11-19-13 arXiv

New study: Liberals have false sense of uniqueness, conservatives have a false sense of consensus.

LOL: "In contrast, despite its popularity, the liberal Occupy Wall Street movement struggled to reach agreement on their collective mission and ultimately failed to enact large-scale social change."

What Is the Difference Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims--and Why Does It Matter?

Beyond the Higgs boson: Five reasons physics is still interesting

Grilling of spy chiefs 'a total pantomime'

Want 'free trade'? Open the medical and drug industry to competition

Agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership distribute wealth upward. Real 'free trade' can lower medical costs for everyone

Sanders wants progressive 2016 presence

Peter Thiel Claims Bitcoin Has the Potential to Change the World

Exclusive: FBI warns of U.S. government breaches by Anonymous hackers

FBI: Cyber-attacks surpassing terrorism as major domestic threat

LulzSec hacker sentenced to 10 years in jail for leaking Stratfor emails

NSA chief says Snowden leaked up to 200,000 secret documents

Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War

Qubit record moves quantum computing forward

Half a Life in Solitary: How Colorado Made a Young Man Insane

The "reality" of the Higgs field

Imkharn describes why giving everyone in America a guaranteed minimum wage of $22,000 a year would actually be cheaper than our current system of social welfare programs.

Frank Rich on the National Circus: CBS's Benghazi Report Was a Hoax, Not a Mistake

NOTE: After we broke the story that Biden was poisoning Obama with scopolamine, there immediately appeared a picture of Obama with some college students. They were making letters and the image had been flipped so they spelt O-I-H-O instead of Ohio. It circulated with the intention of being used as evidence of Obama's depleted faculties.

Who do you think put that image out there? Was it those who wanted the truth so bad they made an obvious lie to support it? Or perhaps that image was put out by those who wanted to derail the scopolamine connection.

Now do we have potentially a similar thing here? Did the Republicans want to tell the truth about Benghazi so bad they made an obvious lie that would undoubtedly fall apart in minutes? Or perhaps Team Obama put the story out in an attempt to discredit the Benghazi story? Truth be told, the sounds that Davies make have no bearing the truth.

By the way, with all this attention being called to Lara Logan's impartiality, should we revisit the fact the the president of CBS -- David Rhodes -- is the brother of one of Obama's top national security advisers?

When do we get to see it?

Sarah Palin fears 'liberal' Pope Francis being influenced by the 'sneering media'

"If Sarah Palin's this shocked by Pope Francis, she'll be catatonic when she finally gets round to reading about Jesus in the New Testament."

OOPS, LOL: 'I'm sorry for QE'

Cost-benefit analysis and state secrecy

The thrust of this argument is simple: terrorism is such a minor threat to American life and limb that it's simply bizarre -- just stupefyingly irrational and intellectually unserious -- to suppose that it could even begin to justify the abolition of privacy rights as they have been traditionally understood in favour of the installation of a panoptic surveillance state.

IPCC's Bogus Evidence for Global Warming

China, US armies to begin joint disaster exercise

Partnership between Facebook and police could make planning protests impossible

To ride the Moscow subway for free, do 30 squats

Capitalism - the Stealthy Killer

Electron Appears Spherical, Squashing Hopes for New Physics Theories

The Experiments Most Likely to Shake Up the Future of Physics

Strange Doings on the Sun

Tormented typhoon victims scour for food

"I am a decent person. But if you have not eaten in 3 days, you do shameful things to survive,"

A single-payer system, like Medicare, is the cure for America's ailing healthcare

...the US spends almost twice as much per person on healthcare as any other nation. As a result of an incredibly wasteful, bureaucratic, profit-making and complicated system, the US spends 17% of its gross domestic product -- approximately $2.7tn annually -- on healthcare.

Feinstein's NSA bill shows she doesn't have a clue about intelligence reform

Senator Feinstein's bill is a big step backwards for privacy. In contrast, the USA Freedom Act would stop intelligence abuses

Report: Gunman kills Iranian deputy minister

Lindsey Graham doubles down on threat to block nominees over Benghazi

53 Drug Convictions Thrown Out By Philadelphia Judge

Exclusive: Obama's Secret Iran Detente

For the First Time Ever, a Prosecutor Will Go to Jail for Wrongfully Convicting an Innocent Man

NOT EXACTLY JUSTICE: 10 days for 25 years

NYT endorses brutal, secret, Internet-destroying corporatist TPP trade-deal; write to your lawmaker to fight it

Largest Civil Disobedience In Walmart History Leads To More Than 50 Arrests

"Unreasonable Force" In Chicago Evidently Does Not Mean A Probably Drunk Cop Killing An Unarmed Guy Lying On the Ground By Shooting Him 16 Times

Oil traders claim crude prices fixed

BP and Shell among companies that conspired to manipulate Brent spot prices for more than a decade, lawsuit alleges

