11-30-14 arXiv

New largest number factored on a quantum device is 56,153

Russia Plans Massive Productivity and Wage Hike for Space Industry Workforce

'Skunk power' creates confusion over nuclear fusion

"You have to be ready for somebody to change your mind, you have to be"

DISGUSTING: "Justifiable homicides" by police at record high

Officers killed in the line of duty at record low

Univision's Ramos To Journalists: Stop Pretending We're Neutral

We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.

Mexico president seeks to dissolve local police forces

San Diego State fraternities halt parties after anti-rape march fracas

"We've got a problem - there's a problem at universities all across the country - with sexual assault"

PROBLEMS: The real problem is that making a sincere effort to have sex isn't wrong, but officially it is

Israeli president opposes proposed law to give national rights to Jews only

The top 400 households got 16 percent of all capital gains in 2010

Jewish-nation bill frays Israel's delicate social fabric

"There are many who are challenging Israel's character as the national state of the Jewish people," Netanyahu said. "The Palestinians refuse to recognize this and there is also opposition from within.

The Arabic Islamic Inscriptions On The Dome Of The Rock In Jerusalem

"Oh God, bless Your Messenger and Your servant Jesus"

"The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only a Messenger of God"

Republicans solve Benghazi, opt for discretion

The Tragedy Of Propping Up The Matrix Of Lies

The behavior of all the others the past decade represents such a titanic failure of nerve and action

Strange thrust: the unproven science that could propel our children into space

Finding OBL in Pakistan proved war on terror was waged against wrong country: Karzai

UN chief urges flexibility in jammed Iran nuclear talks

Russia meanwhile is adamant about reaching a much needed conclusion.

Ukrainian coalition plans to cancel non-aligned status, seek NATO membership

Petrobras corruption: plea bargains with the return of 165m dollars with five accused

30,000 missing emails from IRS' Lerner recovered

Rights groups release software to detect government spyware

"They use the technology in a cowardly attempt to prevent abuses from being exposed"

"Beyond the lies of the government, we have the possibility to start moving an entire country towards change"

Mexico on the brink: thousands to protest over widespread corruption and student massacre

FAIL: Two apparently unrelated issues

"This is not about the popularity or unpopularity of the president, that is irrelevant. It is about credibility and trust and, at its root, it is about legitimacy."

"The solution has to start by recognising the legitimate foundations of the collective irritation. The country has good reason to be angry."

Facts and logic refute Djibouti's ambassador

It is a disappointing state of affairs when a true patriot's reputation is attacked and tarnished officially

A counterproductive family feud of international proportions.

His biggest challenges have been to defend himself from the mortal sin of opposing a seated despot.

CIA Director John Brennan considering sweeping organizational changes

"The time has come to take a fresh look at how we are organized as an agency"

SYNERGY: Existing divisions undermine the CIA's effectiveness

S. Korea to raise $500 bln for unification

I am not a smart man

No taboos for ECB staff preparing possible next steps

OCCUPY CENTRAL: Four arrested after masked crowds smash Legco glass doors, clash with police

Court rules Michigan has no responsibility to provide quality public education

GOOD: Keystone XL pipeline bill fails to pass US Senate by 1 vote

Judge rules he won't dismiss Rick Perry case over paperwork technicality

Non-Muslim to be sworn in as Jakarta governor despite protests

"I do not have high hopes for (Widodo's) administration because parliament is not controlled by his coalition"

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp cops major investor revolt

Depression-Level Collapse In Demand: In Historic First, Glencore Shuts Coal Mines For 3 Weeks

Pressure Mounts on FCC Chief Over Net Neutrality Rules

INAPPROPRIATE WHY?: A strict Title II approach would not by itself be sufficient because there are hundreds of rules applying to telephone service common carriers that would be inappropriate to apply to broadband, like, for example, rate regulation.

Strange New 2014 Addition to the Georgia Guidestones

UNFUNDED LIABILITIES: State budgets fudge numbers to hide massive debt

Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth Shows Gender Gap in Science

Total Wellness With 12 Sun Salutations.

