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Putin described Israel's settlement policy as "wrong" during a major speech on Friday

Poor kids who do everything right don’t do better than rich kids who do everything wrong

Huge Solar Flare Erupts from Biggest Sunspot in 24 Years

US Police Corrupted. Also, geography.



How Verizon's Advertising Header Works

HTTP blocking, like Adblock Plus or Privacy Badger, would still be effective.

Lockheed Martin claims it will have a working reactor in a decade.

Radical theory proposes that interactions between classical worlds can explain some quantum phenomena.

It's Not Nothing

Charles Munger, Warren Buffett's Longtime Business Partner, Makes $65 Million Gift

"Physics is vitally important. Everyone knows that."

Experiment tests the foundations of quantum mechanics at the large scale

Models help materials give electrons the slip

The OSCon team has programmed innovative codes that simulate vortex dynamics within a superconducting medium under changing conditions

SciDAC partnership members used recent experimental data on irradiated superconducting cables to validate the codes.

POLARBEAR Detects Curls in the Universe's Oldest Light

WHY: Why doesn't this article weigh in on the ongoing B-mode controversy?

In a federal trial examining a classified military deal, don't mention the Navy SEALs

The devices were designed to fit AK-47-style automatic rifles -- not standard US military weapons -- and lacked any markings or serial numbers.

Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant

"It would be my proudest boast if I could say that no patient had had to pay one penny for any of the information we have found."

Walking Dead Actress Helps Rescue Colombian Sex Slaves

"Plunge protection" behind market's sudden recovery

Gravitational wave discovery was most likely a measurement error

The new results from Planck should be ready for publication in December this year.

Viewpoint: Particle Scattering Simplified

Witten's twistor string theory has led to many new perspectives on particle scattering. The new ambitwistor string is likely to have a similar impact.

1980s aircraft helps quantum technology take flight

If control engineering can turn an unstable dart into a high-performance fighter jet, it's pretty amazing to think what it can do for next-generation quantum technologies.

The first step was trying to pinpoint how noise would affect a quantum system while it performed some task, which is fiendishly difficult.

Tabletop experiment could detect gravitational waves

All four suspected Ebola cases in Spain test negative for the disease

Researchers Expect Over 20 US Ebola Cases In Weeks

"You Don't Want To Know Worst Case"

Creepy clown sightings go nationwide

Sweden deploys troops over underwater threat

Lockheed says makes breakthrough on fusion energy project

UW fusion reactor concept could be cheaper than coal

Revealed: ISPs Already Violating Net Neutrality To Block Encryption And Make Everyone Less Safe Online

WOW: The mysterious workings of a Pentagon office that oversees clandestine operations are unraveling in federal court, where a criminal investigation has exposed a secret weapons program entwined with allegations of a sweetheart contract, fake badges and trails of destroyed evidence.

"It became a case of the fox guarding the henhouse, and I suspect deeper issues might be in play."

UPSTAIRS: A contracting document filed with the court stated that the silencers were needed to support a program code-named UPSTAIRS

Two Navy security officers have testified that they stuffed the papers into burn bags and destroyed them on Nov. 15, 2013 -- three days after The Washington Post published a front-page article about the unfolding federal investigation into the silencers.

Cyclist, 31, 'executed' in broad daylight in Brooklyn street

"You did not hear a shot. [It was] like he used a silencer of something"

Man crawls up from subway hatch to throw smoke bomb at New York diners

Mexican activist slain during radio broadcast

Z machine makes progress toward nuclear fusion

Cure for Type 1 diabetes imminent after Harvard stem-cell breakthrough

The latest Reason-Rupe poll finds nearly eight out of 10 Americans -- 77 percent -- favor eliminating mandatory minimum prison sentences for nonviolent offenders so that judges instead have the ability to make sentencing decisions on a case-by-case basis

Secretive X-37B Military Space Plane Could Land in California Tuesday

Why blue LEDs are worth a Nobel Prize

NOTE: Einstein won for discoveries in quantum theory and it's said that relativity is beyond the Nobel.

Fearing a Future Emergency, Governors Declare a State of Emergency

Another Deutsche Banker And Former SEC Enforcement Attorney Commits Suicide

The question then is just what major regulatory revelation is just over the horizon for Deutsche Bank if yet another banker had to take his life to avoid being cross-examined by Congress under oath?

US Having Its Coolest Year On Record

With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.

SCIENTISTS AGREE: Increasingly scientists think there should be some regulatory oversight maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don't do something very foolish.

50% Of American Workers Make Less Than $28,031 A Year

The jobs that are being added to the economy pay a lot less than the jobs lost in the last recession. In fact, it has been estimated that the jobs that have been created since the last recession pay an average of 23 percent less than the jobs that were lost.