Wanted:Negotiating Text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Physicists Smash Record For Wave-Particle Duality

Researchers have observed quantum superposition in molecules containing around 5000 protons, 5000 neutrons and 5000 electrons

Denial-of-service tool targeting Healthcare.gov site discovered

Googlers say "F*** you" to NSA, company encrypts internal network

Unfortunately, the government probably still has complete access to Google's data

Exclusive: Swiss study says polonium found in Arafat's bones

Here's Why Israelis Are Once Again Angry With Obama: 'Absolutely Perplexing'

Forget the Back Door: The Government Now Wants the Keys to the Internet

Jimmy Carter's Grandson to Run for Governor of Georgia

The U.S. Needs a New Constitution

Let's face it: What worked well 224 years ago is no longer the best we can do.

Today, the Senate is an undemocratic relic where 41 senators, representing just 11 percent of the nation's population, can use the filibuster to block almost anything and bring government to its knees.

"No society can make a perpetual constitution," Thomas Jefferson wrote to James Madison in 1789

Statement from Wikileaks' attache to Edward Snowden

Silk Road 2.0: [The FBI probably] Launches, Promising A Resurrected Black Market For The Dark Web

Surge in ADHD diagnoses gets a red flag

Illegal police anal rape

'Purge surge': Obama fires another commander

Russell Brand: we deserve more from our democratic system

"democracy is irrelevant"

Colo. counties to decide on secession

Mississippi: Hub may get 1-Gig Internet

Los Angeles planning to bring free, fiber-based internet to its 3.5 million residents

J.J. Abrams wants to take 'Star Wars: Episode VII' back to the series' grittier roots

Guy went to Israel. Went across the wall to Palestine. Realized everything was a lie.

Global warming 'pause' may last for 20 more years and Arctic sea ice has already started to recover

Romney Donors Back Democrat Over Tea Party in Georgia

Delta and JetBlue now permit personal electronics use during all stages of flight

Uncertainty reigns over Heisenberg's measurement analogy

Why Stocks Are Undoubtedly Experiencing A Massive Bubble

Top generals: Obama is 'purging the military'

WRONG: Most Americans Believe Crime in U.S. Is Worsening

Police violence is what's increasing

28 solar flares in the last seven days, and more may be coming

Mama kitty nurses baby squirrels

THIS: Eric Weinstein: What Math and Physics Can Do for New Economic Thinking

Think of astronomy and astrology as two schools of economics. For some reason, the astrologers are in control.

Catalonia to become first Spanish region to ban circus acts with live animals

Obamacare Navigator Hasn't Signed Up Anyone Because It's Too Expensive

Ayatollah's illness raises fear of power struggle

Comcast is donating heavily to defeat the mayor who is bringing gigabit fiber to Seattle

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders: Instead of talking about cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, we must end the absurdity of corporations not paying a nickel in federal income taxes.

At a time when we now spend almost as much as the rest of the world combined on defense, we can make judicious cuts in our armed forces without compromising our military capability.

Florida Cops Made Millions Dealing Cocaine: The Latest Asset Forfeiture Outrage

Florida Cop Tasers Cuffed Girl Who Became Braindead As A Result

NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say

Spain colluded in NSA spying on its citizens, Spanish newspaper reports

RIAA: Bitcoin Makes it Hard to Track or Seize Pirate Bay Donations

Why Is Antarctic Sea Ice Growing?

Dark Matter Still Hiding: Latest Experimental Sweep Comes Up Empty

Sun emits fourth X-class flare in a week

U.S. Agencies to Say Bitcoins Offer Legitimate Benefits

Grijalva: Public hungry for budget changes

Judge won't allow Holder appeal now in contempt case

Please, Just Give Us a Single-Payer System Already

Accounting fraud is business as usual at the Pentagon, Reuters reports

Junk Glistens Under Bernankecare as Worst Stocks Win

Constitutional Crisis

Excellent rhetoric. Too bad it's about Obamacare instead of targeted killing or something.

LOGIC IS SMART: H.R.2818 - Surveillance State Repeal Act

Congressman: Benghazi attackers knew location of ambassador's safe room

"No tyranny lasts forever," Mongolian president said in N Korea

US patent moves are 'profoundly bad' in leaked TPP treaty

Israel's Peres warns against feud with U.S. over Iran

Middle East tension the top concern for 2014: WEF

New 377,000-square-foot Scientology building has entire floor where members can get 'super powers'

RICH GUY: Rich guys shoud own the moon

Facebook, Still Dominant, Strives to Keep Cachet

A great idea for making Wall Street pay its fair share

President Hassan Rouhani has ordered the country's morality police to stop arresting women considered to be in defiance of a strict dress code

LIKELY INACCURATE: Prosecutor warns of a mafia threat against Pope Francis

$1 Billion TSA 'Chat Down' Program a Complete Failure

'Killer Robots' could be outlawed

23 Petty Crimes That Have Landed People in Prison for Life Without Parole

LOL: Obamacare Enrollment Is Super Low

Author Of The PATRIOT Act Goes To EU Parliament To Admit Congress Failed, And The NSA Is Out Of Control

Maynard James Keenan on Next Tool Album: 'A Very Tedious Process'

Bill would make it illegal for ISPs to slow down online video services

Anonymous claims Parliament Wi-Fi hack during London protest

A Currency the Fed Can't Figure Out

Rio's Heatwave Continues and 'Shock and Order' On the Beach

LOL: Can Russell Brand be the Leader Anonymous is Missing?