Congress has 11% approval ratings but 96% incumbent reelection rate, meme says

Why a Physics Revolution Might Be on Its Way

FIRING OFFENSE: Valerie Jarrett is now scapegoat-in-chief

SCAPEGOAT: Are you a scapegoat when you are the one to blame?

80% of Catalans say 'Yes' to independence

Something something right to self-determination, something something.

Obama: Regulate broadband Internet like a utility

Caught on Camera: Obamacare Architect Admits What Everyone Who Isn't A Total Asshole Already Knows

NOTE: The expansion of Medicaid was good

Minimum Wages Are Rising in Most States, But It's Still Not Enough to Make the Rent

WHAT DOES ROME SAY?: Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children, according to ancient manuscript

Why Scientists Think Completely Unclassifiable and Undiscovered Life Forms Exist

Pirate Bay Is Still Online, Even Though All of Its Founders Are in Custody

US bishops struggling under Francis' pontificate

"To a large degree, the U.S. bishops have lost their bearings. I think up until now, they felt Rome had their back, and what they were saying -- especially politically -- would eventually be supported in Rome. They can't count on that now."

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: "Pope Francis is fond of creating a mess."

Pope demotes outspoken American conservative cardinal

In a Multiverse, What Are the Odds?

For years, the inability to calculate ratios of infinite quantities has prevented the multiverse hypothesis from making testable predictions

"Right now the causal patch looks really good"

Christie vetoes controversial pig crate bill

Netflix CEO: Broadcast TV Will Be Dead By 2030

Cox Communications Sued For Not Disconnecting Pirates

Maglev elevators are coming that can go up, down, and sideways

Kim Dotcom Leaves Bail Hearing a Free Man, For Now

Police: Killer targeting homeless while they sleep

Dollar Bulls Amass Record $48 Billion Stake in Rally

LONG WAY TO GO: "The US is still the cleanest shirt in the dirty laundry"

OPEC Decision Is "Major Strike Against The American Market," Russian Tycoon Says

Saudis block OPEC output cut, sending oil price plunging

Scientists predict green energy revolution after incredible new "graphene" discoveries

Graphene is also being developed as a new material for membranes involved in separating liquids. It could be used to purify water in the developing world or to create more efficient desalination plants.

Putin says Russia is not a threat to anyone

Darrien Hunt, killed by Utah police while playing dress-up, appeared to flee during encounter

A one-chart summary of every Ferguson eyewitness's grand jury testimony

Scientists urge governments to turn old TV frequencies into free "super WiFi"

In the long run, though, those of us living in areas where auctions have gone ahead could find ourselves quite jealous of the countries that choose the super WiFi option.

Competing Marijuana Legalization Bills Show Georgia is in Play

Senate Resolution 6 would add a Colorado-style amendment to the Georgia Constitution that would legalize and tax marijuana for adult recreational use

Sony just got hacked, doxxed, and shut down

How can parts of Canada be 'missing' gravity?

Pentagon ready to take action as US Nazionist rogue regime now totally isolated

The first thing they need to be asked is if they even understand who they really work for.

Drug Overdose: The Real American Epidemic

Veteran S&P Futures Trader: "I Am 100% Confident That Central Banks Are Buying S&P Futures"

LOL: I am a self-taught, top down global macro economist, and historian of "money" and the Fed and all economic and governmental structures in the world.

Forests Are Dying Due to the Loss of Elephants. And Their Revitalizing Poop!

JUDICIAL TAKEOVER: FCC Barred From Disclosing TV Contracts in Comcast Review

A Quick Look At Goldman's Takeover Of The US Judicial System: NY Fed Edition

...which is great news for Carmen Segarra, and we are very happy to see that over a year after her original allegations of Goldman takeover at the most important central bank branch, they have been proven right and the Inspector General will have to take a few million in bribes from Goldman to find there is absolutely nothing wrong at the New York Federal Reserve Bank or Goldman Sachs.

