11-09-14 arXiv

WHAT DOES ROME SAY?: Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children, according to ancient manuscript

Why Scientists Think Completely Unclassifiable and Undiscovered Life Forms Exist

Pirate Bay Is Still Online, Even Though All of Its Founders Are in Custody

US bishops struggling under Francis' pontificate

"To a large degree, the U.S. bishops have lost their bearings. I think up until now, they felt Rome had their back, and what they were saying -- especially politically -- would eventually be supported in Rome. They can't count on that now."

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: "Pope Francis is fond of creating a mess."

Pope demotes outspoken American conservative cardinal

In a Multiverse, What Are the Odds?

For years, the inability to calculate ratios of infinite quantities has prevented the multiverse hypothesis from making testable predictions

"Right now the causal patch looks really good"

The Hackers, The Congressman, and Sharyl Attkisson's Book Party

Investigations worked only "if the press, and particularly reporters, will go out and meet people and get the story from whistleblowers and then report it and give them a fair hearing."

Study finds that when people don't like the political implications of the solution to a problem, they are more likely to deny the problem exists at all

Improved code for ARCHER hits the target

Russian Lawmaker Proposes Mailing Putin Sperm to Impregnate Russian Women

I've heard of disseminating ideas, but this is amazing.

Star Wars: Episode VII has a title: 'The Force Awakens'

As Ebola declines in Liberia, health officials reassess response plans

Scientists progress toward plasma acceleration

They were able to transfer energy to the electrons with an unprecedented level of efficiency.

Their results could eventually lead to an expansion in the use of plasma wakefield acceleration in areas such as national security

"To put these results in context, we have now shown that we could use this technique to accelerate an electron beam to the same energies achieved in the 2-mile-long SLAC linear accelerator, in less than 20 feet."

Two photons interact for the first time in fiber optic experiment

Soliton-induced relativistic-scattering and amplification

This is apartheid!

Israeli minister blasts bus segregation for Palestinians

In pictures: Relics discovered in Mexico's Teotihuacan

Historic gate at Dachau concentration camp stolen

Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi freed from Mexican jail, returns to US

Atlanta counted among U.S. cities 'radically altered' by gentrification

Why Republicans Keep Telling Everyone They're Not Scientists

"It's got to be the dumbest answer I've ever heard"

To say, 'I'm not a scientist' is like saying, 'I'm not a parakeet.'

Sweden becomes first EU country to recognise the Palestinian State

Arrow of Time Emerges in a Gravitational System

Loschmidt irreversibility paradox: If one posits a moment of low entropy, entropy should increase both to the future and to the past, giving two separate arrows of time [7].

There is a unique moment of minimum size and maximum uniformity. From this point, the system expands outward, approximately symmetrically in both directions of time

The system is therefore globally symmetric in time, as the equations dictate, and yet has a local arrow of time.

"the distant future"

Can the wave function of an electron be divided and trapped?

100,000 Hungarians march against internet tax

"We not only need to defeat the tax, we need to believe that we are capable of criticising and influencing the state."

Russia offers the US help with space station after rocket explodes

"If a request is made for the urgent delivery of any American supplies to the ISS with the help of our vessels then we will fulfill the request"

NATO reports spike in Russian military flights

How Technology Can Ruin Work/Life Balance

...sending a Terminator to stop another Terminator

Scientists Discover Huge 'Bathtub Ring' Of Oil On Sea Floor From BP Spill

No Big Bang without God, Says Pope Francis

Giant Sunspot Keeps Firing Off Huge Solar Flares

World could soon be fueled by nuclear fusion

Assuming that it really happens, what would that do to the world?

For a start, it would kill off the coal industry entirely. Gas would be the next to go, but the demand for oil (and therefore its price) would also go into a long-term decline.

The Challenges Of Defending Your Child's Mind From Propaganda

I truly believe that most Americans suffer from Stockholm Syndrome

Putin described Israel's settlement policy as "wrong" during a major speech on Friday

Poor kids who do everything right don't do better than rich kids who do everything wrong

Huge Solar Flare Erupts from Biggest Sunspot in 24 Years

US Police Corrupted. Also, geography.



How Verizon's Advertising Header Works

HTTP blocking, like Adblock Plus or Privacy Badger, would still be effective.

Lockheed Martin claims it will have a working reactor in a decade.

Radical theory proposes that interactions between classical worlds can explain some quantum phenomena.

It's Not Nothing

Charles Munger, Warren Buffett's Longtime Business Partner, Makes $65 Million Gift

"Physics is vitally important. Everyone knows that."

Experiment tests the foundations of quantum mechanics at the large scale

Five nuclear engineers murdered near Damascus

Putin, Xi Jinping sign mega gas deal on second gas supply route

FUSION: Are the Chinese and Russians considering fusion in their "plans to build new pipelines?" They must be.

Jailed for Jaywalking: Pedestrian crime lands some behind bars

Dem: Obama doesn't have power to deploy more troops

50% of occupations today will no longer exist in 2025: Report

Mexican protesters torch trucks, toss firebombs at govt building

Remains could be those of 43 missing Mexican students

TRUE STORY: "The government is trying to resolve things its way so that to rid itself of this great problem it is facing"

ISIS chief 'critically wounded' in air raid: reports

US NOT CONFIRMING: US not confirming Russian incursion in Ukraine

VOTING: The predictable flopping from Democrat to Republican and back again, with voters given no real choice but to punish the party in power -- by electing the party that was punished previously.