Statistician suggests raising statistical standards to reduce amount of non-reproducible studies

Cronyism: Sen. Dianne Feinstein's husband will make millions from sale of 60 USPS buildings

7 Questions CBS Is Dodging on Its Bogus Benghazi Story

A mistake: 60 Minutes apologizes for false Benghazi report


Contrary to reports, global warming studies don't show 97% of scientists fear global warming

The 97% figure represented just 75 individuals

Another study's results add up to little more than 'carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas' and 'mankind affects the climate.'

Australia is on track for its warmest ever year, says study

NYC Food Bank Head: 40% Of Veterans Need Food Assistance

Why is the Universe the same everywhere?

John McCain says NSA chief Keith Alexander 'should resign or be fired'

U.S. seeks $864 million from Bank of America after fraud verdict

World's First 3D Printed Metal Gun Manufactured by Solid Concepts

Two admirals face probe in Navy bribery scheme

A Proposal To Limit Swiss Executive Pay To 12 Times That Of Low-Paid Employees Has Fat Cats Worried

Can the Million Mask March turn a vendetta into a victory?

Colorado Woman Who Championed Obamacare Loses Insurance Plan

Matter and Antimatter are Not So Symmetric

SCOPOLABIDENGAZI: CBS to Correct Erroneous Report on Benghazi

Bill de Blasio: Harbinger of a New Populist Left in America

...promise to redress the "tale of two cities" inequalities among New Yorkers, an issue forced into mainstream discourse by the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement

'Weird' OBJECT moving by its own JETS seen beyond Mars orbit by Hubble

Exclusive: Snowden persuaded other NSA workers to give up passwords - sources

Netanyahu: 'This Is a Bad Deal--a Very, Very Bad Deal'

Dad Calls Cops on Son to Teach Him a Lesson, Cops Shoot Son Dead

Today's Drug War Outrage: Man Dies In Jail Cell After Misdemeanor Pot Offense

For Detained Whistle-Blower, a Hospital Bill, Not an Apology

Kerry: Israeli settlements are illegitimate

On the Prospect of Blackmail by the NSA

Sometimes when I hear public officials speaking out in defense of NSA spying, I can't help thinking, even if just for a moment, "what if the NSA has something on that person and that's why he or she is saying this?"

Everyone In America Is Even More Broke Than You Think

Charter CEO 'Surprised' More Users Want Broadband With No TV

Former NSA Codebreaker: I Tried To Tell People About Government Spying

Brazilian government will stop buying software that prevents audit

Portland voters strongly endorse pot legalization

NJ voters approve increasing minimum wage

Wyden adds name to Leahy NSA Bill

The CIA, Not The Pentagon, Will Keep Running Obama's Drone War

Explosions kill 1, injure 8 in north China city: reports

India launches spacecraft to Mars

Finding "the Higgs" Leads to More Puzzles

Twitter IPO More Expensive Than Facebook Without Profits

We're About to Lose Net Neutrality -- And the Internet as We Know It

This transatlantic trade deal is a full-frontal assault on democracy

Twitter keeps suspending account critical of Obamacare

Poland asks European court to hide CIA secret torture prison case from public

Marijuana and painkillers both warrant different federal treatment

The Google File System makes NSA's hack blatantly illegal and they know it

Warning Signs Flash as Stock Market Soars to Records

AL Sheriff Arrests Blogger for Exposing Affair with Lobbyist

A War on the Poor

Edward Snowden's letter to Germany revealed.

He is ready to go to Germany and testify over the US wiretapping of Angela Merkel's phone on condition of granting him political asylum

LOL: 6

Patent war goes nuclear: Microsoft, Apple-owned "Rockstar" sues Google

NEWSFLASH: There is almost no reason for software patents to exist

EFF: being forced to decrypt your files violates the Fifth

Obama Orders NSA To Stop Spying On The World Bank, IMF

Law professor on Feinstein's "reform" NSA bill: "I'd laugh if I weren't so offended"

Time Warner Cable reported the steepest quarterly loss of television subscribers in its history

The Drug War Is Over (If Obama Wants It)

A Big Butt Is A Healthy Butt: Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Healthier

The USA FREEDOM Act is Real Spying Reform

The ACLU strongly supports the legislation.