And then this shocker: the judge on the case was conflicted, and had a close relationship to Goldman which was represented by her husband

Pope warns man's greed will destroy world

"It is also painful to see the struggle against hunger and malnutrition hindered by 'market priorities'"

Extremists are hijacking identity of Arab world, says Queen Rania at Abu Dhabi Media Summit

"Our strategy must be long-term. And that starts by investing in quality education for all"

"Education reform doesn't come cheap. But the price of ignorance is far, far greater."

The government should be laying down broadband like Eisenhower laid down interstates

NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION: Why Elon Musk is scared of artificial intelligence -- and Terminators

MAXIMUM WRONG TO THE WRONGTH POWER FACTORIAL: Since Musk isn't quite making his position clear, let's articulate futurists' core fear of artificial intelligence: that robots will replace humans.

NOTE WELL: Musk did give the example of the AI whose job it is to reduce email spam and decides exterminating humanity is the best way to do that. The danger can not be explained with more visceral clarity. Please understand that is not a joke, an exaggeration or a metaphor. The AI could decide something like that in a microsecond and 30 minutes later modern civilization is completely over. Don't fuck around with that.

The Real Reason Why Germany Halted Its Gold Repatriation From The NY Fed

"Yanks/NSA must have overheard some really juicy stuff on Angela's phone to bring diplomatic pressure to bear."

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Muslims discovered the Americas in the 12th century

"Columbus mentioned the existence of a mosque on a hill on the Cuban coast."

Iranian Negotiator: U.S. Must Bow to Our 'Inalienable Nuclear Rights'

WRONG ANALYSES: "Some [western] countries have fallen prey to miscalculations [about Iran's position] due to wrong analyses"

IRAN: Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

Man Calls Police to Escort His Girlfriend, Cops Show Up and Shoot Her in the Head

There are clear conflicts of interest with having the police investigate themselves

"In 129 years since police and fire commissions were created in the state of Wisconsin, we could not find a single ruling by a police department, an inquest or a police commission that a shooting was unjustified."

Voter turnout for 2014 midterms worst in 72 years

AMERICA HAS SPOKEN: They want someone to solve their problems but they don't want to be involved

Rosetta mission: setback as landing probe fails to respond initially

Geologists Who Didn't Predict an Earthquake Aren't Killers, Italian Court Rules

2011: Mystery signal at Fermilab hints at 'technicolour' force

2014: Did We Find The Higgs Particle Or Something Else?

An international team say they are not convinced it was the Higgs particle.

"The current data is not precise enough to determine exactly what the particle is."

Recipients Of The 2015 Breakthrough Prizes In Fundamental Physics And Life Sciences Announced

ACA Raises Premium Rates For Younger Enrollees, Up To 78% For Some Groups

Five nuclear engineers murdered near Damascus

Putin, Xi Jinping sign mega gas deal on second gas supply route

FUSION: Are the Chinese and Russians considering fusion in their "plans to build new pipelines?" They must be.

Jailed for Jaywalking: Pedestrian crime lands some behind bars

Dem: Obama doesn't have power to deploy more troops

50% of occupations today will no longer exist in 2025: Report

Mexican protesters torch trucks, toss firebombs at govt building

Remains could be those of 43 missing Mexican students

TRUE STORY: "The government is trying to resolve things its way so that to rid itself of this great problem it is facing"

ISIS chief 'critically wounded' in air raid: reports

US NOT CONFIRMING: US not confirming Russian incursion in Ukraine

VOTING: The predictable flopping from Democrat to Republican and back again, with voters given no real choice but to punish the party in power -- by electing the party that was punished previously.

This endless, irrational dynamic is the foundation of the U.S. electoral system.

The economy is used by politicians to enrich the already-rich, who under Obama have received 95 percent of wealth created since he began as president.

TRUE STORY: The veins of the U.S. body politic are too clogged with cash to be cleansed.

Dollar smashes through resistance as mega-rally gathers pace

Russia Sends Dozens Of Tanks Into Ukraine

BIG PAYBACC: Man Fatally Shot