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U.S. special forces to Syria is 'for starters': Pentagon

"That's for starters"

Pope Orders Audit of Church's Wealth as Whistleblowers Pursued

A likely December interest-rate hike has Democrats feeling nervous, and analysts divided on the economy.

The policy mistake would see the Fed tightening the U.S. money supply while Europe, Japan and China are all easing credit, creating a global "divergence" that further drives up the U.S. dollar, hurting U.S. exporters and possibly creating big corporate defaults abroad for companies whose debt is held in dollars.

FBI chief is wild card for Clinton

Venezuela's harried opposition eyes landmark win

Oklahoma university president: School is not a day care or safe space

Mystery swirls around death of Alaska mayor

Market Panics After Arrest Of Brazilian Senator

More than a quarter of the deputies in the lower house are facing criminal lawsuits or probes before the Supreme Court

Russia Sends NATO A Clear Message By Arming Fighter Jets With First Air-To-Air Missles

Turkey Arrests Generals Who Stopped Syria-Bound, Weapons-Laden, Spook Trucks

Russia has 'more proof' ISIS oil routed through Turkey, Erdogan says he'll resign if it's true

The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever

BIG: Not really the biggest

"On The Cusp Of A Staggering Default Wave": Energy Intelligence Issues Apocalyptic Warning For The Energy Sector

The US E&P sector could be on the cusp of massive defaults and bankruptcies so staggering they pose a serious threat to the US economy.

The group that can least afford a cash crunch will get just that.

Black Friday crowds thin in subdued start to U.S. holiday shopping

Chief Coca-Cola scientist leaves amid criticism over obesity research

Turkey won't apologize for downing Russian warplane, Erdogan says

Teenage ISIS poster girl 'beaten to death after trying to escape'

Microsemi Wins PMC-Sierra With a $2.5 Billion Bid

PMC, a 77 premium

NATO chief calls for "calm and de-escalation," says allies "stand in solidarity with Turkey"

At present, NATO has 28 members. In 1949, there were 12 founding members of the Alliance: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Suspects Armed With Kalashnikovs Take Hostages In French Town Near Belgian Border

Income inequality makes the rich more Scrooge-like, study finds

PSY: Scary tree is waving at you

Ground-breaking research could challenge underlying principles of physics

"Physicists have been waiting for more than 40 years for this kind of breakthrough."

Phenomenon could lead to more compact, tunable X-ray devices made of graphene

A new theory backed by exact simulations,

Russia Bombs 1,000 ISIS Oil Tankers As France Launches First Carrier Strikes Against "Evil Death Cult"

University yoga class suspended over 'cultural appropriation' dispute

Thanks to Russian strikes, our troops advancing on nearly every front, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says

State Of Emergency As Crimea Loses Electricity

Liberia monitors over 150 Ebola contacts as virus re-emerges

Five injured after fire breaks out on 50th floor of Hancock Center

Holocaust documents trove unearthed in Budapest apartment

Fed's Fischer Unleashes Schrodinger's FedSpeak - We Dare You To Make Sense Of This

We have done everything we can to avoid surprising the markets and governments when we move

A policy error is looming

Prominent Scientists Declare Climate Claims Ahead of UN Summit Irrational, Based On Nonsense, Leading us down a false path

"They are arguing over hundredths of a degree when it is uncertain in tenths of a degree"

Record Crushing Fraud From NOAA And NASA Ahead Of Paris

House Passes Fed Transparency Bill

Every time a standing Fed chairman (or woman) is criticized before Congress their traditional response is that it is Congress that gave the emergency powers it now has to bail out anyone and everyone. Especially Fed member banks.

Fed will want more uncertainty on rates after hike: Bullard

The Day Israel Attacked America

Israeli anger as EU agrees to label settlement products

'Settlements are illegitimate'

How did Umayyad gain control of Hispania?

The Fed Has Made A "Policy Mistake" And The Inevtiable Result Will Be A Recession, BNP Warns

Graph-theory breakthrough tantalizes mathematicians

There is not yet a manuscript that describes the result, and Babai declined an interview until a paper proving the result passes peer review.

Ex-Mexico president sees cocaine, heroin legal in decade

Equities are massively mispriced

Discovery of a new confinement state for plasma

The ripple effects in academic research will be great.

We anticipate the wide circulation of these results in academic research.

