Straight Month - Longest Non-Recessionary Streak In US History

Something Strange Is Going On In Switzerland: "Is Someone Trying To Buy The Swiss National Bank"

...would be a fascinating case study, it is, as the Swiss publication suggests, impossible.

'Great Pacific garbage patch' far bigger than imagined, aerial survey shows

Satellites suffer mystery blackouts: Thunderstorms on the edge of space may be causing loss of GPS signals

Sunlight is so powerful at this altitude that it can strip the electrons from atoms, creating electrically charged particles called ions and free electrons.

ANALYSIS: After the powerful sunbeams ionize the atoms, why do the oppositely charged particles then separate over vast distances (in violation of the known laws of electromagnetism) to form these large-scale signal-blocking plasmas?

Particle accelerators are on the verge of transformational breakthroughs

TECHNIQUES: Advances in computing power and techniques are a big part of the reason.

Deutsche Bank Stock Slides On Report Management "Mulling A Capital Raise"

City Council votes to start talks to buy Peachtree-Pine shelter

YES: "She wouldn't be supportive of the legislation because she believed in having the information at the beginning of the process, not the end."

US Construction Spending Crashes Into Contraction For First Time In 5 Years

Italy Prepares For "Impact From Hypothetical Worsening" Of Deutsche Bank "Crisis"

Salesforce tries to block Microsoft's LinkedIn acquisition

The spat is part of what seems to be at least a partial unraveling of the relationship between Microsoft and Salesforce.

'Study, pray, vote,' Pope tells Americans ahead of elections

INDEED THEY DO: "People say 'I'm from this party' or 'I'm from that party,' but effectively, they don't have clear thoughts about the basics, about proposals"

About That Deutsche "Settlement" Rumor: Cryan Hasn't Even Started Negotiations With The DOJ

In other words, not only was the $5.6 billion "agreed upon" number, as "reported" by Twitter and then AFP, bogus, but the actual negotiations have not yet even begun.

Germany closed on Monday

Minnesota health insurance market in 'emergency situation'

This newly discovered star system just broke the luminosity record

Stupid Design Patent of the Month: Rectangles on a Screen

I was reported for gender misconduct for calling myself handsome in class

State Dept Ordered to Release 3,000 Clinton Emails Before Election