This endless, irrational dynamic is the foundation of the U.S. electoral system.

The economy is used by politicians to enrich the already-rich, who under Obama have received 95 percent of wealth created since he began as president.

TRUE STORY: The veins of the U.S. body politic are too clogged with cash to be cleansed.

Dollar smashes through resistance as mega-rally gathers pace

Russia Sends Dozens Of Tanks Into Ukraine

BIG PAYBACC: Man Fatally Shot

Oil Below $80: The First Shoes Drop

Feeding the homeless: Act of charity or a crime?

Own a dog in Iran? That will be 74 lashes

First Europeans weathered the Ice Age

Lee asks ethics board to reconsider

The ethics board ruled Oct. 21 that they would proceed with a full hearing because Lee had failed to avoid "the appearance of impropriety"

Despite bribe charge, Brookhaven folds on Pink Pony case

Ironically the deal became final Monday, the very day the Supreme Court refused to hear the Pink Pony's appeal.

Clayton voters embrace MARTA

Joni Ernst Victory Speech: "It's a Long Way from Red Oak to Washington... We're Going to Make Them Squeal!"

New highs: Marijuana now legal in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, DC

BOO: Medical pot stalls in Florida

Europe has lost 20% of bird population since 1980

It is clear that the way we are managing the environment is unsustainable for many of our most familiar species

Brazil Builds Internet Cable To Portugal To Avoid NSA Surveillance

Election Eve Dump: Eric Holder Releases Fast and Furious Documents That Got Him Cited for Contempt

States ditch electronic voting machines

OR IS IT?: "Eventually [a generation is] going to have the thought that it's idiotic for me not to be able to vote using my cell phone"

OXYMORON: Conservative Catholics

Muon g-2 storage ring starts a new life

The storage-ring system includes a unique superconducting inflector magnet that enables bunches of 3.1 GeV/cmuons produced in a pion-decay channel to enter the magnetic-field region along a nearly field-free path.

If g were exactly equal to 2, the muon spin would remain in the direction of its momentum.

Parity violation in the weak decay of the muon then serves as the spin analyser.

German minister's plane disappears from radar 'for hours', causes stir

Modifed Brans-Dicke Theory in Arbitrary Dimensions

Acknowledgments: We would like to thank an anonymous referee for the fruitful comments.

CIA Demand To Black Out Torture Report Details Would Be Unprecedented

Frozen Inca Mummy Goes On Display

SATAN: Theresa May accused of "appalling incompetence" over Fiona Woolf affair

Get your facts right: Italy, US come bottom in modern life survey

The ramifications of widespread ignorance about basic measures of what is happening in society are unclear but they could potentially influence behavior and undermine rational political debate.

Colleges Are Tracking When Students Work Out at Rec Centers

Those who exercised more got better grades.

School board slams Michelle's snack rules: Federal overreach at its worst

"The problem with 'free' government money is how much it costs"

Not all students are created the same, and some, such as student athletes, require a lot more calories than others.

OPINION: While it is important to teach healthy eating habits, it is equally important to realize that kids can eat pretty much any amount of anything and still be healthy if they get normal physical activity. For children, normal physical activity is very high volume and does not involve sitting inside playing vidya all evening after sitting in a classroom with a sedentary baby sitter all day.

FURTHERMORE: The extremist focus on calories is fatally flawed because it assumes human excrement has no caloric content.

NASA's Antares rocket explodes shortly after launch

"BUG": Watch your attachments: Microsoft Office bug lets hackers take over computers

NOTE: A bug would let an attacker take over Microsoft. When the attacker can take over the customer, it's called a "backdoor".

Dwarf Galaxies Dim Hopes of Dark Matter

"Without this confirmation the case for the dark matter interpretation of the galactic center excess is substantially weakened."

"It is what it is. There is a dark-matter interpretation, and the dwarfs at the moment did not rule it out, or confirm it."

But the fact that WIMPs would represent an elegant solution to deep questions doesn't mean they're real.

EXCEPT: WIMPS are actually ugly and contrived, and not elegant at all.

"Even though many people are working very hard on the WIMP paradigm, people are starting to think more broadly"

"We're just making this invisible particle increasingly complicated"

MY TWO CENTS: What if we know all the particles, gravity is right, and the hyperdimensional shape of galaxies is simply not apparent?

Archaeologists Discover Highest Altitude Ice Age Human Occupation Site

Fearing a Future Emergency, Governors Declare a State of Emergency

Another Deutsche Banker And Former SEC Enforcement Attorney Commits Suicide

The question then is just what major regulatory revelation is just over the horizon for Deutsche Bank if yet another banker had to take his life to avoid being cross-examined by Congress under oath?

US Having Its Coolest Year On Record

With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.

SCIENTISTS AGREE: Increasingly scientists think there should be some regulatory oversight maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don't do something very foolish.

50% Of American Workers Make Less Than $28,031 A Year

The jobs that are being added to the economy pay a lot less than the jobs lost in the last recession. In fact, it has been estimated that the jobs that have been created since the last recession pay an average of 23 percent less than the jobs that were lost.

The End of QE3, Trouble Ahead for the Bulls?