What Did VIX Know? The Mysterious Link Between Terrorist Attacks & Rising Risk

NC dad fatally shot

Justin Trudeau Has Ordered Canada's Justice Minister to Start the Weed Legalization Process

Stanford researchers uncover patterns in how scientists lie about their data

"We believe the underlying idea behind obfuscation is to muddle the truth"

AP rebukes State Department for lengthy response to Clinton docs

What Hath The Fed Wrought?

France Drops 20 Bombs On IS Stronghold Raqqa

Kerry kicks off meetings in Vienna ahead of critical new round of Syria talks

250 ISIS militants killed and headquarters destroyed in Albu Hayat of Iraq

Lebanon arrests five Syrians, one Palestinian suspect in Beirut bombings: security source

U.S. Kills Leader of ISIS in Libya

Most people in federal prison for drug offenses have no serious criminal history

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

HUBRIS: Why are Rumsfeld and the others so sure they're not in the wrong reporting hierarchy? As in the case of the spin of the Higgs-like particle, certain rulings in the 9/11 investigation preferentially overweighted ideas that were not even weakly tied to facts. A difference is that the Congress published the 9/11 report but the collaborations are yet to report the spin.

Atlanta to hold public meetings over PARKAtlanta contract

Mysteriously quiet space baffles researchers

Two Israelis to be extradited to US in massive hacking case

Virginia cops Tased handcuffed man 20 times in 30 minutes before he died

Clayton County sheriff indicted in shooting of friend

Two law enforcement officers accused of murder in the shooting of a 6-year-old boy last week were hit with million-dollar bail amounts

MO Governor Jay Nixon Commutes Grandfather's Life Sentence for Pot

Snowden Vindicated As Judge Slams "Unconstitutional, Orwellian" NSA Bulk Spying

Spain's top court orders halt to Catalan independence process

???: Will Catalans appeal or will they ignore?

Relatives of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro arrested trying to smuggle nearly 1 ton of drugs into U.S.

"Venezuela's government is a criminal enterprise composed of a drug cartel, a money laundering financial system, and a kleptocracy"

They told the DEA that they were acting in connection with Diosdado Cabello, speaker of the National Assembly, as well as with a governor, Tarck el Aissami, who is the former Venezuelan Minister of the Interior.

Egypt pyramids scan finds mystery heat spots

Retail Store Sales Fell 10% Thanksgiving Weekend

Fed ends 'too big to fail' lending to collapsing banks

LOL: The new rule allows the Fed to judge by its own measures whether a firm qualifies for its emergency aid.

Emanuel Fires McCarthy As Chicago Police Superintendent

Record High U.S. snow cover for Dec. 1.

Puerto Rico debt payment marks end of fiscal rope

Brazil Releases Shocking GDP "Obituary": "It's Mutated Into An Outright Depression," Goldman Exclaims

UnitedHealth CEO regrets entering ObamaCare

Recession Looms As Dallas Fed Manufacturing Contracts 11th Month In A Row

Chicago PMI Plummets To 48.7, Below Lowest Estimate

To JPM, This Is The Alarming Chart Suggesting The Next Recession "Is Just Around The Corner"

A student backlash against hearing words and ideas that oppose their own, citing emotional "trauma", is changing the culture of the American campus

Girls were happier when they were simply expected to marry rather than go to university

Swedish court: 'We cannot ban Pirate Bay'

"A unanimous District Court considers, therefore, that it is not in a position to authorize such a ban as the rights holders want and therefore rejects their request"

Large Hadron Collider makes record-breaking collision

'Outsiders' Crack 50-Year-Old Math Problem

The new result is "major, major progress"

The theorem "has potential to affect some important engineering problems"

LHC collides ions at new record energy

Ayotzinapa: A Timeline of the Mass Disappearance That Has Shaken Mexico

Jeff Bezos beats Elon Musk's SpaceX in the reusable rocket race

FUEL: "Full reuse is a game changer, and we can't wait to fuel up and fly again," said Bezos in a press release on Tuesday.

NOTE: This looks like Blue Origin is quite far ahead of SpaceX

Latest, Greatest MARTA Dream Map Could Actually Happen

According to Lathbury, four of the seven new components of this dream system would be completely funded

Dudes putting on Hazmats suits.

