12-21-12 arXiv

Too little punishment for Pr. George's police officer's assault

Defense Bill Nixes Ban on Indefinite Detention

Congressional Negotiators Drop Ban on Indefinite Detention of Citizens, Aides Say


Drug War Is Over

This $5 Lamp Is Powered Solely by Gravity

In Mexico, New Agers say end of Mayan calendar will herald 'cosmic dawn,' not end of world

NICE: Court rules peace activists can sue the U.S. military for infiltration

A strange review for a movie called "Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre"

First of all, notice how the review was published on July 20, 2012, the same day of the massacre in Aurora, Colorado, during the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises.

SUBTEXT: A deadly hurricane (Sandy)

Internet ayatollah: Iran's supreme leader "likes" Facebook

An Afghan Mystery: Why Are Large Shipments of Gold Leaving the Country?

Queen to attend cabinet meeting for first time

Female US cop caught on tape giving two women body cavity search during routine traffic stop... and 'using the SAME gloves on both'

ISP Walks Out of Piracy Talks: "We're Not The Internet Police"

Excellent analysis of US copyright law, suppressed within 24 hrs of publication

The gunman who slaughtered 20 children and six adults at a Connecticut elementary school may have snapped because his mother was planning to commit him to a psychiatric facility

Report: data caps just a "cash cow" for Internet providers

Caps have remained steady even as costs of delivering data have plunged.

A species of octopus has been found to use coconut shells as tools

'Did We Just Kill A Kid?' -- Six Words That Ended A US Drone Pilot's Career

Polar storms spur ocean circulation

'As a black person it's always racial': Django Unchained star Jamie Foxx explains why he is sensitive about being African American

HSBC, too big to jail, is the new poster child for US two-tiered justice system

Democratic and Republican Agreement: Prosecute HSBC

Wall Street Journal Reports on a “Breathtaking” Expansion of the Surveillance State

Penis Snake Discovered In Brazil

Bizarre Claim for $1 Trillion

Promiscuous Males And Choosy Females? Challenging A Classic Experiment

If we failed as a discipline to notice flaws [in the Bateman study], it makes one wonder, do we notice the flaws in other, more modern studies that also have results consistent with status-quo expectations?

Two Higgs Bosons? CERN Scientists Revisit Large Hadron Collider Particle Data

Sen. Franken Wants Apps To Get Explicit Permission Before Selling Your Whereabouts To Random Third Parties

Intelligence Organizations Partner with Internet Crime


Larger than life Dotcom dominates 2012

526,421 family farms threatened by new death tax

Chasing Ice movie reveals largest iceberg break-up ever filmed (VIDEO)

Review of UT Fracking Study Finds Failure to Disclose Conflict of Interest

Univ. police reviewing officers' conduct after video of dorm room raid goes viral

Seven-year-old makes extraordinary recovery after U.S. doctors use HIV to re-wire her immune system to destroy leukaemia cells

Grand Junction Family Evicted From Home Over Stolen Shoes

Only 7% of Detroit http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/12/17/us-iran-khamenei-internet-idUSBRE8BG0S120121217Public-School 8th Graders Proficient in Reading

Introduction to the MeshNet (VIDEO)

The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Hammond: Enemy of the State

LSD 5x more effective alcoholism treatment than AA

The Case Ofhttp://news.yahoo.com/mexico-agers-end-mayan-calendar-herald-cosmic-dawn-150016975.html The Missing Parasites

Why Isn't the FDA Stopping the Epidemic of Foodborne Illness?

The Full Israeli Experience

How Corruption Is Strangling U.S. Innovation

Occupy Atlanta takes over foreclosed house in the Pittsburgh neighborhood

Occupy Atlanta's new movement

Anonymous' Barrett Brown Pleads Not Guilty to All 12 Stratfor Charges

UN calls for ban on 'grotesque practice' of female genital mutilation

GOOD GUY NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD: Court rules peace activists can sue the U.S. military for infiltration

Top Republican Says GOP Should 'Deal With Reality' And Accept Legal Marriage Equality

Hunting corporate criminals

Greater accountability for individuals, not just firms, would help to reduce catastrophes

Key Apple patent used against Samsung under fire

Time Warner Cable Boosts Download Speed In Response To Google Fiber

Judge dismisses cases against 8 Occupy Atlanta protesters

Astronaut Chris Hadfield blasts off to become first Canadian commander of International Space Station

The fiscal cliff, in graphs and GIFs

Opinion: The GOP's folly over tax rates

Magic Mushroom Drug Shows Promise in Treating Addictions and Cancer Anxiety

Former associates of potential Defense nominee troubled by Hagel's management skills


Physicists Find a Backdoor Way to Do Experiments on Exotic Gravitational Physics

Who is Leo Wanta?

Trillions in Wanta Funds Now Set to Flow Into US Treasury!

Benghazi review finds systematic State Dept. failures.

SURPRISE: The board determined that no individual officials ignored or violated their duties and recommended no disciplinary action.

In France, Free Birth Control For Girls At Age 15

Censorship Lift for "V for Vendetta" Shocks China

Woman Imprisoned for Life for Minor Drug Offense; Banking Giant Immune to Justice for Massive Drug Laundering

The Copyright Monopoly Is A Market Distortion, Not A Birthright

Conservatives sweep to power in Japan

Teenage Sexting Is Becoming The Norm

Beaten and sodomized: European human rights court finds CIA guilty of torture


She is being monitored by doctors and is recovering at home. She was never hospitalized.

Carpark skeleton will be confirmed as Richard III

Strip Search Of 10-Year-Old Prompts Complaint Against Elementary School

USF report reveals more deaths and graves at Dozier than state admitted

U.S. Troops Are Reported Back in Iraq Over Syrian Crisis

Atlanta Mayor lets Council pay increase become law, wants to talk raises for employees

The G.O.P.'s Existential Crisis

Picking Up a $170 Billion Tab

How U.S. Taxpayers Are Paying the Pentagon to Occupy the Planet

Workers Burn While Unions Find Their Ass

Michigan Governor Signs "Right-To-Work" Into Law

Twinkie CEO Admits Company Took Employees Pensions and Put It Toward Executive Pay

It's Time to Fix the Pitifully Slow, Expensive Internet Access in the U.S.

A Eulogy for #Occupy

Jimmy Carter: 'I think it's OK' to legalize marijuana

Bush arrested in corruption probe

Four Charts That Illustrate The Transformation of Personal Computing

Will Big Data Get Too Big for the Metric System to Handle?

Plant root used to create eco-friendly lithium-ion battery

Why Aren't We Talking About EXPANDING Social Security and Medicare?

TPPA Shutdown Protesters Refuse To Be Ignored

Egypt Now

Do you have the right to link?

Bill Clinton: Drug war hasn't worked

"When I was president, we had the same problems with drug production and distribution and consumption that we presently face. We tried as best as we could to minimize the emphasis on our criminal punishment, and I made a major statement to the Congress asking for changes in the law."

Data shows drug war works as planned

How do you get record high corporate profits and record low wages? Easy. Bust unions.

Nearly 300,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide since 1995 after being driven into insurmountable debt by neoliberal economics and the conquest of Indian farmland by Monsanto's Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton.

The Icelandic Success Story

If you are under 40 years old, you have never experienced political discourse in the US that was not dominated by greed or the bible.