The End of QE3, Trouble Ahead for the Bulls?

AYAHUASCA: Could this be the next medicinal marijuana?

Krog Tunnel buffed in protest of Masquerade ball

Unparticle physics

Rousseff and Neves face off in Brazil's presidential duel

Climate change PROVED to be nothing but a lie, claims top meteorologist

"The incredible list of supposed horrors that increasing carbon dioxide will bring the world is pure belief disguised as science."

Polar Bears are increasing in number.

Russia at the gates? US State Dept, Pentagon grilled over NATO expansion

"Is it not logical to look at this and say -- the reason why Russia's army is on NATO's doorstep, is because NATO expands"

The New Civil Rights Division Head Wants to Decriminalize Possession of All Drugs

SEIZE: 32 Cities Want to Challenge Big Telecom, Build Their Own Gigabit Networks

Nothing Is Beyond Our Reach

Did the dragon family take control of the Federal Reserve Board?

"The New Economic System will be developed founded on the truth namely that there is Abundance of resources, not scarcity."

Research shows Portal 2 is better for you than 'Brain training' software

Could blight-burdened neighborhoods take control of abandoned homes and sell them?

"Occupancy is the only solution."

40,000 Voter-Registration Applications Submitted by Blacks and Hispanics Disappear in GA

8 Sandy Springs businesses robbed overnight

Breaking: Pope Ousts Top Vatican Judge Known For Incendiary Anti-Gay Comments

A potent theory has emerged explaining a mysterious statistical law that arises throughout physics and mathematics.

While the physical equations describing phase transitions seem to match reality, many of the computational methods used to derive them have never been made mathematically rigorous.

"It should basically make us think more about trying to classify these third-order transitions."


WHO finally admits sneezing and coughing can spread Ebola

WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT OUR CHAINS: Freguson Protestors Hold Surprise Rally at Upscale Plaza Frontenac Shopping Mall -- Harass Shoppers (VIDEO)

GLOBAL GROUP: Internet caretaker ICANN to escape US control

The timeline for the shift is months rather than years

OPEC Split as Oil Prices Fall Sharply

Saudi Arabia might be rethinking its strategy.

Who gave you this gold medal, sir?

The King of Sweden.

This Widely Cited Physicist Is A Total Asshole. He Also Doesn't Exist.

Edward Snowden Speaks: A Sneak Peek at an Exclusive Interview

Russian gangs in $1bn City cyber raid plot

Bank insiders are being groomed

THE HIGGS BOSON FOR EASY: It's often lamented that the Higgs mechanism is terribly difficult to explain but it's like wading through a field of deep snow. What Higgs actually did is show that one certain chunk of math can go off and be by itself.

Performing the normal multiplication that everyone is familiar with gives a good example. To multiply two numbers write 11 on one line, 'x' space seven on the next and then underline it. Write some math underneath and you have your answer. From the top down, one little chunk of math is there.

Higgs showed how the answer from the first chunk of math was actually a flux of probability current going through it. The Higgs boson is the smallest possible amount of that current. The boson is its own separate chunk of math (defined by the current derived from the first chunk of math.) Higgs discovered the probability current of the Higgs boson but here are other currents such as electron and neutrino currents.

Quantum is fuzzy so we have the probability current as the relevant field. If quantum was not fuzzy, instead of the probability current you would have a trajectory which is a curved line. The fuzziness turns the linear trajectory into a probability current in some volume. It predicts where in that volume you are more likely to find a Higgs boson. Similarly, the displacement field of classical mechanics predicts where you are likely to find areas of concentrated stress in a volume of material as it bends or twists.

The maths of the probability and displacement are the same; it's called field theory. In one case the field's physical quantity is the location of a Higgs particle. In the other it's the location of a set of discrete grid points representing the location of each part of the extended material body. (Truly the field tells us the limit where there are infinitely many of those grid points but computationally we just choose some number.) If you model the whole piece of material as just one point then the system is exactly the same as the Higgs. The interpretation, however, is different.

How do you go from the one chunk of math to the other chunk of math? Well... that's the miracle of calculus. You integrate over the first chunk to get the flux. Then impose some arbitrary boundary condition(s) to get a probablility current. Due to some other math (non-commutative operators) there is a smallest possible amount of probability current. That smallest amount is now an independent math entity.

One of the most widely looked-to places in the search for new physics is the development of new boundary conditions. With different boundaries your math becomes a different kind of current when you apply the calculus. For instance, one might say that the Higgs boson resides between an apple tree and a ship or even between the distant future and the distant past.

Higgs' paper is quite readable