Georgia mom guilty of keeping girl in chicken coop

She was convicted of 19 counts of first-degree cruelty to children

Shooting at New Orleans Playground Wounds 16

9 Regional Feds Pushed For Discount Rate Hike In October

The Antikythera Mechanism

"This Is The Most Dangerous Time Ever" Ex-CIA Boss Says US To Blame For "Scourge Without Parallel" ISIS

Chicago Rarely Penalizes Officers for Complaints, Data Shows

14 militants from ISIS-linked gang killed in anti-terror op in Russia's North Caucasus

World Curling Federation extends ban on controversial brooms to entire season

AVIS: Avis Car Rental Bars Israeli Executive from Renting

If our ISP's cap data, ads should be considered theft.

Greek New Testament Papyrus Is Discovered on eBay

Starwood hotel chain reports monthslong data breach

Terrorist Alert: U.S. State Dept Warns Americans Abroad to Steer Clear of Vatican

Leaked NSA doc reveals 'sheer luck' needed to find useful info in sea of surveillance data

Big Antarctic ice melt scenarios 'not plausible'

Comcast's data caps aren't just bad for subscribers, they're bad for us all

Lasers cool liquid for the first time

'Extinct Squash' Grown From 800-Year-Old Heirloom Seeds

"We Should All Be Afraid" Of The 'Brutal' Commodity & Credit Volatility

American Medical Association backs prescription drug ad ban

Bosch Bonirob robot set to make field work easier for farmers

Commission on national labs' future hopes that its work won't be repeated

"An exclusively compliance-oriented relationship breeds a bad kind of behavior. Trust, on the other hand, breeds the kind of behavior we want"

America's big spending on healthcare doesn't pay off

SMERT: Pay 250% to live two years less

Forty Centuries Of Wage & Price Controls

Modern economics doesn't work. It doesn't work because it masquerades as a science when it is really just a combination of dogma and very crude modelling. The modelling doesn't work because garbage in equals garbage out.

Baltic Dry Index Crashes Near Record Low

El Nino strengthening, will be among biggest on record

A first sign of alliances around MARTA's rail push into north Fulton

How Many More Recession Confirmations Do You Need?

On a real basis retail sales are FALLING like a rock. This only happens during recessions.

For The First Time Ever, Japan Enters A Quintuple-Dip Recession

China welcomes IMF backing to make yuan world reserve currency

Your Voice Really Doesn't Matter, Princeton Study Confirms

What they found is that the number of American voters for or against any idea has no impact on the likelihood that [the] Congress will make it law.

2008 Flashback: The Risk Of Redefining Recession

While the final determination of recession might be delayed by a year of more, our leading indexes have never been this weak outside a recession.

Wrong-footed economic policy, resulting in a prolonged, severe recession that set off years of deflation.

A Storm Of Bad "Incoming Data" Strikes As The World Economy Rolls Over

There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.

Investors face quagmire of falling earnings, higher rates

A Fed rate hike in December could mark an unprecedented conflict

"Rising interest rates are always a negative for stocks, period"

CDC: U.S. Smoking Rate Drops To Record Low

Seven Key Takeaways From Joseph E. Stiglitz's Tax Plan for Growth and Equality

NOTE: Economic policies may vary among capitalism and socialism and others, and as such are always to be considered distinct from the overall system of governance. There are no capitalist governments. A general government, which may vary in structure and scope on a spectrum including republics and autocracies, will choose to implement an economic policy along a completely independent spectrum.

Oil fell over 2 percent on Friday, extending the week's loss to the largest in eight months

Will 92% Of Economists Be Wrong Again?

MIT team invents efficient shockwave-based process for desalination of water.

Georgia Court of Appeals sides with student journalist, University System of Georgia cannot shield records with "law enforcement" exemption

GA: Legislators Pondering a MARTA Expansion Referendum

Mathematician claims breakthrough in complexity theory

Campus Commotions Show We're Raising Fragile Kids

Four US Firms With $4.8 Billion In Debt Warned This Week They May Default Any Minute

The Biggest Threat To Oil Prices: 2-Mile Long Stretch Of Iraq Oil Tankers Headed For The U.S.

In the long run, the Saudis are going to end up with the short end of the stick.

44 Oil Executives and Truck Drivers Were Just Arrested for a Multimillion-Dollar Scam

Universal health care to appear on Colorado ballot in 2016

WTI Tumbles To $43 Handle After API Confirms Huge Inventory Build

Supreme Court Justice Slams Cops For "Shoot First, Think Later" Mentality